Feroze Khan’s Lawyer Claims He Cannot Financially Support His Kids [Video]

He will be able to meet them in court on 15 December.

Actor Feroze Khan is under severe criticism again for making excuses about being unable to bear the maintenance and education expenses of his children, Sultan and Fatima.

His lawyer told the media yesterday that he is not getting big projects because of the allegations against him and is not in a good financial position right now.

He added, “We will submit a proposal on 15 December, in which we will mention the amount Feroze Khan can afford to pay because he is not being offered work at the moment. If he gets a project in the future, we will cooperate with madam (Aliza Sultan)”.

He mentioned that the judge intervened and said that he see why both parties have been unable to reach a compromise. If both parties have favorable and respectable conditions, the judge will direct for a compromise to be reached accordingly for the sake of the children.

The lawyer said that he expects Aliza Sultan and her family will play a positive role as will Feroze Khan and his family.

“Feroze Khan’s condition is obvious,” his lawyer said and added that “the amount will be offered based on his current condition”.

The lawyer also stated that there will be a meeting with the children in court on 15 December and the judge will hold a pre-trial with them in his chamber, and will tell the parents to work out their understandings for the children’s sake”.

“This will be beneficial for you, your future and career will be bright; this will be beneficial for both of them [the parents] and everyone,” he stressed.

On the contrary, Syeda Aliza Sultan’s lawyer claimed that Feroze Khan and his lawyers are using delaying tactics.

For the unversed, the Tich Button actor has been under severe criticism after claims and alleged proof of domestic violence made by his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, went public last month. His lawyer filed a plea against Aliza Sultan for purportedly submitting forged documents as proof of her abuse and thereby misleading the court.

It was also claimed that Feroze Khan has not even paid childcare for his son and daughter over the last three months.


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