• Yup! they had a very big scene yesterday and a fight with rangers. Got to know from my sister who is an employee there.

  • Naukhaiz

    i dont kwow what they want. the company is unable to make good profits. they did the VSS to take down the costs but as a result of last strike by PTCL employees, the salaries cost juzt went down by Rs2bn per quarter against an expected Rs6bn. I heard they are have been planning for another VSS.

  • m.h

    can u tell me that how worldcall wireless broadband going now a days

  • ProPakistani

    I tell you what, those are the old employees of PTCL who still have some “government employee attitude” They have a stainless steel rod in their back when it comes to dealing with PTCL customers. Just google the term “PTCL” and you will know the sorry state of how bad attitude they have towards their customers. So I think those people deserve it. Fair enough.

  • Qasim

    PTCL can not change a single thing in any matter.
    Dissatisfied customers, discontented employees. Customer support is next to ZERO, and still the employees are asking for more……
    WOW what a joke.

  • Top notch posting PTCL Employees Protest for Low Wages and Incentives you’ve undoubtedly inspired us thanks Peace … Rob Rasner YouTube