Story of an Entrepreneur Who Made Rs. 2 Crore from Rs. 2,000 In One Year

A man’s journey begins as soon as he enters into this world and continues until he descends into the grave. Every second that passes, every breath that we take brings in new adventures, ones that must be experienced.

Today, I am going to open the doors of my life and welcome you to experience my story. It’s a young lad’s journey who was on his own and had little to spend and how he went on to become a happy self-taught tech entrepreneur.

Chapter 1: Start of My Career

In order to do something of my own I took a job at a call center. I had to make several cold calls in order to gain something. Although I was clumsy at English, I didn’t lose focus of the task at hand. I ended up selling a ton of stuff to native English speakers. They didn’t really need them, as it goes with all cold calls, but but somehow I convinced them to buy.

This was one of things what would later go along with me and be part of my success, as the marketing skills I had developed during my time at the call center were the prime factor that helped me in selling my product and making it attractive for even the first timers.

This was the first time I realized how good I was at persuading people, I felt like I could convince anyone to buy whatever I’d sell.

Two months and a lot of cold calling later, I was now enrolled for pre engineering at Forman Christian College. What a lively place that college was! The building, the nature , the people, it was all amazing. My love for FC will never die.

I was living on Rs 500/- pocket money per week. One day while browsing on the internet I saw an ad which most of you may have been quite familiar with now “hazaar rupay mein apni website banwain”.

Online scams weren’t a common thing back then, so I took a chance, called that person and deposited “udhaar ka hazaar” in his account and then a horrendous thing happened: the man never picked up my call again, as if I was stranger trying to hit on him.


I was in a Rs 1000 debt now and was beating myself over my naivete, my “bholapan”. But this guilt didn’t stay too long and soon transformed into my curiosity to find out what he was supposed to do for me and how he was going to do that. My love for web and technology was just blossoming. I started finding out more about it like a true “majnu” and reading Spider and @internet magazines became a routine.

This is when I came across an ad on a magazine, “web hosting and domains” for Rs 1300/ year. As I was already in debt and couldn’t afford Rs 1300 ( you can imagine the financial crises I was in) so I had to ask my friend for it, which he did without a peep.

The Sales guy at that company managed to persuade me into buying a reseller plan costing 20,000/ year. Trust me I didn’t even know properly what web hosting was and I ended up with an unlimited reseller plan.

The only thing I had to do was realize what I was supposed to do with it, and then it suddenly hit me. I opened MS Word, typed “Get your personal website today with .com domain and web hosting at just Rs 2500/year” and got it printed. I placed the ad everywhere at my college.

I could never have imagined in my wildest dream that students would want to buy websites from me, I started getting calls from the very first hour and guess what, I sold websites worth Rs 25,000 in my first day.

This is how I made money for the first time as an entrepreneur and it was the best feeling ever. Oh and by the way, I was just 15 by then and I didn’t even know how to make those websites which I claimed I would. I was only good at persuading people, remember?

But unlike the guy who cheated me, I actually started learning HTML from online videos and fulfilled all orders within given turnaround time.

My hidden potential which was encrypted inside me was now decrypted. I knew what I wanted to do and my determination and destination was finally channelized and synced in the same direction.

By 2007 I had over 200 clients and a potential to create a proper web hosting company. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away, I sold my car which my dad gave me to commute during my stay at college and my ever so beautiful and caring mom contributed by selling some of her jewellery and that’s how HonexTech came into being.

Managing HonexTech was an amazing experience. It helped me to acquire a plethora of skills like Search Engine Optimization, business acquisitions, dealing with clients, blogging and teaching. My horizons were expanded now and I had found a leader in me and was managing over 2500 customers.

Chapter 2: How I Made Rs. 2 Crore from Rs. 2000 within a year

But as they say, good times don’t last forever. On one sad day in 2011, I had to sell my company because my younger brothers’ lungs collapsed. He was suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Though the time in hospital lasted for just 3 months, it felt like centuries. I used stay in hospital during nights.


 Me and my younger bro Ans.

Even though I didn’t make much by selling my first company but whatever I had was spent in paying medical bills of hospital (I had no guilt about it because family is the most precious treasure one has). Now I had to think about how could I get back into the web world. I had no money, my brother was sick in the ICU and I had to do something for him.

That’s when I entered the world of professional blogging. I registered a new domain (TipTopTens) with the only 2000 rupees I had. I wrote my first blog post with the passion to rise again and to make a name for myself. A friend from university contributed with me along the way. I was working from hospital and in just 2 months we were getting more than 50,000 readers a month.

