This Cute Children’s Book About Edhi Introduces Kids to Pakistan’s Own Hero [Updated]

Get acquainted with one of our greatest heroes Abdul Sattar Edhi

A new children’s book Edhi Baba aims to get kids acquainted with one of our greatest heroes Abdul Sattar Edhi.

We often see our literature dominated by Western heroes. While the battle for representation is ongoing, Pakistanis also need to make efforts to highlight their heroes as well. That’s why author and illustrator  Maria Riaz Tauseef created Edhi Baba.

“Edhi is our national hero. In this book I have presented him as a super hero whose super power is big-heartedness,”


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The book everyone’s talking about.

Like any country, of course, Pakistan has its’ own heroes. We need to teach children about them. The most notable being the late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. The man was internationally acclaimed for having devoted his life to welfare.

The children’s book Edhi Baba covers the story of Edhi’s life and his work. He’s framed as a superhero with the superpower of generosity..

“By helping people, one will become generous and turn into a superhero.”


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Edhi Baba‘s message is that generosity does not need money. You don’t have to be rich to donate. The children’s book also aims to foster a sense of social responsibility. It encourages youngsters to donate their time and effort in terms of voluntary work.

In the book, Maria Riaz Tauseef emphasizes that even though Edhi was not rich yet he still helped everyone.

Abdul Sattar Edhi would always say that his mother advised him to share everything with others. He gave her teachings’ credit for the Edhi Foundation. Similarly, this book instructs parents to teach their children the same values.

A Children’s Book Thats Not Just for Kids

Although Maria Riaz Tauseef’s Edhi Baba is a children’s book, the author says it’s really for everyone. To be specific the book is for those who want to help people admire the late Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Maria Riaz’s future plans include aims to be a social entrepreneur. Her book Edhi Baba is a step in that direction. She revealed that with the help of the book she will donate to the Edhi Foundation.

Ever since the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the welfare foundation he created has been struggling with funding. Half of the profits from Edhi Baba will go to the Edhi Foundation.

Riaz says that she is honored to write this book but the most important thing is contributing something to the Edhi Foundation.

I have got a lot of appreciation for this book and I will be honored if it helps the foundation.



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Where Do I Get A Copy?

The author of Edhi Baba, Maria Riaz Tauseef is not a corporate publisher. This is a woman so inspired by Abdul Sattar Edhi that she wrote a book about her hero.

After attending a workshop by The YES Network and British Council, she took to social entrepreneurship.

With social entrepreneurship as a profession and a love for Abdul Sattar Edhi, she created her first publication Edhi Baba.

Edhi Baba is her independent creation and she self-published it. This means that right now, you can’t just run to Liberty Books or Idrees bookstore for a copy.

What you can do is place an order directly. You can reach out to the writer Maria Tauseef for online home delivery.

And the price is not too bad either – Rs. 500 per copy for Pakistan-based customers. Maria says she’s got plans to start taking orders from overseas customers as well, so check back on her page in the coming days.

Based on the response she gets, she will be eventually bringing her creation in bookstores in Pakistan.


So let us do our bit and support this awesome book and creator. Hopefully Edhi Baba will become available in bookstores everywhere.

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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Could I please get the name of the publisher or where to get this book from?? I’d like to make my contribution by buying this book and introducing it to the students of my school.

  2. I want to know it’s price . If it is affordable I will buy in bulk and distribute in children visiting at airport with the intention to send it’s profit to Edhi Foundation. I can do any thing for betterment of Edhi foundation.

  3. It woyld also be appreciated if there would be some sort of cartoons or animated drama episodes on this too.
    I really appreciated quaid kei batain and there should be one on this too.

  4. Thats a,superb job…I highly appreciate marya and request her and other publishers to create such pieces that highlights our own national heros…

  5. We really appreciate ur effort. Edhi is our real hero. Such stories with morals and values need to be highlighted. Will surely buy this book.

  6. Can you please work on selling it at
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    In Pakistan pakistan. Thank you
    Waiting anxiously for your reply

  9. Where to buy this book I’m tried contacting the person who wrote it she didnt bother getting back to me very rude .

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