20 Pakistani Celebrity Couples Who Got Divorced

Sad that their relationships did not last, but life goes on.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing. If done right, it is the closest thing to a “happily ever after” in real life. But unfortunately, the thing about real life is that marriages take work. Sometimes it doesn’t work out between the two people, even if they happen to be Pakistani celebrities.

In reality everything beautiful has its scars, and people do tend to part ways before death pulls them apart.

Pakistani celebrity couples too aren’t immune to this. They may be talented, gorgeous and rich, all the points that you want on a checklist for ‘an ideal partner’. But even then, marriage doesn’t always work out and they have to deal with the heartbreak that follows after a divorce.

Here’s a list of Pakistani celebrity couples who got divorced.

1. Mahira Khan and Ali Askari

Mahira Khan first husband Ali Askari, MTV head

Mahira Khan married Ali Askari back in July 13, 2007.

At the time Ali Askari was the head of MTV. The two enjoyed marital bliss for some eight years and have a son Azlan together.

A year after their son was born, Mahira Khan got divorced from Ali in 2015.

2. Arij Fatyma and Faraz Anwar

Arij Fatyma Nikah with Faraz Anwar, weeks before Arij Fatima divorce

Actress Arij Fatyma married Faraz Anwar in 2014.

Their union didn’t last a month. A few months after the two were ‘Nikahfied‘, Arij spilled the beans on her marital troubles.

Not only did the two call it quits, it got rather ugly. Reportedly, Faraz and his family tried to destroy Arij’s career and defame her.

3. Annie Khalid and Malik Noureed Awan

Annie Khalid ex-husband Malik Noueed Awan

Pop-star Annie Khalid wed MMM Airline owner Malik Noureed Awan in 2012.

The relationship ended with Annie Khalid pressing domestic abuse charges against her ex-husband three months after the wedding.

Malik Noureed Awan paid Annie Khalid  Rs 40 million as part of the divorce settlement.

4. Aisam Ul Haq and Faha Makhdoom

Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq and ex-wife Faha Makhdum

This ‘chand suraj ki jodi’ could not stand the test of time. Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq married clinical psychologist Faha Makhdoom in 2011. That same year came the news that Faha Makhdoom and Aisam-ul-Haq filed for divorce.

The couple didn’t even get to celebrate their first anniversary.

5. Sherry Shah and Malik Anwar

Sherry Shah ex-husband Dr. Malik Anwar

Actress and producer Sherry Shah married Dr. Malik Anwar in December, 2013. The two tied the knot after a five-year relationship.

Sherry Shah’s wedding proved that you can’t ever know a person fully. A month after the marriage, Sherry got divorced when she found out this was Anwar’s second marriage and he had a son.


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6. Adnan Sami and Zeba Bakhtiar

Adnan Sami first wife Zeba Bakhtiar

Adnan Sami and Zeba Bakhtiar’s marriage ended with so much drama.

After three years and a son Azaan, together the two called it quits in 1996.

Adnan Sami’s child custody battle took a drastic turn when he tried to flee with his son and the Canadian government got involved.

7. Imran Khan And Reham Khan

Imran Khan, once the most eligible bachelor of his time, married BBC presenter Reham Khan in 2015.

Imran Khan’s marriage didn’t last a year when Reham stuck her hand in his political cookie jar. What ensued was an auto-biography Reham Khan. The rest as they say is meme history.

8. Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi

Actor and director Shamoon Abbasi is alleged of being a ladies man. When super-model and actress Humaima Malik married Shamoon Abbasi, we thought that maybe he would settle for good.

Two years in, Shamoon Abbasi divorced Humaima Malik in 2012.

9. Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar

Image Source: Insight

These two were really head over heels in love. Director and actor Azfar Ali divorced his first wife to marry Naveen Waqar.

Actress Naveen Waqar married Azfar Ali in 2012. Three years later, Naveen divorced Azfar. It was one of the highest profile celebrity divorces of the time.

10. Maya Khan and Waseem Molani

TV host Maya Khan and ex-husband Waseem Molani
Image Source: Insight

Television anchor Maya Khan married Waseem Molani in 2012.

People say that karma caught up with her because she got in the way of love with her morning show. Many people remember how she used to play the moral police and ‘caught’ dating couples in public.

11. Fariha Pervez and Nouman Javaid

Singer Fariha Pervez and Nouman Javaid

These two really debunked ‘the wait is worth it’ theory. Songstress Fariha Pervez was single for so long and when Nouman Javaid married her we thought it was the perfect match.

Fariha Pervez married Nouman Javaid in 2016. Fariha filed for divorce that same year.

12.  Shaista Lodhi and Waqar Wahidi

Shaista Lodhi ex-husband Waqar Wahidi

Television host Shaista Lodhi married Waqar Wahidi in 1999. After a long run, Shaista Wahidi filed for divorce, and went back to being Shaista Lodhi in 2012.

It is not known what the cause of Shaista Lodhi and Waqar Wahidi divorce was.

13. Shamoon Abbasi and Javeria Abbasi

Javeria Abbasi with daughter Anzela Abbasi from fisrt husband Shamoon Abbasi

This time again we have Shamoon Abbasi, who was married to the most sensational actress of her time Javeria Abbasi.

The couple tied the knot in  2010 and have a daughter together Anzela Abbasi. In this case Humaima Malik was the other woman in Shamoon’s life.

14. Asad Siddiqui and Maham Baber

Asad Siddiqui first wife Maham Baber

Before he found love again Asad Siddiqui was married to fashion designer Maham Baber.

They tied the knot in August 2014. However, Maham Baber divorced Asad after two years in 2016.


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15. Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik

Nouman Javaid second wife Jana Malik
Image Source: folder.pk

This singer couldn’t make it last the second time around too.

In September 2016, Nouman Javaid married actress Jana Malik. In 2017 Jana Malik divorced Nouman on the basis that he didn’t fulfill her rights.

16. Umer Sharif and Shakila Qureshi

Umer Sharif with second wife Shakila Qureshi

The famous actor Umer Sharif was married before he met actress Shakila Qureshi.

Actor and comedian Umer Sharif married Shakila Qureshi but this too didn’t last. He married a third time in 2005.


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17. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Bhatti

Mikaal Zulfiqar ex-wife Sara Bhatti

The Shehr-e-Zaat actor ended his six-year relationship with Sara Bhatti in 2017.

Mikaal Zulfiqaar married Sara Bhatti in 2011 and the couple even has two daughters.

18. Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Noor Bukhari ex-husband Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Pakistani starlet Noor Bukhari has married and called it quits four times.

In her last try at love, Noor Bukhari married Wali Hamid Ali Khan.

19. Salma Agha and Javed Sheikh

Javed Shiekh second wife Salma Agha

Salma Agha, the femme fatale of her day, married many times during her lifetime. The actress still believes in love.

Salma Agha’s first marriage though was to Pakistani acting veteran Javed Sheikh. This was Javed Sheikh’s second marriage.

The two got divorced shortly after tying the knot and Javed went back to his first wife Zeenat. Javed Sheikh’s first wife Zeenat is the mother to his two children Momal and Shehzad Sheikh.

20. Faisal Qureshi and Ayesha Agha

Faisal Qureshi’s first marriage was at the age of 18. He has a daughter Hanish Qureshi from that relationship.

Faisal Qureshi’s second marriage was to Ayesha Agha. He was 24 years-old at the time. 18 months late Faisal Qureshi divorced Ayesha. He also has a son from his second wife.

They say that third time’s the charm and it definitely applies here. Faisal’s third wife is Sana Qureshi.



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