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Pakistani Actresses Demand Justice For Rehan

A life gone, just like that.


Pakistani celebrities including Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan and Veena Malik have come out in support of the 17-year-old teenage boy Rehan who was brutally murdered in Karachi. The actresses are demanding justice for Rehan.

These celebrities expressed their anger, and demanded justice for the 17-year-old.

Mahira’s Response

Mahira Khan was also furious at those people who recorded videos instead of saving the teenager.

“Oh my God my heart. How could they do that?? How could they kill a boy? Torture him? How did not a single person stop it!!! We have become so bloody desensitized we freaking record videos calmly while someone is beaten to death!!! #JusticeforRehan,” Mahira Khan said in a tweet.



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Armeena’s Response

In a heartfelt tweet for the 17-year-old Rehan, Armeena Khan said his only crime was that he was poor.

“To the poor teen from Bahadurabad who was killed mercilessly on a mere suspicion of burglary (just a suspicion). They tortured him for two hours and did not stop even though there was a call to prayer (azaan) in the background. #RIP kid, your crime is that you were born poor,”

The Sherdil actress tweeted ‘his crime is that he was born poor‘.

Armeena Khan also posted a picture of the words written on Rehan’s T-shirt – Apna Time Ayega – the day he was killed. This slogan, which means ‘Our Time Will Come’ has become synonymous with demanding justice for the poor boy.


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Veena Malik’s Response

Actress Veena Malik demanded that the concerned authorities make an example of such people so that no similar incident happens again.

Saw some of the pictures & its horrific to say the least.We r a peace loving country.Authorities should take a look in this case & make sure to set example. So that no such cases happen in the future. How can people be so heartless, it’s beyond my imagination. #justiceforRehan,”

Justice for Rehan

For those who don’t know, 17-year-old Rehan was tortured to death following accusations of him committing robbery in a bungalow in the Bahadurabad area of Karachi.

A video which shows Rehan being tied and beaten by the owner of the bungalow and their neighbors have been doing rounds on social media. Twitterati have been demanding justice for Rehan by raising their voice through the trend #JusticeForRehan.

Currently, #JusticeforRehan is trending on number two on Pakistani twitter. Here’s how Twitterati have raised their voices against the inhuman act.

The father of the deceased victim demanded the killers be tried under terrorism laws.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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