VEON to Gradually Replace WhatsApp in Pakistan?

VEON is perhaps the biggest news for Pakistan recently. The internet platform promises to redefine communication in Pakistan. VEON’s launch in the country has set a foundation to enhance the digital economy of the country and build its digital eco-system with the ability to impact the lives of millions of people.

Over the years Jazz has led the industry as the most innovative Telecom operator and has taken a very bold step by partnering with VEON that will change the dynamics of communication in Pakistan.

The Telecom industry in Pakistan is at a stage where communication has evolved to a point where database applications are gaining ground and more and more people are resorting to using these applications. However, having said that voice still remains to be one of the biggest revenue source for Telecom companies in Pakistan, but this model is gradually changing and Jazz is leading this change in Pakistan.

Mobile apps such as WhatsApp have been chipping away at the revenues of Telecom companies around the world, but by partnering with VEON in Pakistan Jazz has proven its intent to swiftly move towards its transformation towards a digital organization.

This Idea of being truly free is the core concept behind this platform and this concept is truly revolutionary. With some amazing features coming up, VEON currently offers its users the option to connect with their friends, family or even use it for work with VEON calls and messages. Additionally, users can share photos, videos, audio messages, even location with others and much more and this all is absolutely free, even without any credit.

VEON is not simply a messaging app but a complete internet platform. With daily content from top local and international partners, offers from top brands of the country, self-care for Jazz customers and avenues for app integration within VEON, VEON is a complete one stop solution.

Once you are in VEON, you don’t need to step out.

In the future digital services will be integrated within VEON to offer their services through the platform with the ambition of creating a truly connected experience that is truly free.

This can include e-commerce services, online transport solutions, music and much more.

AI Intelligence will also be integrated in the app for contextual and personalized user experience. This will provide a unique experience to each user of VEON.

Simply amazing, isn’t it. One can’t expect more !! It’s time to do VEON.

Let’s see if VEON can take over WhatsApp and other communication apps in Pakistan.

Shehzad Ahmed is a Consultant Brand Journey & Character. Ex Head of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Warid Telecom.

  • It will be utter failure. It is so much foolish to launch something which billion ppl in world are already using. Jazz management should be fired as they have no cencept of economies of scale.

  • veon over whatsapp and in pakistan are u kidding me…
    like this is not china and chinese people who follow what there country no google no whatsapp no facebook everythings blocked..

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