Jazz Devices Packages

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Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Device Packages

Both Jazz and Warid customers enjoyed fast internet and some amazing offers. Ever since the merger, Jazz has further notched up the game big time when it comes to internet services and 3G/4G devices. Jazz offers some pretty amazing 4G Wi-Fi and Wingle devices with varying battery capacities, providing WPS Wi-Fi connectivity.

With lustrous designs, 3G/4G devices have the capacity of connecting up-to 12 devices at the same time. The dongles packages are same for 3G and 4G devices. In ‘Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only’ customers can to enjoy 10 GB internet for a month in just Rs 999. To subscribe this offer dial *117*71# and to know the status code simple dial *117*71*2# whereas for un-subscribing from offer dial 117*71*4#.  The MBB bundles are automatically subscribed after a month. This offer is for a limited time and the Jazz dongles data packages come with the data only SIM that’s why the voice and SMS packages cannot be availed through this offer. The ‘Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only’ brings the amazing internet bundle of 50 GBs for the whole month; to avail this offer simply dial *117*74# and to check the bundle status dial *117*74*2#.

Package Name
Free MBs
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package - Device Only 25000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Regular - Device Only 60000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Mega - Device Only 100000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Heavy - Device Only 150000 30 Days

Jazz Others 3G / 4G Device Packages

Jazz has introduced a variety of 3G/4G devices to offer unlimited internet services for its users. The devices as well as packages can be bought online and can also be purchased through your nearest Jazz franchise. Jazz 3G/4G bundles can only be subscribed for the whole month and all of the packages are renewed automatically. The devices have a memory card portal and can also be used as USB devices as well.

Jazz offers the ‘Basic Internet Package’ in which customers can enjoy 10 GB of data for the whole month in Rs 999. To subscribe this offer dial *117*71#. There is another exciting package for 3G/4G device users called the ‘Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only’ which brings the amazing offer of 30 GB data per month. To subscribe the package dial *117*73# and to check the status dial 117*73*2#.

Being one of the largest telecom company of Pakistan, Jazz knows the art of attracting new customers all the while retaining its existing ones with its incredible Mifi and Dongles packages. When you get great value for money, you are never going to say goodbye to a network, would you?

Package Name
Free MBs
3 Months Bundle - Device Only 50000 3 Months
6 Months Bundle - Device Only 100000 6 Months

Jazz has recently taken the initiative of introducing its Jazz 4G Wi-Fi and Jazz 4G Wingle devices for its users. These devices are lightning fast and have been a welcome addition for the customers. Jazz 4G Wi-Fi and Wingle devices have a battery capacity of 2300mAh and provide WPS Wi-Fi connectivity. The 4G speed ranges up to 150 Mbps, which is quick. These Wi-Fi devices are compatible with up to 12 users at a time and provide micro SD card support up to 32 GB. Through Jazz mobile app you can control them through a single tap on your smartphone. The Wingle devices have a USB type sleek design. You don’t have to install them; plug and play service.

The bundles are same for both devices. You get 15 GB internet per month for Rs. 999. The subscription code is *117*71#. You can unsubscribe by dialing *117*71*4#. You can get even more GBs by dialing *117*73#. You will get 30 GB internet per month for Rs. 1500. You can unsubscribe by dialing *117*73*4#. To get 75 GB internet for the whole month, dial *117*74#. The charges are Rs. 2500 per month and you can unsubscribe by dialing *117*74*4#. Jazz also offers 2 free movie tickets for any purchases done in Islamabad and Karachi.

You can buy these services online and visit nearest Jazz point or retailer. Perform biometric verification and choose the bundle that you desire. All bundles are monthly, so you will be auto-subscribed after 30 days. You can get more information about various bundles and packages of Jazz.