Huawei Y6s 2020 review

Huawei Y6s 2020: The honest review

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Huawei Y6s 2020: Here's what you need to know

The Good
  • Affordable
  • Durable
The Bad
  • Not the fastest processor
  • Battery not large enough
  • Low RAM
Huawei Y6s 2020 is yet another budget phone released by Huawei this year, it was made for basic
functions in mind. Let’s go through what Huawei has to offer with this entry level device.

Design and Display

Huawei Y6s 2020 has a plastic built body that is comfortable to hold. The design, though, is nearly
identical to last year’s Y6s. There is no oleophobic coating on the back of the phone so it easily gets
smudged. Huawei has chosen to call the display “A Dewdrop Display” because of the generic water
drop notch. The 6.09-inch screen has 283 PPI density and a resolution of 1560 x 720. The display
quality is quite basic and color separation is, as expected, not that great.

Processor, RAM and Storage

The Huawei Y6s 2020 runs on a Helio P35 processor based on the, now age old, 12nm architecture.
The processor performs day to day tasks with ease while retaining good battery life. The Y6s 2020
comes with 3GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC based internal storage. RAM management is poor and
the read/write operations are painfully slow and apps are frequently closed in the background. As
mentioned before, this phone was not built for intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing or the
like. Games like PUBG run on the lowest possible settings here, so if mobile gaming or vlogging is
your thing, this phone may not be for you.


There is a single 13MP camera on the back of the phone with an f/1.8 aperture. The camera is very
basic and the colors do get mixed up a bit. Bright colors are usually dulled out and it cannot capture
any notable details. The front camera has an 8MP f/2.0 aperture shooter. It also struggles to capture
clear shots even in good lighting conditions.


This phone’s battery is something that disappoints the most. Huawei Y6s 2020 as a 3020 mAh
battery that charges using the older MicroUSB port. The phone comes with a 5W charging brick out
of the box which takes more than 3 hours to reach a full charge. Heavy users will struggle to go
through the day without charging again. There could have been a better bigger battery here and in
2020, there is no excuse not to use a USB-C port.


There are not many plus points for the Y6s 2020 except its price. To be honest, this is a budget
phone that was made for the people who only want the basic stuff a cellphone is supposed to do.
With 19,000 PKR you can get all that and the durability Huawei’s cellphones are known for.