Couple Accused of PDA and ‘Kissing’ On a Flight [Video]

A complain was lodged against a couple allegedly caught kissing on a domestic AirBlue flight.

An incident of PDA (public display of affection) on a flight caused an uproar. A couple was allegedly caught kissing on a domestic AirBlue flight.

According to Express Tribune, the couple’s public ‘loving’ had a passenger of  PA-200, a Karachi-Islamabad flight on 20th May, riled up.

Reportedly, eyewitnesses claim the couple seated in the fourth row were kissing. When fellow passengers began complaining, a flight attendant asked the couple to stop. When the couple continued with the PDA, the cabin crew gave them a blanket to keep their ‘PDA under wraps’.


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Passengers claim that when the couple was asked to stop, they bit back with;

“Who are you to tell us anything?”

Advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was on board the plane, lodged a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) against the airline staff for not taking action to stop the couple. It’s unclear if the cabin crew had the legal jurisdiction to forcefully ask their customers to stop their PDA. CAA is said to be looking into the matter.

The Advocate shared a video message on social media detailing the alleged actions of the couple.

Netizens aren’t too kind about making a big deal of a bit of PDA.


There were some savage roasts.


Human Rights Ministry Urges University of Lahore to Re-Admit the Expelled Couple

This wouldn’t be the first time, PDA had people riled up. Previously a soon-to-be-wed couple was kicked out of the University of Lahore (UoL) over their viral proposal video that showcased the couple hugging.

Later the Human Rights Ministry of Pakistan (HRCP) and many in the public called for UoL to readmit the students as a little PDA isn’t illegal.


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  1. Human moral values are steeping to the lowest level . Why on the first hand people needs to know that kissing PARTNER IN PUBLIC spc in (PAKISTAN)is so uncomfortable for decent families . No u are not allowed to do such acts in public . … well that where ur tarbiyat jumps in !!! When parent are running behind the money children will get there moral values from netflix….. bravo 👏🏻

  2. تمہیں شرم آنی چاھیے او گندے وکیل چلو بھر پانی میں ڈوب مرو ناپاک انسان تیری بیٹی تھی ب شرم تم خود بہت گھٹیا انسان لگ رھے ھے تم کیوں دیکھ کیوں رھے گدھے کے بچے تیری بیوی کہاں تھی

  3. This isn’t fair to all of the private airlines that don’t hire male flight attendants. The male cabin staff is well-versed in dealing with this, as well as any other emergency situation. I’d like to request that all private airlines hire male cabin crew members.

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