Quiz: How Many Comments are Awaiting Approval at ProPakistani?

Moderating comments has become a full time job at ProPakistani – currently I am doing this management myself, but looks, soon I will have to hire someone for this.

On average ProPakistani gets 130 approved comments a day – and these are other than those comments which are caught by Akismet as SPAM plus those which are not approved by me due to various issues that of course you know!

Just a Short Quiz – If you can guess, how many Comments (made at ProPakistani) are waiting approval.

The one with closest answer will get Rs. 500 Mobile Balance (as gift) from ProPakistani – kewl na ;)

Leave your estimates in below comments – This quiz will end July 14th – 2009 – 10 PM

Update: Salman Khan has won this Quiz – Results announced here

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