• Tuaha

    hats down to Saad Mustafa Warraich , for providing more prove against the satanic FACEbooK …!!

    [Dont create accnt on pakfacebook , its UNSECURE and they are just collecting email ids and other info for selling it]

    • pakfacebook.com is nulled script website we have to create our own nulled is unsecure

      • Ahmed

        I have shifted to Google Buzz, its better in many ways http://bit.ly/cNm3Xq

        • aqeel

          and google is owned by jews as well.

          • Abdul

            Guys don’t be panic, we are the students of FAST university Lahore campus and we have built our own web site, which is the prototype of the Facebook with extended features, and the web site is under construction. and the name of the website is “life”


            Do visit and signe up as its purely made by we pakistanies. your suggestions are more than welcome. you can respond on the “LIFE” contact center as well

            • nice.. but you guys have to catch up fast. find local investor who can invest in your idea, you can captalize from the users (muslims) who leave facebook..

            • Hussain

              @Abdul… Hi brother can I be a part of your team…? I have 2 years of experience in this field.


            • Bekim

              I greet your efforts, may Allah help you in your work!

              Assalamu Alaykum !
              A brother from Europe :)

            • little-birdie

              Couldn’t you guys have come up with an original layout?

              • Abdul

                its under construction…..yup we are in developing phase…some technical problem due to heavy load ….so we are doing it…..

              • sana khattak

                check out MeraWatan.pk

              • Creativity from a Muslim? all they know is how to make babies or bombs.

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                  I pity you Nusrat or whoever you are. For the likes of you, it is written in the Holy Bible, “Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?” (Mark Chapter 8, Verse 18) and “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear” (Jeremiah Chapter 5, Verse 21.

                  For the likes of you there is also a verse in the Holy Quran, “Deaf, dumb, and blind, they will not return (to the path)”. Chapter 1, Verse 25.

                  You may have been abused by your elders in your childhood to be so sadistic about Islam and Muslims. I pity you. You need to consult a psychiatrist first before spilling your poison on this forum.

                  You are just another of those stereotyped individuals whose vision is very limited. In our part of the world, people like you are called “Frog of a well”. This frog thinks that the well in which it resides is the whole Universe and nothing exist beyond that. You are such a frog.

                  If you think your poison is even half the truth, I invite you as a challenge to come up, show your face. Lets get on a forum in any neutral country like Malaysia face to face, man to man. We both will have a chance to speak our guts out and lets see who prevails. It will be live and open to media and we both will be cross-questioned by a mix of people.

                  Do you have the guts Nusrat? Or are you just a coward to hide behind a facade of a Muslim name.

                  • Love getting psychological advice from brainless and illiterate Punjabis. I am as open about everything as I can possibly be where as you half Sikhs have been using Burqua for generation to avoid fighting Sikhs back in the olden days. So don’t even try to beguile me or others proclaiming yourself a scion of a martial race, nothing could be further from the truth.

                    Why would I spend time and money in talking with one of your caliber and who would want to waste time and money in hearing your gibberish to begin with.

                    [Comment Edited]

                    • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                      So it proves. You are a coward. First of all I am not Punjabi, Secondly I dont boast of a martial race. You are an insult to your own race Nusrat. You dont have to spend your money, I’ll provide the ticket for you. I’ll also compensate for your time handsomely.

                      Just show some guts yar. Prove your worth that you are Son of Ali (Rizvi being your surname) who is Lion of Allah. Son of a Lion is a lion. So if you are a true Rizvi, be a lion and come face to face with me at a public forum.

                      Your refusal to show your face on a public forum for a meaningful debate signifies that you are a liar, you hate Muslims, and you dont have an inch of truth to debate on and you are not a true Rizvi.

                      I dont hate you Nusrat. I just pray for you. May Allah bless you with Hidayat and may Panjtan Pak (Alahimus Salam) shower their blessings on you to open up you heart and vision and see beyond your thoughts.

