Resham Faces Backlash for Comments on Mental Health

Mathira educates the veteran actor on the subject.

Veteran actress, Resham sparked controversy with her opinion about mental health and depression.

Resham appeared as a guest on PTV’s Ramzan Pakistan hosted by actor Sami Khan. During the show, she stated that depression does not exist, and that it is simply a matter of being distant from Allah. She went on to share her personal experiences, stating that whenever she missed her parents as a child, she found relief in prayer.

Her comments were met with criticism on social media, with many people, including Mathira, who pointed out that depression is a real and serious mental health condition that cannot simply be cured by offering prayer.

.A clip of Resham from Ramzan Pakistan went viral on social media in which she states that there’s no such thing as depression. The video sparked debate on social media with several people criticizing her lack of knowledge about mental health.

Model and TV presenter, Mathira schooled the veteran Lollywood star on the subject of mental health. She commented,

Mental illness is there one can be near god and still suffer from depression ! Some times some traumas don’t heal panic attacks anxiety needs to be treated with medication sometimes. I’ve walked this road of depression anxiety and also I read namaz but some times visiting a therapist it’s okay having medication for your mind it’s okay ! Pls don’t confuse people.

People expressed their disappointment and frustration with Resham’s comments, with many urging her to educate herself on the topic and to be more sensitive towards those who suffer from depression.

It is important to acknowledge that mental health is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. It is essential that we promote open and honest discussions about mental health, and work towards creating a more understanding and supportive society for those who are struggling.

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  1. Resham does exhibit brain-freeze quite often.
    Mental health exists much the same way as physical health. Let her be taken to a round of mental hospital where she should be required to spend time with 10 patients, trying to recover.