• Nadeem Ahmed

    no one is able to ask pta what pta is giving in return ?
    we awaam just need to pay taxes and taxes !
    BS system
    no politician is gona come fwd and say this is wrong !

  • M

    I respectfully suggest that usage of abbreviations should be limited to the most common in the general public. People don’t have the time to dig out what they stand for. For example take GST/FED. I know it has something to do with government tax but don’t know and don’t have time to dig out what letters stand for. Similarly ARPU has to do with …revenue per unit but don’t know what “A” stands for.
    In any case, all of the writing is soft copy so what is the motivation of using abreviations? Save white screen space?
    Communication needs to be efficient knowledge transfer but not at the cost of extra effort to decode abbreviations.
    However, I was a very good report. It was quite impressive.
    I was not clear on why the author felt that recession would not impact subscriber growth rate.
    Thank you

    M. Aslam

    • Your suggestions noted, and will be kept in mind


  • Even, Govt. take action on propakistani news and guesses and surveys ?

  • Uzair

    Well i think our Government is a fool. And now they have to pay the Price.

  • shahram

    well mr M in arpu A stands for average

  • obaid saeed

    Average revenue per user=arpu