                      Peace and love to you.

                    • What you write is infantile beyond belief, but you need not fear on that account Pakiland has drastic shortage of mature people.
                      On the other handI am enormously happy to provide some fun and laughter in your otherwise miserable existence.
                      We have all seen how much blessing Parkland had received from Allah in the last 63 years as you like the rest of your kind do not know or likely to know how the poor people in Pakistan really live or rather try to survive. For your edification I would like to offer some facts based on personal experiences. I was in Karachi a
                      few week after Benazir’s demise. Because of food shortages I saw lines of people including women in Burqua with small children waiting in hot sun for hours, the food which ran out within an hour or two after opening its door. No idea what people
                      did to feed themselves and their families with.
                      The most awful part of this experience was a news item I read on my laptop printed in the NY Times that the same day when people were dying of starvation Pak Govt has agreed to purchase 150 F-16 planes at a cost of 5 Billion dollars.
                      It became obvious that any hope for better life will come only when all Punjabis are eliminated from our midst.

                    • Jenn

                      Nusrat Rizvi , comments like yours are so ORDINARY now on the web. You need to find new way of getting through to people. Your stupid way is BORING now!!

            • Haroon

              Cool Yar, but do we need to copy GUI of Assbook? Change the Color of LIFE to green

              Well done

            • Haroon

              Dear i am trying to create account on life but
              it gives following error

              Please ensure your password is alphanumeric.

              i have changed it many time but its not working

              • Abdul

                try simple digits……for example 123456789

            • Maha

              Aoa. ABdul i have checked the site and the information said that it is hosted from USA. please check the site


              with the ip address.


              someone must investigate about it.
              GUys ,don’t you think that for the time being just forget about facebook and its replica.

              • muslman

                check hosting of pro pakistani as well. its all us housted We bought the domain .At least its under control unlike facebook

            • Abdul Majid

              Hey, it is really nice, I mean the site. But the login page is exactly same as that of Facebook and your site may be subjected to copyright infringement. Take necessary precautions.

              • Abdul

                we did change the color …….we are in developing phrase bro….so we are doing it…..actually we were busy in our finals…….i have taken your suggestion as a value comment…thanks

            • Nusrat Rizvi

              I thought I would add a monor correction here. Abdul should say we “Pakistanis” which is technically not correct.
              Pakistan comprises of other minorities such as Mohajirs, Sindhis, and Baluchis who would gladly welcome an attack by India on Lahore, and may even join forces with brave Indians against their hated enemy.
              Nusrat Rizvi
              1 Rowayton Court
              Rowayton Connecticut

              • Farhat

                Nusrat, you have some very strange info. Pakistan comprises of Mohajirs, Sindis, Baluchis etc. They are not minorities but big majorities, but they are PAKISTANIs first. You have a big confusion and the wrong picture. Please update yourself.

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                  Dear Farhat,

                  I even doubt that Nusrat and Jane are genuine individuals. I have a strong feeling that they are working on their own agendas (or given by their superiors). They are not ready to listen to the voice of reason so you can very well guess who they really are.

                • Surly you have not forgotten a running battle between MQM and the Rangers for over 3 yrs in Karachi in mid 80s. You seem to have also forgotten that Punjabis used the Air Force againt
                  the poor Baluchis, only country on planent earth to use Air Power to supress its own citizens.
                  Any wonder no one wants any part of half Sikhs like you Paindoos.
                  Nusrat Rizvi

                  • Sabah

                    No need to get personal Nusrat. Our emotions are our problem, we think and analyze with our hearts instead of our brains. Every person is entitled to their opinion. This is not a war-front. No need to get upset and angry. You have your point of view and you must accept that the others have their own views, ideas and opinions. Why are you creating gaps by stating people as paindoo, poor and etc etc? The day we bring the famous UNITY FAITH DISCIPLINE actually into our lives, is the day we’ll start moving in the right direction. It is irresponsible of you to categorize people in this manner where everyone has access to read whatever you state. Nobody wants to hear or in this case, read, anthing unfavorable about themselves. Stating such remarks will create groupings amongst us, the general public, and you dont realize that you are actually hurting other people who are not at all involved in this conversation that you are having with M Jamal. I was only reading Mr Warraich’s comments and to come accross your comments labelling your own people is unfair.

