Karachi Zoo to Hold its First-Ever Food Festival

The festival is part of its newly-built ‘Food Street’ that will feature over 50 different food stalls.

The Karachi Zoological and Botanical Gardens will soon hold a food festival next month from 21 to 31 December. The festival is part of Karachi Zoo’s newly-built ‘Food Street’ with over 50 different food stalls.

According to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) Administrative Barrister, Murtaza Wahab, the zoo is developing a complete recreational hub for the public as per international standards, and a variety of food and entertainment facilities will be provided for visitors.

Barrister Wahab; the Senior Director of Recreation, Syed Raza Abbas Rizvi; the Director of Karachi Zoo, Rashid Ali; Deputy Director Abida Raees, and others visited Karachi Zoological and Botanical Gardens on Friday.

According to the former, who is also the spokesperson for the Government of Sindh and the advisor to the provincial Chief Minister, “The construction of a food street in the zoo is in the final stages. A special selfie zone has been made by installing colorful umbrellas on the food street so that citizens can come here and enjoy the colorful environment”.

He added that the new Food Street will provide a route to the historic Mughal Garden as well. A new parking area has been constructed as well, and will feature a pair of bronze lions (donated by the late Queen Elizabeth II) on Gate No.5.

The administrator also revealed during the KMC’s visit that new enclosures are being developed for the zoo animals to keep them in their natural environments, which will also improve their health.

The KMC has adopted a strategy to complete the development of the zoo in a timely manner as the provincial government is providing full support for it.


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