We now had the money. Ans, my brother, was discharged from hospital and was living under intensive care with 24/7 nursing at our own home. My hard work never stopped and within a year we crossed the 1 million readers mark and were making $10,000 to $15,000 a month. Then misfortune struck my blog and owing to an amateur mistake from one of our writers, we got banned from Google Adsense for copyright issues.

It felt really bad, I never anticipated that happening but it was what it was and didn’t surrender. A whole new chapter was about to unfold in my life. I wrote a sales pitch for my website and posted it on Flippa and that’s how I sold my first blog for a brain popping $125,000 to an American buyer. This is how I turned Rs. 2000 into Rs. 2 crore within a year. I also won Flippie award for selling best blog of the year 2012.


 I always wanted to get that car and Alhamdulillah I did finally, Honda Integra DC5.

I had enough money on my hands now and was ready to live and enjoy my life for myself. I could easily buy a sports car and some property (a typical Pakistani move). I invested most of my money in property and gave the rest to my dad in order to manage the household affairs.

Life is never smooth though and I faced plenty of hurdles from getting screwed over by an online hoax worth 1000Rs in the beginning to losing almost $72,000 on a Google penalty. But in the end I sold over $500,000 worth of websites online and did everything which I wanted to do.

From having just Rs 500 for my pocket money, I had earned over half million dollar revenues from 100 blogs. I realize that things don’t always remain the same once you decide to be the change you want to see. I spent countless sleepless nights to get where I am today and I feel grateful for the fact that I was tested by time and nature since they made me the person I am today – a happy self-made tech entrepreneur.

Chapter 3: Unfolding the Next Chapter

I used to be a bulky and obese kid. It’s been something that’s plagued my all my life and it has proven to be very detrimental for my health.

I felt uncomfortable in doing any physical labor and that made me feel unproductive in household chores. It was one of my shortcomings and I hated being a burden on anyone, especially myself so I promised that I would lose weight in 2014 and with sheer motivation and determination I fulfilled my promise like a true friend.  I lost almost 55 KG.

Yaayyyyy! Finally

During that time I realised how hard it actually is to lose weight. That’s how another idea struck me and that was to help people lose weight in a more meaningful way.

Initially I started helping people lose weight for absolutely free and managed to produce great results. Last year I started working on options to make it a viable and a sustainable business model, from which I could generate some money while helping people with affordable solutions and increase the reach of my program and that’s how I came up with Nutright.

I’ve been working on this idea for 9 months and we are due for beta launch of Nutright at the end of May InshAllah. Nutright is a web and mobile app that provides exercise and diet based weight loss and maintenance programs by connecting professionals to end users using technology.

1_ofJv2wVn-wptDDUWcVX04QA photo from Nutright’s workout video shoot day.

As a CEO I’m fully devoted to Nutright and have been bootstrapping it ever since. I don’t know what the future holds for me but let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Things You Can Take Away From My Experience

If there is one thing I want you to take away from my experience, it is that one should not be afraid of failing at something. If you don’t face failure in life, you will never get a chance to make yourself better. It will not only make you stronger but will also help you unlock your hidden potential. But to achieve all that you would have to fail at something really bad.

Everyone should get punched in the face at least once in their lifetime. Getting punched hurts, but not that much and eventually you will get over the pain but next time you’ll think twice before repeating the same mistake. A year from now, everything you’re stressing about won’t even matter. They will fade away into obscurity and the only thing that will be left will be you. You are the champion. You are a leader. Take that potential out and show the world your worth. Rise and grind my friends.

Umar Majeed is a self-made tech entrepreneur with years of experience in digital marketing, establishing websites and selling them.

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  • Nice really impressed…we need more entrepreneur like him….
    just out of curiosity “I was just 15 by then and I didn’t even know how” if read this correct, he was 15 and in college? and worked in call-center before that must be 13, 14? didn’t know companies can hire 14 years kids in PK?

    • They hire as full time interns, pay less. usually 60% of the commission. but there is a lot to learn if you find a right place.

    • Maybe he’s are right but never seen a 13 or 14 year old kid as an intern in any organization i have worked in so far.

      • These call centres are not the kind of organizations you think they are, mostly out bound call centres in Pakistan and India just generate leads for business, It’s very similar to affiliate marketing. Basically they hire young talent to make as many cold calls without any basic salary and just commissions.

      • Yup :/ didnt expected he would have start that nutright… i was expected he would have been a popular blogger or web hosting provider but danggg :/ health product -_-

        • the article is not about a famous blogger or hosting provider, it’s about entrepreneurship :)
          Obesity is becoming a serious issue in Pakistan and has been one of the major issues in the world already. I think it’s a great move, choosing health niche for his next entrepreneurship experience because he also has hands-on experience in actually losing weight and not just any other rip-off supplement company.