            • comeon dude! your effort is nice but the site isnt. . . and why the hell are you using socialengineguru.com? no support and plugins are opensource for it! if you are planning to use something diff, then build ur own!

              i can help you out as a team in it, if the project is still active!

          • Nusrat Rizvi

            The Jews win Nobel Prizes while Muslims cut throats and blow innocent people away.
            Which religion would you chose if you had the choice.
            Nusrat Rizvi
            1 Rowayton Court
            Rowayton Connecticut

            • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

              Nusrat, Jews (correction – Zionists) also cut throats and blow innocent people. Lots of documentary evidence to prove that. I am proud to be a Muslim and I suggest you change your name to like, Theodore Hertzl. I am sure Zionism will be happy to adopt people like you.

              Or maybe you are not Nusrat Rizvi at all. You are just a bloody Zionist. And stop using the name of Jews and Judaism. Jews are respectable people and Judaism is a peaceful religion. You are insulting Jews and Judaism too. Regarding Muslims cutting throats and blowing people I ask; Are they really Muslims?

              Who is Osama bin Laden? A horror caricature created by CIA and Zionists. He is still working for these guys to fulfill their agendas. So are these Taliban. The method of CIA and Zionists, create a mosnter, feed and support him, and at the right time destroy him so that the monster’s nation suffer. The same pattern was followed in case of that tyrant Saddam Hussain.

              Will the administrators please take heed of these blind individuals. They are simply propagating message of bias and hatred and misusing their gift of freedom of speech.

              • Which administration are you beacheesing for help, could it be half Sikh run and control Pakiland or Nigger/Muslim run US of A?

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                  Pakiland? Nigger? half-Sikh? Nusrat (or whoever you are) have some manners and decency. It is apparent that you hate everyone who is not your like, ie, all Pakistanis, Blacks and Sikhs.

                  No wonder the Jews also have outcasted the likes of you. Shame on you and shame on your parents who have taught you nothing but to hate everything that is different from you.

                  May Lord have Mercy on your pathetic soul.

                  • Pakiland? Nigger? half-Sikh? Nusrat (or whoever you are) have some manners and decency. It is apparent that you hate everyone who is not your like, ie, all Pakistanis, Blacks and Sikhs.

                    Wrong again, I have lots of respect for Sikhs who even though not many in number but were able to rule all of Mostly Muslim Punjab for over 100 years. Not one Punjabi would admit that in his veins he has lot more Sikh blood than Afghan or Irani.
                    I call Obama a black simian, Bush a complete idiot and Reagan to me was an out an out Pimp.
                    I say this because I have freedom to say what I please, this is not an Islamic country you understand.
                    Your assumption that Jews have ditched me is as smart as rest of your other prognoses.

                    No wonder the Jews also have outcasted the likes of you. Shame on you and shame on your parents who have taught you nothing but to hate everything that is different from you.

                    May Lord have Mercy on your pathetic soul.

                    I have pathetic soul whereas Allah is waiting to award you 72 virgins the minute you leave this world.
                    Brilliant thinking, I am sure most half Sikhs think like you especially when they are denied
                    a US visa.

                    • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                      I dont expect to get 72 virgins Nusrat. I dont need a US Visa for the record. And yes your soul is pathetic. All you know is hate, hate and hate and give senseless uneducated arguments, wasting your time and others time as well.

                      I am a Muslim Nusrat and am proud of it and declare it openly. What religion by the way do you follow? I am sure you are a non-muslim but it wont hurt if you declare you religion to others. Or are you simply a big coward and trying to hide your religion too?

