Heroic Rickshaw Driver Suffers Acid Attack While Protecting Two Women From Harassers

The cowardly assailants threw acid and ran away.

A rickshaw driver from the Saddar area of Peshawar risked his life to save two female passengers from being harassed by a couple of men. The brave man lost both his eyes as these animals threw acid on his face and ran away.


Women in Pakistan demand rights as equal citizens of the country. One of biggest priority for women is security and safety for their well-being. With recent incidents of rape and murder happening all around the country, it seems like the government is failing to provide justice and security to women.

Not long ago, a woman was raped and looted by two men at gunpoint near Lahore. The police have yet to capture one of the main assailants.


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A rickshaw driver literally risks all

However, while law authorities fail to protect women and children, there are some brave and honorable people who do not think twice about helping others in distress.

Zafar is one such man from Peshawar. A humble rickshaw driver from Saddar, who is solely raising two precious young daughters by himself, knows what kind of abuse and harassment women and children endure on a daily basis.


Recently, some men started teasing and harassing two female passengers in Zafar’s rickshaw. The brave man confronted them without hesitation and told them to stop. However, these cowardly crooks threw acid on Zafar and disfigured him before running away.

Trigger Warning: The picture contains graphic content

Zafar was quickly rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Despite losing both his eyes and knowing that he might not be able to pay for his recovery, Zafar did not lose his smile and positive attitude. One Twitter user decided to share the brave man’s story to social media. He hopes to raise enough money to pay for Zafar’s surgery.

In a series of threads, Zafar’s story managed to reach the masses as people came together to help the brave rickshaw driver. Check it out:


Rape, murder, and abductions are happening all around the country. Pakistani law enforcement agencies need to do their job so that the common citizenry doesn’t live in fear. Men like Zafar are standing up to confront these heinous criminals and put an end to their terrible crimes. In an ideal world, he shouldn’t have lost his eyesight in the process.

Right now, people are donating their proceeds to help this heroic man undergo surgery and implants to help him recover from the horrific attack. Its time we did too.

Here is the latest regarding his treatment (trigger warning follows):


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. If they catch these cowards.. take the eyes of them, lets brave men see with their eyes.. lets that cowards be blind for life that no one be harm from such evil.

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