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Check How Many connections Issued CNIC Website

By  | 28, Sep 2009 | 121 Comments

Earlier we reported about a method of finding out number of connections issued against your SIM through sending an SMS – look at following.

Simply point your browsers to this url:

By the way, service is still not officially launched, so you may find record not found thingy.

Also make sure that you go to respective service center to find out mobile connections that are your name. Get those numbers blocked immediately, which you are not using. At times, this can be very sensitive as number under your name can be used for some illegal act, so get it blocked, right now!

PTA Check How Many connections are Issued Against Your CNIC   Through Website

Thanks Hacker for letting us know about this

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  • Mohsin Javed

    Aamir Bhai i am the admin of
    i was recieve your comment on my blog against copy post from propakistani.Sorry for that i was not know that its not good for both websites.but know i come to know i am the new on the blog.So Please i will get further help and favour from you in any case.It is my request.By the way your posts are so informative for visitors.i think you work hard to find that types of information.againg sorry……ALLAHHAFIZ

    • Aamir Attaa

      no prob bro…!

  • aamir

    Oops, I Just check There Are 8 Mobilink Sims On My Fathers Nic

  • Arsalan

    web working fine but can’t get my result after click on de submit button … any other option

    • Mohsin Javed

      its working fine check your web browser or use some other software to access the site.

  • Saleem Khan

    This service will bring more problems for Pakistanis… How… I tell you.

    Using your NIC number in public, companies and banks are very common so any body can put the CNIC number of desired person and can get mobile number of her/her.

    There should be some sort of pincode must for checking mobile numbers through CNIC. otherwise it will be big problems for ladies specially.

    • Aamir Attaa

      not really – it only tells you that you have 2/3/4 or any amount of numbers against your CNIC. It doesn’t reveal the cell number

    • rizwan


    • Ahmad Raza

      Saleem Khan Sahab.
      main apki baat se bilkul agree hun.
      or omeed karta hun ke site holder bhi is baat
      ko sajhein ge.
      aur koi sugguession nikalein ge.
      I thing your good advise for site holder.
      I hope every body understand to Saleem Khan talking.
      God bless for all muslim’s.

    • alii

      nahi yeh aap ko galat inforrmation mili hai.yeh nahi ho sakta k koi aap ka no hasil kar se sirf yeh pata lagta hai k aap k name par kitnin sims hain,baqi sim ka no nahi.
      saleem khan

  • khurram

    it shows that i hav 3 telenor numbers, but i dnt hav any :(
    tell me plz what to do to resolve it ?

    • Mohsin Javed

      call the telenor help line and complaint it and block all numbers are not in your use.

  • Zaffar

    Something is wrong with this service. Data is not correct. It shows zero for jazz but i have 2. Similarly it gives 8 of telenor but i have only 4.

    • King_navy

      Data is correct.

      Regarding Jazz, send a blank SMS from your sim to 667 and it will tell you about the owner name with NIC.

  • Mutant

    Excellent service by PTA! Its showing 2 extra connections against my NIC, had similar results by sms to 668. :)

  • http://www.PakMelody.Com Khalil

    Good Service by the PTA. It will help a lot of persons. Thanks for sharing this great information.

  • muhammad salman

    aamir bhai,
    any news by when is this service being officially launched?

    • Aamir Attaa


      • Khalid Chaudhry

        i try to open the link, but fail to open it, i need ur help regarding it,

  • Khurram Zahid

    its forbidden to access this site any more…

  • Shani

    Seems PTA has temporarily disabled the service. Because I’m getting ’403 Forbidden’ error while accessing the page. Its all due to Attaa, Why he broke the news while It is not officially launched. Arrest him ;)

  • Jadoo

    not working :S

  • eAhmadNawaz

    Following message displays.
    ‘you don’t have permission to view this page’

  • eAhmadNawaz

    Amir Bhai.. Opera Mini 5 Beta has been launched in last week, I wrote to Zeesha Bhai to post an article on it and he replied to do it after Eid. But no article so far. Now you please!

  • Awais

    You do not have permission to access this document.

    Web Server at

  • SHAH

    Site down. was working in morning.

