Salman Khan Wins ProPakistani Quiz

Thanks to all those who participated in a fun quiz at ProPakistani.

A question was asked to guess the numbers of Comments that are Awaiting Approval or were not approved. Below image will clarify things


Salman Khan’s guess was closest as he answered 4500 – Congratulations man!

Mohammad Abbas was second nearest – his guess was 2500

Moral: So those people who keep on and spamming with inappropriate comments, phone numbers, friendship offers, and offensive content – be informed that your comments will never appear!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Salman Khan

    Hi all !
    i m really obliged to amir bhai and propakistani team.
    the guess i made yesterday was my first comment ever on propakistani but am a regular reader of propakistani.
    often i thought to comment to any topic but did’nt.
    wel i guess i was lucky although !


    Salman Khan
    Supervisor Information Systems
    Dawn Newspaper Islamabad

  • omerfarooq786

    Congrats Salman!

  • Hasan

    Congrats Salman !!!!

  • Khurram Zahid

    I think its a conspiracy, salman khan is already your friend..

    • Khurram – not the case, you can trust me!

      • Rabia Khan

        Trusted!! :-)

        But Seriously how do U filter those Comments out..
        tough job.. but doing Smartly..
        Great Job..

  • At first i thought u r talking about bollywood hero Salman Khan …. lol….

    Congratz Salman!……

  • Jadoo

    Congrats Salman!

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    Congrates Salman Khan

  • Abdul Qudoos

    :P jao yaar yah to koi bat na howie aik he din main sab kuch end kar dia :P

  • Hidden Eyes

    haain.. main aiween apna number idher paste kerta rehta hoon ;)

    Just kiddin… Congrats to ’10 ka Dum’ Khan :D

  • Salman Bhai mubarkaaan….. mairee mithai kidher hay??

  • Congrats

  • RajaSb


  • Congrats Salman:)

    Ooops Aamir bhai kahan ho ? itnay saray comments pending paray hain ?{btw, yeh comments last kitnay din k hain ?}

    Also, beside approved and pending how many comments have been caught by akismet?

    • Saquib Bahi, yeh kuch months k comments hain aur in ko approve nahi karna : – P as yeh mostly inappropriate comments hain.

      Akismet hay caught almost 50K comments till todate. And btw ProPakistani is 13 months old blog : – )

  • Dan*

    hey salman did u get the 500rs balance ??

  • Salman Bhai! bahut bahut mubarak ho meri taraf se…ab yeh comment approve ker dainaa jaldi :P

  • congrats salman