The First Ever Photo of a Black Hole is Already Becoming the Latest Viral Meme

Ladies and gentlemen, a new meme is born!


Today is a historic day for science. We just photographed our first black hole, an object that is supposed to be ‘unobservable’.

Thanks to an MIT grad student Katie Bouman who developed the algorithm used for the Event Horizon Telescope, we now have the first look at a blackhole which is 55 million light years away.

Lets take a look at this remarkable woman who made this discovery possible:


How it Happened

Initially, the Event Horizon Telescope was used to collect the data about the black hole. This is no ordinary telescope, since it involves an array of eight radio telescopes around the world working together to create the image (imagine a telescope which is present all around the Earth).

Katie Bouman helped develop the algorithm for the Event Horizon Telescope. She then helped create the image of the black hole and led testing for verification of the images.

Now people are talking about how this will impact Albert Einstein’s theories of gravity and relativity.

Oh and guess what? This black hole photo has gone viral and is now the next runaway meme.


Celebratory Meme Fest

Good news or bad, social media has already turned it into a meme.

Some people pointed out how the black hole looks like the Eye of Sauron (infinite power source explained):

Followed by pop culture references:


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Then we had these everyday memes:

This one’s straight out of a Constantine comic:



Meet The Pakistani Who Started the Hilarious ‘Major Adnan Sami’ Meme

And then there’s this. We may have already found a more ‘economic way’ of discovering black holes near us:

Even big companies are getting into this meme fest. Here’s Pepsi with its marketing ploy featuring everyone’s favorite meme:

Live Savers (which really looks similar to a Polo here) also had one:

This is an interesting way of looking to the past and the present:

In the end, this day has given us both the first photo of a black hole and a black hole meme (we’ll be using this all year long like that angry Arab man meme).



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