                    • I dont expect to get 72 virgins Nusrat. I dont need a US Visa for the record. And yes your soul is pathetic. All you know is hate, hate and hate and give senseless uneducated arguments, wasting your time and others time as well.

                      I am a Muslim Nusrat and am proud of it and declare it openly. What religion by the way do you follow? I am sure you are a non-muslim but it wont hurt if you declare you religion to others. Or are you simply a big coward and trying to hide your religion too?

                      I offer uneducated senseless arguments?
                      Would you mind listing lies in my posts so that world can see I am a faker. But since you have offer no proof that I lie, it seems obvious that I am hated for speaking the truth

                    • Jenn

                      You really do take the cake for stupidity, Nussrat!

            • Cme

              who the hell was Mr. Nobel??? The Holocaust museum in Berlin has a card in the museum stating that Alfred Nobel was of Jewish descent. He was a Swedish but a JEWISH DESCENT……. so naturally Jews win Nobel Prizes… BIG Deal….
              As far as we are concern we’ll choose to be Muslims if we have millions or choices…..
              as you say “Muslims cut throats and blow innocent people” then what are Jews doing in Philistine??? and what USA is doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan….
              What you people do to Muslims is not terrorism but if a Muslim retaliate back he is a terrorist, he is blowing innocent people!!! this is another one of your hypocrisy..

              • Did you do any research on Mr. Nobels heritage or are you relying on gossip posted here by another half Sikh like yourself?

                • Cme

                  Nusrat you are pathetic and your heart is filled with hatred. People like you are ________ for mankind. What I’m talking here is based on pure research but no point arguing you because people like you have only one purpose “to create chaos and spread hatred”…. By the way you completely skip my questions… and FYI I’m not half Sikh or Punjabi I’m a Muslim and Pakistani and Proud to be one…….

                  • Nusrat you are pathetic and your heart is filled with hatred. People like you are ________ for mankind. What I’m talking here is based on pure research but no point arguing you because people like you have only one purpose “to create chaos and spread hatred”…. By the way you completely skip my questions… and FYI I’m not half Sikh or Punjabi I’m a Muslim and Pakistani and Proud to be one…….

                    If your earlier posting was based on research, you should have no trouble furnishing refrences used to make your aseertions. Since you offer no
                    proof of how you arrive at your conclusions only can only assume you no basis to support your claim.
                    BTW, Bengalis were also Pakistanis and Muslims but this did not save them by being butchered by Punjabis by the millions.
                    I do believe you hate me but hatred is based not on my lying but speaking the truth.

              • Musso

                Infact you Zonist (Nusrat) created this Muslim Terrorist for your own benefit.

          • shaheer

            are you serious? google is publicly traded.

          • Google is a publicly traded company which means your Arab masters can buy the stock and get control of 51% shares and do as they please. But Arabs would rather spend their money on buying 8 yr old virgins from India than do anything construnctive with theiroil money.

            • you’re getting off the point.

              JEWS also kill innocents and blow their heads :)

              its shame shame!

    • Abu Bakr Rizvi

      so what does that mean?

      it means they are biased…ofcourse.

      what are the pious muslims supposed to do…simply delete their accounts and avoid FaceBook and let the not so pious ones access it.

      everyone has double standards. if FaceBook was owned by Pakistanis then they would have allowed holocaust denial, anti-israel pages on it but deleted Blasphemic content at the first instant.

      everyone has their own taboos. why do Muslims DEMAND others to respect their taboos? we are not entitled to anything.

      we muslims are much less tolerant to free speech by the way. blasphemy is punishable by death in muslims countries whereas hate speech of any kind or holocaust denial will (only in some european countries) will get you a few months in the big house at the most.

      • Saud

        Agree to an extent , however free speech and hate speech are not the same – free speech != say whatever you want.

  • I think we all already know that Facebook is run by bunch of kids who believe in racism, hate speech, selling private information to make money etc.

