‘I’m Not Asking for Your Kidney’: Fazila Kazi

Galat baat hai bhai.

Celebrities often pour out their sweat and blood into their craft 12 to 18 hours a day. Sometimes they are not even compensated for their hard work, which makes them use social media platforms to speak up about it. After Sonya Hussyn’s non-payment issue for her film, Tich Button, senior actress Fazila Kazi also vented online about her unpaid dues.

She shared a post on her Facebook account, which read:

Excuse me I am not asking for your kidney I am asking for my cheque! My hard earned money.

Celebrities shared their big support for Fazila Kazi, and Mohsin Abbas Haider, Salma Hassan, and even screenwriter Saji Gul agreed with her.

Fazila Qazi debuted as an actress in the drama Rozi in 1990. She rose to fame after appearing in the drama serial Nazar-e-Bad. Her other prominent serials are Daldal, Alif Allah or Insaan, Ghairat, Bay Khudi, and Tawaan.

This is not the first time celebrities raised their voices about non-payment issues, before her many other stars shared their complaints about their producers and directors for not paying them timely or denying them payment altogether.

Salma Zafar, Javeria and Saud

Star couple Javeria and Saud were accused of withholding payments and mistreating the cast and crew of their production house, JJS, a few years ago. Salam Zafar, Hasan Khan, and Sherry Shah spoke up and expressed their concerns about the non-clearance of dues for over a decade.

Similarly, luxury brands Elan and Zaha came under fire for not paying their models and staff, for which they apologized later and cleared the dues.

Nimra Khan and Munnazah Arif

Actresses Nimra Khan and Munazzah Arif had also accused producer, Zulfiqar Haider Zulfi, of not clearing their dues for the work they did a few years ago in the drama serial Uraan.

Sonya Hussyn and Urwa Hocane

And most recently actress Sonya Hussyn indicted producer Urwa Hocane for not paying for her work in the recently released film Tich Button.

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