Rashid Mehmood Gets Paid Only Rs 620 by PTV as Pride of Performance Fee

This is no way to treat a honorable TV artist.

Rashid Mahmood

Pakistan Television Network (PTV) is being lambasted online for allegedly paying veteran actor Rashid Mehmood only Rs. 620. The issue was highlighted by filmmaker Shamoon Abbasi and now the rest of the biz is demanding better from PTV.

The Mein Rahun Gi creator tweeted an image of a cheque for just Rs. 620 given to the Pride of Performance winning artist Rashid Mehmood. Shamoon Abbasi asserted that this was blatant disrespect and urged that we treat our artists better.

“What are the criterias of paying a pride of performance winner in this country What does it take to gain a little respect if not so many decades Rashid sahab have given to this industry?”


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Soon enough the Internet was buzzing with the news and Netizens backed the Durj creator.




People questioned why PTV would pay such a menial amount to an artist.


Even fellow artists like Ali Zafar opened up about how the entertainment industry is notorious for pay issues. The singer called for legislation to ensure artists get paid, fairly and on time.

“A society is known by the way it treats it’s creative and literary minds.”

Rashid Mahmood responds

Rashid Mehmood himself came out to verify the claim that he had indeed only been paid Rs. 620 for his services. The actual amount paid for his work was Rs. 120, while the Pride of Performance fee was Rs. 500.



The veteran artist thanked Shamoon Abbasi for standing up for him. He asserted that he’s more hurt by the disrespect, not the unfair pay.

He vowed not to work with PTV again:


Netizens called out how shameful it was that someone even considered it was appropriate to treat a veteran artist like this.



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Recently Javeria Saud and her production house have been under fire for not paying her staff and other artists. Somehow people expected better from state broadcaster PTV.

However, based on the story shared by Ali Zafar and Shamoon Abbasi’s statement, the matter looks grim all around. So how much does PTV pay artists for their work and on what criteria?

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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