People Demand Justice for Bahria University Student Who Fell To Her Death

Was it an accident or a case of negligence by the university?


A Bahria University student fell from the university’s 4th floor and no one thinks it’s an accident. People are demanding #JusticeForHaleema while the debate of who is to blame has ignited on social media.


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Some people are of the view that Haleema fell off the 4th floor because there is no proper fencing to prevent such accidents from happening. When the Bahria University management and administration were aware of this then why were students permitted in that unsafe area and how long were they going to sit on it till they made the floor safe for access?

Soon, reports emerged that university students and staff have complained about the incomplete construction of the new building and lack of facilities. However, the management completely ignored them.

Students are irked that rather than focus on student safety and solid construction practices, the university administration is more concerned with moral policing of students.

“The university only cares about segregation rules, 6-inch rule, and other pointless and irrelevant rules.”

Students complain that in Bahria, ACs are out of order, that this BS (Business School) does not have any water cooler, and there is a lack of General Facilities.

Bahria University Faces a Blame Game

Reportedly, it is alleged that the Bahria University management is pressurizing Haleema’s family to drop things. As well as trying to shift the blame on others. The university went as far as to lie that;

“Business School is not open yet, … we have been conducting classes in the BS Department for 2 weeks,”

However, class schedules prove otherwise.

Class schedules prove Bahria University lied about Business School being closed


Mainstream media reported that Haleema was stopped from accessing the building’s fourth floor. This makes no sense given the university’s scheduled had organized classes there. Clearly something doesn’t add up here.

Netizens are hitting back hard and won’t let Bahria University sweep this matter under the rug.

Fellow students of the girl are not staying limited to #JusticeForHaleema online. They’ve organized a protest today till Haleema’s burial rites are completed.

Students and other netizens alike are appalled by the callousness of the Bahria university management and administration.

Students irked by the greed of the Bahria University administration


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The university administration is still trying to cover up their crime but is doing a bad job of it.


Will There be #JusticeForHaleema ?

While netizens are trying hard for bodies like the Higher Education Commission and authorities for building safety to take notice of the issue, some suspect there might be a buyout.

Previously a suicide case in Bahria University emerged when a student was repeatedly failed in one subject. Saqib Hussain Hakro was a 5th-year Electrical Engineering student of Bahria University Islamabad who took his life.

There was no probe to determine if the student’s failure in one subject was an outcome of a faculty member’s personal grudge or something else.

In his suicide note, he had also mentioned that he felt suffocated in the depressive environment of Bahria University.

Nothing was heard of his case nor did he receive any justice.



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  1. university ki larki roti ko chochi kahti hai??? us ko nai pata k yea 4th floor hai, fencing pr kharay ho k tiktok banao gi to kia hoga, hamari society ko bus dosro ko blame krna ata hai apni galti kisi ko nazar nai ati…
    i am not BU student nor any administrator of university…

    • Dont say shit unless you know the whole situation. I know what happened. I go to that pathetic excuse of a university. It’s nothing but a money sucking machine.

    • She triped and fell na k tiktok bmaty huay giri. Mind you!! Jab pori baatka pata na ho. Na he aap wahan mojood ho. Na he aapka us jagha se taluk behtr rehta hai apna mu bnd rkhain!

    • A disturbingly callous attempt at downplaying a young woman’s death. How are you such a seer that you even know what application was being used at that instant. As rightly pointed in the article, the animals live amongst us in the poshest of places.

  2. It is quite clear till now that the Business Block was operational without proper safeties. I see that the Railing Fence is also too small in height.. is there any specifications given to the contractor in writing about the fence height ?

  3. Really feel sad for this girl…a life time loss of her family. Plz dont say any rude comment about innocent haleema. She just need our prayers now. May Allah Pak grant her high rank in jannah and keep all of us under HIS safe hands.

    Request to bahria university administration not to play game with student’s live. Their safety is your responsibility. Death of this girl is the grearestttt loss of our nation.

    Heartiest condolence for her family and freinds.

  4. How are government and private institutions operating like mafia? Everytime a human life is lost due to negligence, whole institution gangs up to protect eachother’s jobs by barring and concealing justice.

  5. The Biggest Problem Of Our Society Today Is SadiSm.People Feel Delighted In Highlighting Their Own Stupid Analytical Views Which Are Totally Baseless.Haleema Is Gone.The ConsequenceS Only Allah KnowS But After Effects Are been faced By her Family And Her Close Friends.Her Absence is felt by them.If People Cant Pray Stop Blaming her and Making Excuses Of Your Own.
    May Haleema Be In Better World.Aameeen.
    But Yes One Thing University’s Administration Is Responsible and Answerable.If Law exists Justice Is not to be denied Or delayed.
    A Humble Request…!!!

  6. University management only see money coming in to their accounts. They are least bothered about student issues, about student safety.. previously a student of this university committed suicide and now this sad incident. Who can dare to challenge the management? Just few days of protest and everything will get back normal.
    Shame on bahria university sick management.

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