    There is an interesting read by Giz on how immature and childish Mark and Facebook has played since the times it was created and ten reasons why you should quit using it: http://gizmodo.com/5530178/top-ten-reasons-you-should-quit-facebook

    Without a doubt, Facebook can’t win in long run. If it’s biased, one way or another it’s going to hurt the sentiments of other nations and religions too (kids tend to repeat the behavior).

    It’s fine if you like to quit FB forever for the reason that they don’t care about us. but For all those who think we caused a lot of revenue loss to FB, we didn’t. Pakistanis constitute 0.5 percent of FB traffic (2 mil out of 400 mil users) and the eCPM from Pak is probably 10 times less than eCPM at states hence we caused them around 0.05 percent revenue loss. Pretty much, eh?

    • Jawad Khan

      i agree it isnt that much but at least we have sown them our response..we haven’t kept quiet..

  • Bilal


  • Good effort to bring out the truth more clearly for everybody! Permanent ban is the only solution to this bloody discrimination plateform!

  • yeah . i’m totally agreed with Hamad’s Comment.


    Hey guys, read the write up on this link plz
    This is very relevant to the article above and the best write up I have ever seen on the irresponsible concept of “freedom of speech”.

    • kate

      I live in the US so this isn’t relevent to me. Denying the holocaust is no more illegal than denying slavery. People don’t go around making fun of killing Muslims either but it’s not illegal unless you threaten to kill people.
      The biggest hypocrasy is the page that I am writing on right now. They censor it heavily and will not allow you to talk about Muslims the way they talk about Jews. They are worse then fb when it comes to hypocrasy

      • Khan

        Sorry Kate but you are o so very wrong, no one is censoring this page, everyone is writing to the topic. If there was a censor your comment wouldn’t be on here !

        The article is NOT against Jews, if you think otherwise then you don’t understand the article at all

        I am supposing you just find it very difficult to grasp the truth in the article which is hypocrisy on a grand global level and its out in the sunlight for everyone to see except those who choose to be blind.

        • Saad Warraich


          Like Khan pointed out, its not about Muslims or Jews, this is primnarily about being the advocates of free speech and then denying others’ right to it.

          • jane

            Saad- you very intentional fail to grasp something. You complain that starting a page dedicated to Hitler is not something facebook allows. They also don’t allow a facebook page dedicated to Milosevic, whom MUSLIMS accused to genocide. So your suggestion facebook is unfair to Muslims is unwarrented.
            Furthermore, I constantly find in the Islamic media, including Pakistan, people saying offensive things against Jews or the west, but they would not allow westerners or Jews to say things that are considered hate speech to Muslims.
            Facebook is LESS hypocritical then the Islamic media. Why can’t you face that?

            • FB does not allow Hitler, it does not allow Milosovec, it does not allow Gandhi, Obama … and there was a page on FB with more than 60 thousand “likes” and thousands of comments (lived much longer than saads page) that qualify as insults in our hemisphere but not in yours. So that brings us to the canonical issue …

              Jane – you failed to grasp the very essence; your idea of “freedom of whatever” is not incumbant upon us, not in the absolute sense or relative.

              Muslims have never and still do not believe in absolute freedom of everything. The modern liberalist mind also does not, despite their belief that they do. There is always a limit to freedom, no body has ever proved (intellectually) non-existence of limits. That’s a topic beyond the scope of this post, so I suffice.

              As for saying offensive things against Jews or the west:

              You find those offensive? Really? That’s your idea of freedom of expression? If that’s the case then we are at par, we find your expressions offensive too.

              On the other hand, show me a single instance of hate speech, issued by a Muslim source insulting Prophets/Gods of Jews/Christians.