  • muhammad salman

    well the database this service is using is old ,outdated and inaccurate as millions of connections have had their ownerships transferred to the correct owners in the last many years as well as millions of connections have expired,while this service continues to show those old,inaccurate numbers against the earlier cnic’s.i had 6 connections transferred to my brother and my freinds’ name 3 years ago,but still this faulty service is showing them against my cnic as well as my 3 old,expired sims.this service is only creating confusion amongst ppl and the pta should rectify the database from where this service generates its reply so that current,updated data is replied back not many years’ old,outdated and wrong data!the pta should take note and rectify this huge error before launching this service.

    • King_navy

      Kindly send a blank SMS to 667 from SIM which you claim that it was transferred on your brother’s name. After getting the result, kindly post the analysis of the result.

  • Kamran

    Website down ouch

    i sent emails to my friends regarding PTA website and all saying site down
    not good
    any one tried to contact PTA regarding there site issue?


    i try to open the link, but fail to open it, i need ur help regarding it, i am in Dubai.


    When ever i try, it appear like it.please do favor me.

    You do not have permission to access this document.


    Web Server at

  • Muhammad Tufail

    You do not have permission to access this document.

    Web Server at

  • Mohsin Khan


  • Munaeem

    I went to telenor for the blockage of SIMS issued on my name. They gave me a form. I filled the form and their customer support blocked the sims She gave me receipt of my application.

    Ufone people were very discourteous. They said that data provided by PTA service is wrong.

    What should I do, Mr. Aamir?

    Should I inform pta about their behavior?

  • Hacker

    pta has so far blocked the folder access.
    but dont worry, now you can check it by another mean just paste your cnic in below link and enjoy untill PTA blocks this server too :)


    • Aamir Attaa

      wow – Thanks

    • K. Shahzad

      Its no more working, nor their web form, at-least now when I checked it.

      Also, i checked via sms, yes their db seems to be old and outdated, for such a system only having database connected to all companies systems to have real-time data is only and only practical solution.

      Its pathetic that a department like PTA launches a system with old data, so of no use of anyone.

  • Najam

    I wish to know the cell numbers issued against my cnic, anybody knows how is it possible?

    • vk

      yar m trying to do the same damn thing

  • Kaukab

    Wrong results. Fake…………… i have issued a sim against my cnic which i hve confirmed that whether its on my name, through blank sms on 667 it is confirm that a sim is issued against my name. but on PTA webpage there is no one sim against my cnic.

    Fake Results………..

    • King_navy

      Try with old as well as new NIC

  • amjad rahim

    pta should stop this service immediately because the replies it sends back are from old,outdated database.the mobile companies blocked over 10 MILLION SIMS last year,but this service is still showing against the cnic’s the sims which were blocked earlier!!!
    i had two of my expired sims which were blocked last year but they came back in the reply from 668 service!! i checked they were still not in use by any1 but were being shown against my cnic by 668!!
    also those sims whose ownership had been transferred many years ago are still being shown wrongly by 668 against my cnic,although 667 confirms their new owners!!!
    this service is severely flawed and will only contribute in confusing ppl with the wrong data sent back!

  • miansahib

    actually its better to visit all telco services centers. the 668 thing and the website dont give the exact number of sims registered against ur cnic.
    for example it showed that there are 3 sims against my cnic. i use ufone so that left 2 unauthorized ones. However when i went to their service centers i found out that there were 5 sims registered. m visiting zong and warid tom to get any illegal sims blocked.

    and please everybody, its important that we block unauthorized sims bcoz of the law and order situation.
    spread the word folks!

  • Atif

    oooooh no. i check it. on my NIC there are 3 number register. but how i can verify the no. bcz frenchise will not told the number against my nic..


    Can i check detail of no which are on name,

  • Mustafa

    Hi All

    18th Oct may be the launch date of this service.

  • Farman

    It’s a great service.

  • Muhammad Rehan Khan

    OMG i have 11 sims on my NIC thanks alot dear.

  • Muhammad Rehan Khan

    plz let me know how to block them online

  • Shahzad Zameer

    You can check it free of cost just visiting the following website.

    Just replace the CNIC number. I have checked and I found it correct.

  • Bilal Naeem

    Whenever i add my CNIC it shows ” Cannot find server “. Please tell me another way to find numbers….