        • People are dying from the diseases which obesity brings along, kids and mothers to be are dying from malnutrition, I started this initiative to help people by providing them quality services for very very affordable price.

    • If he were Steve Jobs, telling the same story, would you say the same? Every successful person has a business if his story is written then of course his business name will be mentioned! Otherwise the people would be in the state of curiosity, what the heck has he established!

      • This is the only reason why I couldn’t gather courage to publish my story all these years, I don’t know why do we have so much hate for our own people.

        • Don’t worry, Brother! Respect in the hand of Allah, not the people! We are with you!! Be optimistic!! I have been a regular visitor of this blog since 2012, these are the people who find negativity even in the most positive story! Stay Happy Blessed :)

        • Aaare chill bhai, har tarah ke log hote hain. If there is success, there is jealousy. Bade bade logon se hassad karne wale log pare hain tu hum kis kheet ki mooli hain. Sit back and relax.

          And above all, share your weight lost experience please, that would be more inspirational for me. As I am working on same lines these days :-)

          If you could contact me on KMQKHATRI at gmail that would be great.

        • I used to wonder why people are always criticizing and giving hateful comments on even the most inspiring stories here. I used to fight back to support the motivational cause.
          But now whenever a new post is published on ProPakistan I just know that no matter what the story is but in comment section there Must be a person (Farishta log) who will somehow find a bad side of the story and will be throwing the hate out LOL :D
          So now it don’t make me upset but rather make me laugh when I see such kind of comments on every story and how obvious and stubborn these criticizing people are, so don’t worry and just enjoy those comments :)

        • u have worked hared & got reward. don’t car abt negative ppl.
          Plz tell me how did u manage 2 get huge traffic in jst 2 months? I ve been working on a blog since 2 yrs and get jst around 100/day visit. kindly share tech u used?

          • . The term “entrepreneurship” was coined around the 1920s, while the loan from French of the word entrepreneur dates to the 1850s. According to Schumpeter, an entrepreneur is willing and able to convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation.[16] Entrepreneurship employs what Schumpeter called “the gale of creative destruction” to replace in whole or in part inferior offerings across markets and industries, simultaneously creating new products and new business models.

            • Well that’s the old school definition, here is the new and simple one “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

                • Nabtron it sounds like something is wrong with you. Either you’re a troll or just another jealous person. As for your “just another product”, have you seen or actually used the product? No? Well that tells a lot then.

                  If entrepreunership meant some world-changing product creator (as you seem to imply), then take a srcond to realize how absurd that is. By your definition there are very few entrepreuners in this world I suppose. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand who an entrepreuner is.

        • clearly there is a difference between an “entrepreneur” and a “businessman” but nevertheless your success story @disqus_ojjohxPv6d:disqus is an inspiration to many.

      • I also saw a comment stating website being sold for 11.2k rather than 125k. Then it got deleted. Fishy n Wierd!!!

      • I made that comment and I deleted it in a few minutes because I saw the previous listing on flippa and it was 100k. I also made a second comment with a link to the flippa website and as comments with links have to be approved, I couldn’t delete it. And then Umar and others replied to the second comment and I didn’t think it was right to delete it. Congratulations @Umar Majeed for your success. A few things seemed to be too good to be true and then i saw the 11.2k sale and that is why the suspicion. All good now :)

  • The article seemed fishy from the start. There are so many too-good-to-be-true things in it. Like a 14 year old Pakistani boy convincing American buyers easily, buying hosting without knowing about web development, 25000 in the first day at FC college and he didn’t even web development. And then I checked flippa and it says the website was sold for 11,200 USD not 125,000. And where did 500,000 usd come from? All in all, I think this is just an insincere attempt at promoting his company. I am welcome to any explanation though. Maybe my perception is wrong

  • @propakistani I hope you have a proper editing staff that vets the articles before being published. The headline is highly misleading. One can easily find so many cracks in this story which is basically a lie.

    Extremely saddened at the quality of your articles….

  • Well let me clear things up a bit.

    I sold my website for $125,000 but the new owner couldn’t maintain it well and had to re-auction 2 years later. So that’s how it ended up selling for around $11k again.

    14 – 15 year old boys doing call centre job? why does it sound fishy? All It takes a pre-written script to sell something.

    And that 500,000 came from multiple auctions. I can prove everything and there will be many to back me up on this but I don’t need to :) I just wanted to share my story so you guys could learn something from my experience.