              And please let’s not delve into the topic of “media hypocracy”

              • Khan

                Bravo! who ever wrote this comment

              • Since Muslims believe all Jewish prophets to be true and rightful messengers from Allah, it is most disingenious to ask for any Muslim attacking old Jewish Prophets.
                Be that as it may, no minority has ever lived with Muslim in peace. Even today the Christian in Egypt, the Hindus in both Bengladesh and Pakistan
                Behais in Iran and dozens of other minorities in Muslim countries fare conditions which any civilized person would find appalling.

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                  Yeah and what about Muslims in India, Myanmar and Thailand. Nusrat (or whoever you are) please come to rationality and not go around spreading your gobbledegook.

                  Minorities everywhere have problems and its not unique to Muslim countries. The problem does not lie in religion, but the problem lies in some fanatics (you included) who interpret religion for their own twisted agendas.

                  • Yeah and what about Muslims in India, Myanmar and Thailand. Nusrat (or whoever you are) please come to rationality and not go around spreading your gobbledegook.

                    In India it is the Hindu majority that has problem with Muslims not te other way around.
                    Never heard of Muslims in Mynamar or Thailand.
                    All other countries on palnent Earth have problems only with Muslims and no ther religion.

                    Minorities everywhere have problems and its not unique to Muslim countries. The problem does not lie in religion, but the problem lies in some fanatics (you included) who interpret religion for their own twisted agendas.
                    There are lots of Catholics in the UK or Germany
                    Switzerland where they are a minority. I have never heard of anyone having problems with followers of Pope in any country. If you have information if any nation is having problems with say, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists please let me know.

            • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

              Dear Jane, thanks for your feedback. My reply is not only to you but also to my Muslim brothers. “Freedom of speech” is indeed a gift and a blessing and so is “power”.

              If used in the right direction, “freedom” and “power” results in peace and respectful coexistence.

              “Freedom without responsibility results in chaos. Power without accountability results in destruction”.

              And it is exactly these dilemmas that we find humanity is suffering from. There is chaos and destruction in almost every direction you see. (It apparently seems this way).

              Now coming to the point. I believe in freedom of speech, but if my freedom of speech spreads hatred and contempt within mankind, then it is detestable. I believe in power, but if my power results in the destruction of humanity around me, then its a curse and not a blessing.

              Freedom and power are akin to fire. Use it within limits and it gives you and others benefits. Use it irresponsibly, and it destroys you and everything around you.

              I stand against every type of hate speech, racism etc, whether by West(typically meaning Christians and Jews) or by my own Muslim brothers.

              My religion does not believe in hatred, it is the religion of love and compassion to all irrespective of anybody’s religious affiliations, ethnic background or cultural mindset.

              Unfortunately, most of the Jews do not practice Judaism, most of the Christians are unaware of their own religion and this equally applies to Muslims as well and equally to every religious group.

              I personally do not blame any religion just because its adherents have committed atrocities against humanities.

              Judaism is not to blame for what Israeli military is doing to the Palestinians. Christianity is not to blame for what American military is doing in Iraq. Islam is not to blame for what some misguided zealots did in Mumbai. Hinduism is not to blame for what the Hindu militias did to Muslims in Gujrat. Buddhism is not to blame for what the Sri Lankan military did to Tamil civilians and so on.

              My point, no religion preaches hatred or destruction of humanity. If adherents to any religion preach such thing as “chosen people”, “whites-black”, “Arabs-nonArabs” etc, then such people have nothing to do with their religion.

              So in the end Jane, my appeal not only to you but also to my Muslim brothers is that do not misuse freedom of speech and do not misuse power. Let us all get together from around the world and spread the message of love, which is the string that holds all the humanity together.

              Let us not misuse our freedom of speech to hurt others. Let us not use our power to cause destruction. I invite all the like-minded people to get together and use these gifts to spread the message of love, respect and mutual co-existence.

              May the Peace and Blessings of God be upon all of us. May we all live in Peace. May we all die in Peace. Ameen.

