Why Does Ducky Bhai Want You to Leave Pakistan?

‘Par Bhai Tujh Se Opinion Manga Kis Ne Hai?’

Pakistan’s brain drain situation has aggravated this year, mainly because of the uncertain economic and political situation, and shrinking job opportunities here. Almost 765,000 people went abroad in 2022. Analyzing these grave conditions, famous vlogger and Youtuber, Saad-ur-Rahman (aka Ducky Bhai) is now urging people.

He tweeted yesterday,

Honestly, if you have resources, leave Pakistan ASAP. Keep your passport and nationality. You can always come back when things are stable.

He also mentioned that resources are a must-have to leave Pakistan, and if one doesn’t have them, living abroad will be the same as here because “life isn’t luxury outside Pakistan”.

Ducky Bhai’s opinion failed to reach the mark and netizens called him a ‘coward’ and ‘unfaithful to the country’ for wanting to leave it during crises rather than staying and trying to make it a better place.

Pakistanis say they love their nation but more than one-third will jump at the chance to live in a ‘good’ country.

Human capital flight (aka ‘brain drain’) is a serious phenomenon that has hounded the country for years, especially since the beginning of the 21st century. A recent survey has revealed that a huge population of Pakistanis would leave their country to settle in a land with more opportunities and a better lifestyle, if given the chance.

The Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) found that 37% of Pakistanis would go overseas if they could. And almost 765,000 people already left Pakistan for abroad in 2022, which is nearly triple the 225,000 departures in 2021 and 288,000 emigrants in 2020. More than half of those leaving the country were from Punjab.

This year’s data also show 92,000 highly-educated people such as doctors, engineers, information technology experts, and accountants who left Pakistan for a better future.

This is true but so sad!

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