    • First , thanks for sharing your experience. Second , no need to explain to anyone about any thing. Always remember, positive minds will always pick the positive points from your article which can help them in improving themselves. While negative minds will try to pin point negative things because they cannot be YOU and they want to pull you down. ignore the barking dogs at the corner of the street and keep moving forward.

  • I am only sharing my & my friends experience with this person. Mr umar majeed is not an authentic person or you can say a trustworthy person how he made money through his blog i don’t exactly know still i know how he did fraud and make innocent peoples fool through his honextech web hosting and development company located in alhafiz trade center lahore back in 2009 he shows so much attitude after receiving money from clients before receiving money he behaves that he is down to earth person. i remember i call him more than 60 times & he never picked my call after having around 50k from me he didn’t work on my demands & same experience was with my friend & in his article he is saying that there was a mistake by Article writer but what i know is that he started splitting his 1 article in 10 pages for so many reasons to increase page index in SE etc so google banned his account & i also heard that he ditch his friend she worked free for him in the start of his blog and writes posts for him so if Entrepreneurship means ditching people so yes he is entrepreuner.

    • If a person has over 2500 clients to deal with, even companies like Telenor fall short of answering your calls for days.

      “but what i know is that he started splitting his 1 article in 10 pages for so many reasons to increase page index in SE etc so google banned his account”

      I have made 4 websites similar to TipTopTens and all used similar structure where I split 1 article into 10-11 pages to get more page views but Alhamdulillah my adsense is not banned for the past 7 years

    • Well why don’t you ask your friend to talk to me directly? Secondly I never had a partner in any of my venture, not for even once so that clears up the thing that I ditched someone, well I did’t ditch her, she was getting paid just like other 10 writers and we are still friends.
      Secondly why google banned adsense, I got the reason from google and that happened because of a copyright infringement, Splitting articles in slides is a common practice but you heard wrong I never did it on TipTopTens but I have done it on many other websites and it never harmed them.

  • Well let me clear things up a bit.

    I sold my website for $125,000 but the new owner couldn’t maintain it well and had to re-auction 2 years later. So that’s how it ended up selling for around $11k again.

    14 – 15 year old boys doing call centre job? why does it sound fishy? All It takes a pre-written script to sell something.

    And that 500,000 came from multiple auctions. I can prove everything and there will be many to back me up on this but I don’t need to :) I just wanted to share my story so you guys could learn something from my experience.

    • Great to hear, best of luck for future! Your work is proof that we just need to get out of our self imposed restrictions and there is a lot we can do

    • Haters gonna hate.
      You are a motivation for a lot of people like me.

      I only hope that there was no shill bidding involved.

  • I sold the website when it was just 15 months old and in this article you can clearly see it’s 5 years old :)

  • Impressive story. Although i am a computer professional but it looks so difficult to achieve too much.

  • Inspiring, thats the thing our youth needs to learn, instead of bashing government they should do sone thing on there own

  • The first story on Propakistani I have ever read that brought tears in my eyes !! Impressive! May Allah bless you with more success!!

  • Well let me clear things up a bit.

    I sold my website for $125,000 but the new owner couldn’t maintain it well and had to re-auction 2 years later. So that’s how it ended up selling for around $11k again. I sold website when it was just 15 months old and if you look clearly in the link you posted website is 5 year old and being sold my Borgos not Umar.

  • There you guys, it says $100k but $25k was an under the table deal with some conditions where Flippa wasn’t involved, I can show you my escrow payment proofs as well, Now a days I’m in dispute with flippa because someone committed a fraud with me and we are in dispute to resolve the issue, Here is the link where I won flippie award of the year as well >>

  • i stopped reading when i saw 15 year old in college.
    because of the comments i finished reading, nice story, happy for you.

  • Know the guy since start of his journey in Honex Tech. When it comes to brokering websites, he was the best in town. Still remember the day when he was working on a computer in 2008 from his drawing room.

  • I am Billionaire but yes we have job opening for Nutritionists, Physical Fitness Trainer and Behaviour Therapists.

  • I am a professional blogger working from home since 2-3 years but it’s only giving me the pocket money nothing else…m working hard hope it will give me enough in future…as I am afraid to do jobs in companies after getting degree from university …I need your suggestion too brother….

    • What blog are you running? Give the link. Niche and site traffic matters the most. If there is no traffic you won’t be able to make money.

  • googling for “web host” gives me a list of 26,000,000 “ENTREPRENEURS” ! wow!!!!!

