Quiz: How Many Comments are Awaiting Approval at ProPakistani?

Moderating comments has become a full time job at ProPakistani – currently I am doing this management myself, but looks, soon I will have to hire someone for this.

On average ProPakistani gets 130 approved comments a day – and these are other than those comments which are caught by Akismet as SPAM plus those which are not approved by me due to various issues that of course you know!

Just a Short Quiz – If you can guess, how many Comments (made at ProPakistani) are waiting approval.

The one with closest answer will get Rs. 500 Mobile Balance (as gift) from ProPakistani – kewl na ;)

Leave your estimates in below comments – This quiz will end July 14th – 2009 – 10 PM

Update: Salman Khan has won this Quiz – Results announced here

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Well assuming that ProPakistani gets around 100+ posts in a month and gets huge traffic. I think around 900 comments are awaiting approval.

    • I get little bots on my blog – rest are captured by Akismet. But i need to take care of those local (Pakistani) human Spammers – (ab)users : – )

  • There are no comments which needs approval as all those who posts comments are registered with ProPakistani via there email address.

  • It its approving 130 per day on the average it means there must be more comments on the waiting for approval list.

    I guess 180

  • About 15000 …!! if u leave about 50 comments a day,so that u can approve it tomorrow then the comments would be piling every day …!! So there must be a lots of comments ..!! same happpens with me on the mobile,rite now i have about 467 new messages ..!!

  • aamir bhai i think:
    130: approved(as u mentioned)
    ~100: not approved by you
    ~1500: electronic spam
    ~20: human spam

  • Em not accepted due to reasons 7 – 11….. and awaiting moderators acceptance around 90 – 120……… hope i m close enough :P

  • Any comment that i post appears immediately so not sure if they need any approval. So i guess the count is ZERO.

  • And what abt this comment publish it to,

    Aamir Atta is King
    and Pro Pakistani is a Waste of Time, just like i am wasting , Roti aur kapre ki tension hy hamain ab to Mobile ko sar mian maren ge.

    Do something creative,
    Catch me if you can ,or atleast give me my location, i will give you one hundred thousand in gift.

    I think around 1200 … May be rite !!!
    Let`s see !!!

    allah hafiz

    Best Regards
    Haris Yousaf

  • I will be close to bites85, pending comments would be around 800, it could be lowered as you put alot of time in moderating comments I guess :)

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