Hania Aamir Mobbed by Aggressive Fans in Gujranwala [Videos]

Showbiz may look glamorous and glitzy but fame comes at an ugly price.

Actress Hania Aamir was just assailed by a huge mob of fans after a meet-and-greet session in Gujranwala. As soon as the Sang-e-Mah actress left the venue, her fans engulfed her and tried to get close to her by pushing and misbehaving with her.

Here are the videos of the incident:

The videos clearly captured Hania Aamir’s fear, anger, and annoyance. She was visibly scared as her guards attempted to encircle her to shield her from the unruly fans that kept trying to grab her.

Regardless of how glitzy and glamorous being in showbiz appears to be, fame comes at a price, and sometimes an ugly one. n show business seems to the audience but it comes with a great price too. The celebs are often haunted by people who call themselves fans in public spaces.

There have been numerous incidents of celebrities being harassed by the public, which shows how difficult everyday life is for even A-listers.

Hania Aamir is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani showbiz industry and is now a household name due to her incredible acting in drama serials and movies, and her beautiful looks.

From Sang-e-Mah to Mere Humsafar, she has done justice to all her roles and continues to stand tall despite the controversies she is often embroiled in.

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  1. What was she doing in the city of Jaahil n ganwaar people? There was not a single woman fan but the bunch of gutter fleas, full of lust for her?