• Nasr

    Are we looking at higher bandwidth through the new devices???

  • zubair

    First of all wi tribe should improve signal strength in

  • Mohsin

    It seems that some-one want to collect our tribe data which will be use for there purpose.
    when you say tribe it mean you are distributing Pakistanis into Tribes.
    a thought of division of Nation is being establish in our society.
    it should be Wi-Nation or Wi-Pakistanis.

  • zubair

    Again wi tribe having signal issues and only in three cities and in these three cities they have not full and proper coverage

  • Ammar

    I could not understand what is the advantage of bulky CPE against the small portable usb dongles ?

  • wimaxer

    Stay away from Witribe!

    I tried their broadband service in Pindi and it is so pathetic. Many times, the CPE doesnt connect to the tower and even if it does, the speed is so slow that it feels like a dialup connection. The reality is that Witribe has laid a small network with reduced bandwidth to cut network costs. Hence, the quality of their broadband service is really bad in most areas.

  • Faisal Baig

    I want Wi-Tribe lounch unlimited downloading packages in Pakistan.

  • Rayyan

    Wi-tribe is the worst,and most pathetic wireless internet in Pakistan.The Speeds are terrible!I highly recommend you use Wateen WiMax 1Mbps Package, I Will be switching to it soon.