Quiz: How Many Comments are Awaiting Approval at ProPakistani?

Moderating comments has become a full time job at ProPakistani – currently I am doing this management myself, but looks, soon I will have to hire someone for this.

On average ProPakistani gets 130 approved comments a day – and these are other than those comments which are caught by Akismet as SPAM plus those which are not approved by me due to various issues that of course you know!

Just a Short Quiz – If you can guess, how many Comments (made at ProPakistani) are waiting approval.

The one with closest answer will get Rs. 500 Mobile Balance (as gift) from ProPakistani – kewl na ;)

Leave your estimates in below comments – This quiz will end July 14th – 2009 – 10 PM

Update: Salman Khan has won this Quiz – Results announced here

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  • Well assuming that ProPakistani gets around 100+ posts in a month and gets huge traffic. I think around 900 comments are awaiting approval.

  • Hami

    None :D

    • very optimistic – i must say : – P

      • Hami

        Yeah Aamir exactly, the way you serve us with good info I made a conclusion that how can you stop our comments on your posts. But those spammers ruled out me :/
        — Even though I thought nobody will asnwer like mine, and I can win some special prize ..but Still in the end I loved the contest … :D

        • Hami – More contents are coming your Way – Be There!

          • Hami

            oww thankyouu… :D

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    124 … in my opinion

  • faraz

    95 m i rite

    • you are, indeed (But you will have to wait : – P )

  • 91

  • abdussamad

    Does this comment count :) ? 4999 comments – get a captcha solution

    • I get little bots on my blog – rest are captured by Akismet. But i need to take care of those local (Pakistani) human Spammers – (ab)users : – )

  • GulRaiz Hanif

    less than 10….propakistani is quite efficient :)

    • what about those which are not approved? due to reasons (we know)?

  • considering how PP gets approx. 100 comments a day, I’ll say 500 comments are in the spam line.

    • hmmm – not a bad guess – but you need to estimate again : – )

  • 130

  • Salman Khan

    i Guess amir bhai its 4500

  • Rehan

    My guess is 145

  • Faran

    around 95..???? m i ryt amir bhai…????

  • Muhammad Qasim

    i guess its 150……..

  • Akram

    97 ….

  • Qasim Mansoor


  • Asad Bashir


  • I think the figure is around 50 to 60 comments a day :P

  • Arif Kamawi

    There are no comments which needs approval as all those who posts comments are registered with ProPakistani via there email address.

  • omerfarooq786

    May be about 180

  • Tania Aslam

    It its approving 130 per day on the average it means there must be more comments on the waiting for approval list.

    I guess 180

  • Tania Aslam

    hey Hire me for approving comments LOL

  • Jadoo


  • Kazim Zargham

    hmmm my guess is 500:)

  • Bilal

    I think around 500 comments

  • Usman Ali


  • ufone_franchisee

    112 :)

  • Haris

    exactly 9999

  • taha77

    About 15000 …!! if u leave about 50 comments a day,so that u can approve it tomorrow then the comments would be piling every day …!! So there must be a lots of comments ..!! same happpens with me on the mobile,rite now i have about 467 new messages ..!!

  • ahsan

    aamir bhai i think:
    130: approved(as u mentioned)
    ~100: not approved by you
    ~1500: electronic spam
    ~20: human spam

    • Ahsan – itni details : O – agar app ka jawab theek howa tu u will get double prize

  • Sajwal

    round about 200?

  • i think 200



  • Haroon

    Em not accepted due to reasons 7 – 11….. and awaiting moderators acceptance around 90 – 120……… hope i m close enough :P

  • Muhammad Abbas

    i think 2500

  • Irfan Shaukat

    I think its about 130

  • My one more Guess……………. about 350 Comments a day.

  • Badar

    yar around 250!

  • Umer


  • Must be Round about 100 – 120

  • Aamir you better start counting now….. Its time for decision :)

    • hmm – Okay, we will conclude it tonight at 10 PM

      And winner will get Rs. 500 Balance straight away ;)

      • Raat 10 bajay…. hummm but I dont have internet at home :( chalo phir kal subha tak intezar intezar intezar

  • Asif Mushtaq

    Any comment that i post appears immediately so not sure if they need any approval. So i guess the count is ZERO.

