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Local Vloggers Share Their Thoughts About Pakistan Tourism Summit’s Decision to Invite Foreigners Only

International vloggers, will bring influx of international tourism- Moroo

International vloggers such as Trevor James, Rosie Gabrielle, Eva Zu Beck, Alex, Amel Lamloum and Mark Weins were the headliners at the Pakistan Tourism Summit.

While it’s great that international vloggers are promoting tourism in Pakistan, some objected to the absence of local vloggers.

Many took to social media, calling the organizers out for being selective in their approach and honoring only international social media influencers despite the fact that Pakistani content creators exist.


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Pakistani Vloggers Share Their Thoughts on Pakistan Tourism Summit

That’s when two of Pakistan’s biggest vloggers butted in to clear the air.

Mooroo, the singer-cum-vlogger said that we should thank these international influencers for promoting Pakistani tourism. After all ‘it’s in our interest’.

Moroo even cleared the air on him being a travel vlogger. He said that he’s just there to have a good time, but not solely there with the dedication of promoting tourism.

“Everyday, people keep tagging me on Twitter that a travel expo is happening in which Pakistani tourism is being promoted and local vloggers aren’t invited. Instead, international content creators were………….I just want to clear this subject once and for all. I’m not interested in such events. The only reason I travel this country is because I love it and because I want to explore it………..if the tourism is promoted by my videos, then that is my secondary aim. My primary aim is that I enjoy it on my own.”

Another reason to thank the International vloggers that are here with the sole objective to promoting tourism.

“So, when the government invites international vloggers, who have an audience across the globe, there will be influx of international tourism………It doesn’t really matter who promotes this country. Either it’ll be me or them. Why bring in unnecessary competition and jealousy?”


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No Need for Point Scoring

Travel vlogger UKhano aka Umer Khan also pointed out that the summit was a promotional event, not a point scoring arena (who gets more validated).

“A lot of content creators, a lot fans and followers became emotional about the summit giving a white-washed image of Pakistan. I didn’t become a content creator to seek validation from other people. I became one to inspire others to work towards the betterment of the country.”

Umer Khan even pointed out that those who were not invited to the summit ‘shouldn’t feel entitled to that in the first place’.

It’s the government’s choice who they employ for the job and International vloggers have a broader audience which is better suited for the job.

“Being a content creator is about creating an impact; not feeding your fragile ego.”

The vlogger even revealed that he was approached for the summit but could not attend due to other engagements.


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Pakistan Tourism Summit

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior Minister and Minister For Tourism, Atif Khan recently announced that the Pakistan Tourism Summit for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan.

The two-day event was held at the Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad on April 2nd and 3rd.

International social media influencers were the event’s headliners. Even the government made it a point to honor the International vloggers that were promoting tourism in Pakistan.

All the vloggers were already present in Pakistan for travel.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

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