Jul 14, 2009

  • Salman Khan

    Hi all !
    i m really obliged to amir bhai and propakistani team.
    the guess i made yesterday was my first comment ever on propakistani but am a regular reader of propakistani.
    often i thought to comment to any topic but did’nt.
    wel i guess i was lucky although !


    Salman Khan
    Supervisor Information Systems
    Dawn Newspaper Islamabad

  • omerfarooq786

    Congrats Salman!

  • Hasan

    Congrats Salman !!!!

  • Khurram Zahid

    I think its a conspiracy, salman khan is already your friend..

    • Aamir Attaa

      Khurram – not the case, you can trust me!

      • Rabia Khan

        Trusted!! :-)

        But Seriously how do U filter those Comments out..
        tough job.. but doing Smartly..
        Great Job..

  • Carshome! Latest car reviews and news

    At first i thought u r talking about bollywood hero Salman Khan …. lol….

    Congratz Salman!……

  • Jadoo

    Congrats Salman!

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    Congrates Salman Khan

  • Abdul Qudoos

    :P jao yaar yah to koi bat na howie aik he din main sab kuch end kar dia :P

  • Hidden Eyes

    haain.. main aiween apna number idher paste kerta rehta hoon ;)

    Just kiddin… Congrats to ’10 ka Dum’ Khan :D

  • Kamran Mahmood

    Salman Bhai mubarkaaan….. mairee mithai kidher hay??

  • Adnan Khalid


  • RajaSb


  • Saquib

    Congrats Salman:)

    Ooops Aamir bhai kahan ho ? itnay saray comments pending paray hain ?{btw, yeh comments last kitnay din k hain ?}

    Also, beside approved and pending how many comments have been caught by akismet?

    • Aamir Attaa

      Saquib Bahi, yeh kuch months k comments hain aur in ko approve nahi karna : – P as yeh mostly inappropriate comments hain.

      Akismet hay caught almost 50K comments till todate. And btw ProPakistani is 13 months old blog : – )

  • Dan*

    hey salman did u get the 500rs balance ??

  • Arsalan Baig

    Salman Bhai! bahut bahut mubarak ho meri taraf se…ab yeh comment approve ker dainaa jaldi :P

  • kami

    congrats salman