    • lols…. this is only for this post no moderization :D

  • shahz

    Mmmm..i guess around 5000

  • Asim

    Aamir, I think 95 comments are waiting approval :)


  • Rashid Nazeer

    And what abt this comment publish it to,

    Aamir Atta is King
    and Pro Pakistani is a Waste of Time, just like i am wasting , Roti aur kapre ki tension hy hamain ab to Mobile ko sar mian maren ge.

    Do something creative,
    Catch me if you can ,or atleast give me my location, i will give you one hundred thousand in gift.

  • Haris Yousaf

    I think around 1200 … May be rite !!!
    Let`s see !!!

    allah hafiz

    Best Regards
    Haris Yousaf

  • Najam

    I will be close to bites85, pending comments would be around 800, it could be lowered as you put alot of time in moderating comments I guess :)

  • Najam

    btw, can I have multiple entries ? if yes count

    and 1300 as my entries :D :p

  • Saadi_se

    i think 99

  • Najam

    about 17 hours of this post and 58 approved comments to this post only :)

  • Naseer Haider

    May be 455 :-)

  • pro desi


  • Tafseer Haider

    I think around 260 .

  • Usman Ali


  • Usman Ali


  • saad

    it will be round about 100

  • Baber Rashid

    i think u should publish only Top best 50 comments per day.. even u received 130+ comments.

    becasue READERs or visitors is first preference… u make ur site not for ur own to read.. Propakistani.com is for readers or visitors..it is easy to read top 50 or relevants comments.

    becasue many sites provide these type of data,,like pakgsm, funmaza.com etc..and visitors have a lot of choise to shift antoher site. so there is very tought compition,so u have to need to provide only relevant and necessary data IN LIMITED TIME OR SHORTER PERIOD>
    so its ur option QUALITY OR QUANTITY


    [email protected]

  • Usman Ali


  • ssg

    I think round about 300.

  • Ahsan


  • Hasan

    It has to be within the range of 200-500… Thanks to ATTA Bhai’s efficient… GOOD JOB !!! ;)

  • Haris

    it shud be 150 !

  • Arsalan Ehsan

    round about 350.

  • i say 1000 :D

    u tricked everyone by saying ur giving a lucky draw of free balance everyweek to 5 ppl only if ur a subcriber of propaksitani.

    i dont trust u ! :P

  • Jamil


  • 1000+
    100 daily are on my cheap blog
    mostly all of them are spam :D

    • DuFFeR pai – twada blog tay bht aalaa hay : – ) one of my fav blog in fact!

  • MR.Taimur

    i think 555

  • Guys – Salman Khan has won this Fun Quiz, and he is getting Rs. 500 Balance Share shortly; here are details:


    Thanks to everyone for Participating : – )

  • Salman Khan

    Hi all !
    i m really obliged to amir bhai and propakistani team.
    the guess i made yesterday was my first comment ever on propakistani but am a regular reader of propakistani.
    often i thought to comment to any topic but did’nt.
    wel i guess i was lucky although !


    Salman Khan
    Supervisor Information Systems
    Dawn Newspaper Islamabad

  • Hasan

    Congrats Salman !!!!!

  • Jadoo

    Weldone Salman Bhai!

    now what abt hiring someone to work in the team of Pro Pakistani?

    I am interested Aamir Bhai!

  • khawaja muhammad shahzad

    well it depend on the comments that are forwarded if all are up to the level all of them should be included.because if some body wants that his or her comment should be published then he or she must fallow some social standards
    and here is responsiblity of organizers to publish only those comments which are up to the standards
    one more thing that i want to add up is that good and quality comments should not hide between unimportant comments.i mean to say that important comment should be at top

  • Damn you have more than 3.5k comments pending, are most of them spammy or just never got a time to look into them?

    • ahh most of them are spamy : – ), rest are in appropriate.

  • Saurooon

    Can i get a one small picture from your site?