Bykea Fires Rider for Doxing Karachi Client on Gay App

It went the the extra mile in support of the victim.

A tweep revealed on Twitter how a Bykea rider recently harassed and doxed him on a gay app over the weekend.

Haseem, who goes by the Twitter handle @haseemmuzzaman, wrote,

On Thursday, I booked a Bykea ride. It got cancelled twice and was consequently shifted to a third Bykea rider/captain (Asif Nawaz), who, when I called, said the ride got accepted “by mistake” and told me to cancel. I refused, knowing the tricks and tactics these Bykea riders use.

The tweep went on to explain that the story didn’t end there as the Bykea rider (Asif or Kashif) began threatening him on social media.

Yesterday morning around 8am, he sent me a voice note from a number named Kashif, threatening me, and shared my number in @blued — a gay hook-up app. I’ve since received 100s of calls and messages (basic & WhatsApp both) from unknown numbers — so many that I’ve lost count. I’ve archived all of them and got screen recordings, and taken screenshots.

The netizen shared all the voice notes, messages, and missed calls that he received from unknown numbers, as well as the explicit pictures he got on his WhatsApp.

Haseem concluded his Twitter thread by raising some very important questions about Bykea service’s screening process for hiring riders.

He revealed that Bykea’s customer service reached out to him to explain that the “rider in question” has been blocked and that his “complaints will be raised with the management”.


Bykea’s social media team responded to the thread as follows:

Hi Haseem, Hope you doing great. We are deeply sorry for what our valued customers had to go through. Harassment is an unforgivable offense and we take it very seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy against such behavior toward our customers. Our team will investigate and take strict action against this partner. we will make sure to never repeat this kind of behavior in the future. I am once again sorry for the trouble caused to you.

LENS reached out to Bykea and got this statement:

Our Customer Services leaders are in touch with the customer and we are offering complete support to resolve his concerns.


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