  • Bilal Naeem

    I got list of of Numbers but they show just like

    Mobilink = 0
    Sco = 0
    Warid = 0
    Ufone = 3
    Telenor = 0
    Zong = 0

    While I`m using 1 Mobilink Number and 1 Ufone.
    Both are against my CNIC.
    They show 2 another ufone numbers….. I want to see them…. But HOW?

  • Suggests

    Your sim may be registered on your old NIC nos. Data Base old three month base on Companies info

  • Uzair

    Its not working

  • Najam

    even that link is still down:(

  • Muhammad Owais Anjum

    This Link is Unable to open, it shows that Unable to open the page.

    Kindly sumbit the exit link please.

    Muhammad Owais Anjum

    • me


  • Sohail Raza

    This site is not opening. Please give me accurate web address of pta where i check this information.

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  • omer

    from sms,

    just type ur cnic number and send to 668

  • Muhammad Umair Qureshi
  • zaib
  • JB

    there is a little mistake in the given link.
    the correct link is

  • Tech Maish

    Great Service

  • babar

    i am use ufone no only one sim is in my use but the is two sim regester on my NIC so how can i chek which no. res. on my ID

    • sadia

      sir is number ka cnic batana 03342414520

  • Rizwan

    I’m using only UFONE SIM since 2001 but I’m surprised when I checked with this website that 7 Mobilink SIMs also issued against my CNIC. I contact on phone with MOBILINK they replied to contact with any customer care centre and when I contacted customer care centre at Boat Basin they replied this type of case can be look after only at Head Office at Punjab Colony (head office of Mobilink).

    Now if I found enough time to correct their record I’ll visit their office Inshallah. Pray for me.
    (Where is one window operation!)

  • Muhammad Riaz

    may i see the numbers which are allotted on my NIC No.

  • Sameer Shehzad

    I got 16 SIMs registered against my CNIC, whereas I am using only 10. What I should do about the rest of them…

  • Ahmad Ali

    668 is a good rules for all pakistani

  • Bilal Naeem

    AOA Friends,
    Now form available to block SIMs, issued against your CNIC. These forms are appliciable in MOBILINK & Ufone. Download forms through this link.


  • Sameer Shehzad

    Thanks Bilal Naeem

  • Qaisar Mushtaq

    you can also check SIM registration against your CNIC #. here is the site

  • Sabir Jalil

    i like that thanks PTA

  • Ghulam Shabeer Kalwer

    it is bestway by web chacking cnic rigistration Thanx Ufone

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  • imran

    Assalam u aalikum

    all of you

    r koi a sa pakage main saudia main or mere pas jaz ki roming bih activte kia koi acha pakage main yahan us he sim sy msg send kar sakon yahan cal ker sakon local rate main ho tu plz mere email per way batain plz

  • khalid hussain

    i want to know this cnic number 54400042069110 name

  • Collin

    I can’t open up the website.Is it still working??

  • khawar butt

    graet great great

    plz let me know how can i chek which no. res. on my ID

  • Arooj Fatima

    wow nice method 4 checking

  • ayaz

    i have one jazz and three ufone numbers. but the website shows three ufone that correct but no mobilink num .

  • husan

    kia aap mujhay bta saktay hein k mujhay wo numbers kaisay pata chal saktay hein ,jo meray CNIC pe chal rahay k check karnay ka kia treeka hy..
    meray CNIC pe 10 numbers chal rahay hein,liken kon se ,ye mujhay nahi pata..
    plz tell me.

  • ayaz

    this give incorrect information and incomplite information. as i have one jazz number on my cnic this does not show any number.,

  • amjad hussain


  • Rizwan Ahmad Nadeem

    by sending sms to 668 with my ID number I have come to know that there are 4 warid and 2 mibilink connection with my name, but I have only one connection of warid 03227829767 and have no connection of Mobilink,
    Please block other connections at once.

  • syed akif hassan

    mujha apna sim no check karna ha ka wo konsa ha jo mara name ha

  • Sameer khan

    Sir cn we serch othr,s numbr thes r on my nic ths method tel my numbr is 03017711758 plz cntct nd tl datail i m stdent.

