That Slap From Meray Pass Tum Ho Becomes A Social Media Sensation

The iconic moment went viral on Twitter

Humayun Saeed slapped Adnan Siddiqui on Meray Pass Tum Ho and the two became instant memes. The dramatic slap from ARY Digital’s popular drama is going viral on Twitter as fans react to the episode aired last week.

Some users are humorously dubbing the slap as the greatest of the year–or even the century!

One fan found the slap extremely relatable, comparing it to the way tensions slap the hell out of our lives or the pain exam results inflict on us.

Fans even commented on the absurd timing of the slap that took place in the middle of a meeting of all places! They joked about how Adnan Siddiqui’s antagonist, who was at work, was completely blindsided by Humayun Saeed’s protagonist, who stomps into the meeting in a dapper suit.

Fans were satisfied with the dramatic scene, cheering on Saeed.


One fan even captioned a photo of Saeed with “Gonna tell my kids this is Kabir Singh”. For those who aren’t aware, Kabir Singh is the titular character of the Bollywood film Kabir Singh who has severe anger management issues and is extremely violent.


However, the best reactions of all were from the stars themselves. Adnan Siddiqui posted a now-unavailable Instagram story with Humayun Saeed, joking “Iss Shaks ne sahi nahi kiya hai”. The co-stars playfully slap each other, poking fun at themselves.


The slap occurred in the climactic scene of the drama serial’s fifteenth episode. Danish Akhtar (Saeed) finds that Ahmed Shehwar (Siddiqui) is planning to come between him and his son after already stealing his wife.

The usually mild-mannered Danish interrupts a meeting at Sehwar’s company and gives Shehwar a piece of his mind.  An entire boardroom of employees just watches in fear as their boss is tossed around like a ragdoll.

Danish threatens Ahmed and warns him against completing his evil designs for his son, who Danish admits is his last piece of pride.

Just a tip for our readers: don’t try this on your own boss. The security guards in your office might just be better at their jobs than the ones in Meray Pass Tum Ho.