Toheen-e-Biryani Case: Star English Cricketer Says ‘Biryani is Just Rice’

‘That’s blasphemous,’ says the internet.

Australian cricket writer and satirist Dennis Freedman tweeted a picture of English batsman Dawid Malan saying ‘Biryani is just rice’ yesterday and it has sparked a hilarious debate on social media.

Australian cricket writer, podcaster, blogger, and satirist Dennis Freedman’s tweet is going viral on social media as people hilariously attack Dawid Malan and the Aussie for making such a “blasphemous” statement.

Not surprisingly, Pakistanis jumped to defend Pakistan’s favorite dish.

Here’s what Twitterati said:


Pakistanis may not be the most thriving nation in the world, and we accept our shortcomings, but there is one thing we are certainly passionate about, and that’s food – particularly biryani.

The iconic dish has variants in India and all across Southeast Asia.

In a similar debate, England’s captain, Moeen Ali, recently went viral on social media after he told reporters that he was disappointed with Lahore’s food and said ‘Karachi was nice’.



Dennis Freedman

Dennis Freedman is a popular cricket writer and satirist. The self-proclaimed ‘C-grade celebrity of Pakistan’ and Pakola brand ambassador has a knack for sharing hilarious tweets on social media. He also runs a website called ‘Dennis Does Cricket‘ where he writes articles and records podcasts about cricket.

What do you think about Dawid Malan’s statement, do you agree that ‘biryani is just rice’? If so, please report yourself to the Food Police!


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