  • hammad

    sir koi tariqa batay jis say id card number say sim number ka pata lag jay


    MERE PHON NUM.03088570439 AUR 03142609962 MERA NIC NUMBER HAI .

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      Ahhh, People don’t understand they have to contact PTA for this.

  • shahid

    you can send MNP to 667 on mobilink for ownership information

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  • shakeel gill

    sir mujay rong numbar ko bloked kar na ka liy cod number day jo
    01 Mobilink
    02 Warid
    03 Ufone
    04 Telenor
    05 Zong
    sa rong call ati ha in ko bloked kar sako
    ap ke marbani

  • kamran

    bhai mene number ka data online chack karna hai k sim kis k naam hai plz agar pta hai to bta do

  • Haji Muhammad

    i want to konow how many sims rigster on my NIC.

  • Irshad

    kisi ko koi tang kar’raha h to us ka num likhnai sai us ki information mili h kisi ko? or kya kisi ko reply aaya h kaheen sai???

  • aqib khan

    i am net problam full program block this systam ok

  • khalil ur Rehman

    i want to know all number rigistred with my NIC can any help me

  • Akhtar Hussain Farooqi

    The Sim is check the great system by NIC

    • Mr. Yousuf

      yes its great buy fine a way from that we know numbers

  • nimrah

    m so nervous

  • Riazahmed

    Plz sir mere number ka msgs block kar dia gya hai guzarish hai ke mere all facility msg open kiye jay plz sir name riaz 03212676021 plz plz

  • malik ehsan ullah

    i am using only one zong and 4 ufone sim but there are 4 zong and 7 ufone sin register on my can i blocked all others numbers.

  • Fatima

    Salam. How can I chk someone’s sim ownership. A man is distrubing me n he have told me about my number ownership, i m much worried how he knew that????? Salam. How can I chk someone’s sim ownership. A man is distrubing me n he have told me about my number ownership, i m much worried how he knew that????? Plz help me . Thanks.

  • Mr. Yousuf

    kia ham yh nai jaan saktey kh konse number hamarey NIC card pe reg hain. koi tu tareka nikalo.

  • Sarfraz khan

    plz tell me about complete information about my sim 0321-7671477

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    plz send the details of all kinds of sims issued on my ID

  • Mirza AD Baig

    Mere naam Jazz ki aik sim hai jo mujhy pata nahi hai konsa number hai ab mujhy woh number chahy jo mere naam say issue hai.. jazz service center waly keh rahy hain k hum sirf band kersty hain issue nahi karingy aur naa hi number bataingy… yeh ajeeb chakar hai mere naam hai main us number ka owner hoon mujhy tu pata hona chay k konsa number hai agar woh number acha howa tu main khud istemaal karonga kyu k mere naam hai main us ka owner hoon.

    Pakistan mian yeh chutiapa zaroor hota hai k kuch na kuch pangay zaror kharey kerty hain… NIC main Nadra walon nae GHalat date of Birth daldi ab us ko sahi kerny k lye Case karoo ya Metric ka certificate/degree laoo agar koi shakhs Metric nahi hai tu woh Bay(B) form lay agar nahi hai tu case kary… Ghalti Nadra ki bhokty hum loog



  • ali

    plz tell me that how can i find the numbers which are assued with my cnic number. plz
    tell me than i block tham my email add. is

  • wahid

    plz tell me about my that i use how many conection

  • aziz

    yaar u fone k no sa ufone ki sims ka pata chal jata ha k konsa no apky name par ha,,,,,just send id card no to 3302 from ufone no only ok …..ab chek karo sub

  • Majid Ali

    Thanks alot your the most helpful regardind this ………….

  • Jawad

    Hi friend I never bought ufone sim, when I check my CNIC number through this service three ufone number are register on my name is there way to block these number on internet because I am notin Pakistan.

  • bahadur ali

    sir ,
    mere name mobilink ki 4 no name please wo no khtum kr dein plz mera cnic #3120550196907.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    The web service like the screen shot above is no longer available, the target page currently directs people to sim verification via SMS

  • Muhammad Akram

    amir bhai mary sms block he ap is ko on kar dy plece me bohut prasan ho ap on kar dy plece my no 03462182287

  • aamir

    dear i want to block the sims which are issued on my cnic.please tell me procedure.