Case Study: Here is How Yayvo Used Twitter to Empower Customers

By Syed Waqas

Within E-commerce, the use of the Twitter platform has been a little tricky. Be it bringing in new followers, creating customer engagement or driving sales, Twitter segment brings its own challenges to the table.

Platforms like Facebook and Google are already empowering businesses to generate leads and drive sales. The primary target and challenge for local businesses has been to use this channel to engage followers.

Over the past few months, Yayvo has plunged into various Twitter activities to improve engagement with its customers.

Be it the banter with Careem and Food Panda over PSL or the #IsMay campaign, these activities have helped Yayvo achieve a number of milestones.

That said, it was time for the Yayvo team to tackle a new line of challenges at hand.

  1. Increase Twitter followers
  2. Improve Twitter engagement level
  3. Use Twitter to drive traffic on Yayvo

The challenge was to build a single activity that would help Yayvo achieve all the above objectives. An exercise that would engage customers, amplify the brand persona, introduce innovation within E-Com and most importantly, give our customers a say in what they pay.

How it All Started

Take ONE.

A few months ago, one of our followers on Twitter tweeted to us:

Take TWO.

Following this conversation, several followers DM-ed for an RT challenge.

Take THREE: The Next Game Gets a Name

After several ideations and brainstorming sessions, Yayvo team launched #WhatThePrice. For the first time in Pakistan!

A classic integration with Twitter.

A tool that would reduce the price of a product depending on the number of retweets it received. Rs 20 for 1 RT.

Campaign Specifications

Stage 1: The Challenge Was Announced

Yayvo announced the campaign across social media platforms on the 1st of August. Videos were posted, queries were entertained and subscriptions were received. The RT campaign and the WTP product announcement was to go live at 11 am on 4th of August.

Stage 2: The Ball Was Placed in Consumer’s Court

A series of guessing games followed the announcement. Yayvo took another step to empower the customers. A poll was set up on Twitter on the 3rd of August. Customers made the final decision.

Stage 3: Let The RT Begin!

The campaign went live at 11 am on Friday, 4th August and ended at 5 pm. For every single RT made on the tweet, the price of the PS4 dropped down by Rs 20.

By 5 pm, 819 RTs were received. Overall, 936 RTs were received on the PS4 tweet.

Milestones Achieved

This is how Yayvo used Twitter to achieve its objectives:

200x Increase in Traffic from Twitter

As compared to the data from the first week of July, the traffic driven from Twitter increased by 200x in the first week of August. Moreover, the conversion rate for Twitter jumped to 1.4% on 4th August. Revenue by Twitter was 8x higher as compared to overall Facebook on the same day.

All in all, the platform helped Yayvo drive sales!

Twitter Followers Increased by 10%

Twitter engagement level: Increased by 283% in a single day

What’s Next?

Where most brands used Twitter as an engagement platform, Yayvo used it to drive traffic conversions as well. Several more campaigns like WTP are already in the pipeline.

Waqas is the Head of Marketing at, an eCommerce venture by TCS, where he looks at both the performance and brand side of the company. He has previously worked as the Head of Online Marketing at Kaymu Asia. He carries over 8 years of experience in this sector.

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