    -> dude, entrepreneur is diff from starting business in hard times, you did effort for sure, but stop calling yourself an entrepreneur and call yourself a businessman

    • In dispute, someone committed a fraud while I was selling a website, got website and never paid so trying to resolve, until we resolve our dispute the accounts of both parties will remain suspended temporarily.

  • Hello Omer,

    Nice article, I just read the part about your success as that was interesting. Just out of curiosity, what was your blog about that you sold for 125k? What were the articles about and what techniques did you use to promote your blog to get so many readers? Currently, according to semrush (dot) com, the blog is just getting 216 visitors per month.

    Also, a decent looking simple website does take approximately a week to complete and there are several things that make up a website including the layout design, content for the respective pages and images , I am just surprised how you were able to complete 25 websites in a day (as you said you earned PKR25,000 in a day). Did you have a team or did you manage your business alone?

    I would love to know more about the strategies you used and how you were able to achieve such astonishing results.

    • Hey,

      I am glad you liked it, setting a wordpress blog takes few seconds, I had SEO skills prior starting which I polished as the time went by, Articles were mostly general lists, like you must have read articles ranking ISI on top for “Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in the World” Well that was me, We made it to many News channels. Most the articles were general lists. I was getting organic traffic, 90% of the traffic was organic coming from search engines. The guy who bought it from me couldn’t maintain it well and traffic started dropping and he didn’t care much and eventually website lost all it traffic in 3 4 years. I used to get over a Million readers a month.

      I didn’t complete 25 websites in day I just took orders, with 1 week turnaround time, I was all along but had one friend Hassan who used to convince students with me in early days. But I manage all the development load myself.

      SEO and care choice of topics to cover helped us in the long run.

    • Sure, my link building strategy went wrong and unfortunately google algo update hit me during the auction I lost all my traffic all of sudden, but a man learns from his mistakes , I was just about to sell that site for $72k. Ended up selling it for just $2k.

  • Truly inspired man. Being an e entrepreneur myself with a few business engagements, i feel how hard it must have been to lose it all over and over and then the sheer bliss of gaining it all back. Would love to meet up and connect. You can never have enough like minded driven friends.

    P.s. i weigh 120 kg too :)

  • Exceptional!
    Really motivated after reading your experiences.

    Only one question though:
    How on earth you lose 55 kg in a year?

    • Being at upper edge of normal weight (6″, 81kg), I lost 7kgs in a month.
      8 km brisk-walking, 4 km running and some basic aerobic exercises; 4 times a week; 2 ‘normal’ meals a day.

      Reducing 55kgs/yr for an over-weight is certainly possible.

      • Impossible to find time for 12 km walk/running and exercises after a busy, tired and strict office timing.

    • I’m glad you liked it, motivation is all what I needed throughout my weight loss process, Initially it was hard but all started to look normal when my body adopted the changes.

  • Great story. Getting banned from Adsense is not the end of life. In fact, new Adsense account can be made by making some changes wisely to how you appear over internet. But you will definitely have to start a new website or blog from scratch because Google won’t approve your previously banned website. Besides there are dozens other ways to make money online. And this guy knew them all.

  • Did I hear “Bholapan” and the “Marketing” at once? Sorry! that’s a Universal Lie.
    15 year old, College guy (may be 1st year?) that would fine anyway, but call center too? Ok great!
    But being persuaded first, then persuade others. Were you really a marketing guy from the first day?

    I am not trying to tell that you are making it but just wondering how did you make it ACTUALLY?

  • bhai ye Nutriright app mein weight gain krne k lye bhi tips honi chahye. Matlab sirf weight loss Q? kia sirf motay logo ki hi feelings hoti hain? skinny logo ki nhi? ?

    • Sir initially we are starting with Weight Loss because obesity is more serious problem to deal with right now but we will launch more programs to maintain weight and gain weight in future.

  • Whole story seems a big big lie. People who are already in this field best knows that this in not possible as mentioned high amounts in thousand dollars or crores. Its just a game of few hundred dollars or few thousand rupees. The spices used in this story are just to attract more visitors so that they can earn few hundred rupees from this post as well. I am also a Pakistani Entrepreneur and British Business Qualified. I tried all these things and they are worthless. If you really want to earn money then you have to work hard on your foot. Yes, you can earn millions from your website providing some services with best customer support but just posting tips or tricks on your site with google ads will give you nothing more than few cents.
    The people who are inspired with Umar Majeed’s story and want to be like him will seriously regret in future. Instead, follow a simple path, have your own website with some idea of service or goods that you want to sell, then may be you will become successful.

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