Jacqueline Fernandez vs Esra Bilgic: Who Wore it Better? [Images]

Which of these sexy corsets-style outfits would you vote for?

Celebrities often wear similar or the same outfits and it mostly comes down to their own styles and personalities to determine who wore it better. Two famous fashionistas with very distinctive styles were recently spotted in similar outfits this week. Turkish diva Esra Bilgic and Indian star Jacqueline Fernandez went for trending corset-style tops and we’re going to let you decide who slayed this Victorian-era look.

The Indian Chittiyan Kalaaiyan famed actress Jacqueline Fernandez opted for a plain white button-down shirt and paired it with a sexy black corset and pants to make her look classy. To complete the look, she accessorized with thick-framed oversized black sunglasses.


The actress posed at the Mumbai Metro and caught attention on social media.


Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that the famous Turkish actress, Esra Bligic, also wore something similar to this the previous week.


Esra Bilgic was the epitome of sheer beauty in a striking corset-style white top with embellished glove sleeves paired with black pants.


Both of the starlets from our neighboring countries stole the limelight with pizzazz and charm in their own unique way.

The only question is: who wore it better? We’ll let you decide in the comments below.