Sadaf Kanwal Opens Up About Her ‘Marriage Rules’ with Shahroz

In her appearance on a television talk show, when asked what kind of wife is the ‘Kaif o Suroor’ item girl, her views were traditional.

Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal opened up about her marriage with Shahroz Sabzwari the son of veteran actor Behroz Sabzwari. Now her ‘marriage rules’ are also causing quite a stir.

In her appearance on a television talk show, when asked what kind of wife is the Kaif o Suroor item girl, her views were traditional. She believes in firm gender roles and feels the husband should be respected as a man.

“My rules are so simple that is, one should consider her partner as her husband. His status should be higher because a man earns and spends on the kids. I also earn but that’s what I cannot compare with what he has to do for the family.”


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Meanwhile, Hassad actor Shahroz Sabzwai added that he cannot fathom a ‘woman’s job’. He somehow stated that’s their equality but people need to understand how men and women are granted different levels.

“And whatever the responsibilities a lady has to fulfill, a man can’t even come near to those things and only she can deal with that. If both man and woman understand their responsibilities given by God. Because He created two different people to deal with different sort of responsibilities and blessed them with different ways of thinking. Both man and woman should respect each other’s space and their level God has granted them, that will also equality.”


He then went on to explain that there are now two extremes. One being men who believe they’re superior to their wives. The other being women who say they are all that a man is. He believes both are extremes.


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After making a name for herself as a model, Sadaf Kanwal had a cameo as Sharmeen Mukhtiyar in the movie Balu Mahi. She did an item song for Na Maloom Afraad 2. Later she had a cameo in the drama serial Alif.

Sadaf Kanwal is the granddaughter of senior Pakistani actress Saima Mumtaz and the niece of Nida Mumtaz.


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  1. What’s wrong in her views? What’s wrong if both learn to respect each other? People have problem with everything that’s the reason today both men and women are fighting to save their egos. There is nothing wrong in their views. I hope open minded men and women understand something. Let’s not talk about their personal lives as why she married him or why he married her.

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