Arjumand Rahim Reveals the Secret Behind Her Youth [Video]

Is it the fountain of youth?

Arjumand Rahim reveals the secret to her youth.
Arjumand Rahim pictured on the red carpet.

Arjumand Rahim recently revealed the “secret” behind her age-defying beauty. The 39-year-old speculated that “being a happy person” might be the reason she looks half her age.

Ahsan Khan asked about the secret behind her youth when she appeared on his hit talk show, Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan.

Baffled by the line of questioning, Rahim said, “What secret?” She added that perhaps “staying happy and being a happy person” might be the reason behind her youthfulness.

The humble actress simply said,

“When I look in the mirror, I see someone different from ten years ago”.

She appeared on the talk show alongside fellow guest, actress Savera Nadeem. Both Ahsan Khan and Nadeem insisted that Rahim looked youthful or “frozen” at the same age.

Nadeem speculated that the secret might be her hopefulness and her positive view of the world.

However, the conversation soon turned to current affairs that make hopefulness and positivity difficult.

Rahim said that there are events that are making the country go south politically and economically and are leaving people despondent.

She said that employment opportunities should be there. Because unemployment is rampant, even in the media industry. She said there should be big announcements and big decisions in light of these issues.

Ahsan agreed that these were really pressing issues and that any thinking person should be anxious.

Arjumand Rahim shares her thoughts

Rahim posted a picture from the interview on her Instagram, capturing the salutary handshake between her and Ahsan.

Fans admired her beauty and agelessness in the comments, saying she looked “ravishing as usual” and that they loved to see her new style.

Rahim’s agelessness might also reportedly be because of her commitment to dieting, exercise and fashion as well.

The Suno Chanda actress was seen twirling at Mira Sethi’s wedding, glowing and fresh in a Mohsin Sayeed-picked Pink Tree ensemble.

Arjumand Rahim is famous and beloved for her role as Pari in Suno Chanda and appeared in its second season.

The actress has also appeared in previous dramas including 2011’s Ladies Park and Akhri Barish, 2012’s Badi Aapa, and 2014’s Chup Raho.