              • H

                very well written i really like ur thought process because it matches my own sentiments that no religion is bad and people are to be blamed not heir religion or the country they are from but unfortunately this is the norm now and i wish like minded people would come to one platform without nationalities or religion coming in between just mutual respect and love for each other as human beings

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                  Thanks H. In the words of late Sir Winston Churchill, “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing

              • nsw

                Awesome post my man, Muhammad Jamal Maqsood!!!
                The best comment out here by far! :)

                • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood


            • sana khattak

              but jane, tell me honestly, do you really approve of the presence of the page”everybody draw mohammad day” on facebook? you think its right to make such a page?

            • Dear Jane, The half Sikhs posting their jibbersih
              will never admit that it was the Chief Child-Molester himself who hated the Jews and said so in most of his rantings.
              The brainless Muslims have learned a bit of PR since and now with new sophistication refer to the Jews as Zionist, but we know better.
              Do not take anything these brainless 1.2 billion
              followers of deranged prophet say. Almost all of them are diseased, starved, illiterate masses kept alive on handouts from Western World.
              BTW, Hundreds of them die daily to reach the Western shores for a better life even if they have to eat pork, drink alcohol or get exposed to porn.

          • jane

            Saad- you said “this is primnarily about being the advocates of free speech and then denying others’ right to it.”
            YOU are denying me the right to question the Prophet Mohammad exists. In your essay you claimed there is no proof the Holocaust happened. That is called Holocaust denial.
            So why did you delete my post questioning whether the Prophet MOhammad happened?
            If the Islamic press allows for Holocaust denial in the name of fairness stop censoring people who don’t belive the Prophet Mohammad existed or was a good person

            • khan


              who stopped you ore who can stop you if such question comes in your mind.you can ask questions to get to your answers.

              Its your basic right to ask question but the intention should be to find the answers ,to get to the truth.(Respecting other peoples beliefs and thinkings specially religious beliefs,if you belief in the concept of mutual respect)

              But before claiming a right just think have you respected the same right if someone asks you similar questions ,did you give them respect?

              Now you are claiming a right which you have not given to others.You want to target someones personality by unfair use of freedom of speech.

              If a person says “jews are [email protected] ,and a menace on earth they should be killed”

              its his/her freedom of speech ,these are his/her views ,but i cannot support him on it because its not good to say such words for anyone.

              there will be a problem when i call a wrong act ,right.When i am asked and i do not condemn and instead i support such action then it will create hate and discrimination.

              just as everyone has a free will, exercising that right he/she can cut an apple but cutting someones arms(e.g) are not allowed.(Reason your free will is creating trouble for others/you are now interfering others rights).

              same is the case with freedom of expression you are free to express your feelings ideas questions but you should not hurt others people feelings beliefs.

            • Nusrat Rizvi

              No point in argueing with Muslims, they do not think like the rest of humanity.
              In every Islamic country Osama Bin Laden remains a great hero yet not many know or care that first 150 victims of his atrocity of 9/11 were Bengladeshi Muslims who went to work in the kitchen of the restaurant at the top floor of the One World Center building. But then Bengali life has been cheap from the very start when the half Sikh Punjabi army of Pakistan slaughtered 3.5 million of them during their war of independence back in 1971.

              • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

                Dear Nusrat or whoever you are. Greetings and Peace.

                I am Pakistani Muslim and am proud of it. Osama bin Ladin is not my hero and life of every individual, regardless of his religion, gender, caste and nationality is dear to me.

                People like me are in a majority but unfortunately most of us are a silent majority. I have taken up the net as a source to voice my concerns and ideas with a hope that one day, this “silent majority” will speak up.

                You would be surprised that thousands of us condemn and abhor the atrocities committed by my Army on the Bengalis. We detest it and wish it never happened.

                Then to put a historical mistake you committed, our army is not “Sikh”. It seems you belong to another religion and nationality but using an apparently Muslim name.

                This however is not my concern.

                I personally am not responsible for any atrocity committed by anyone against anyone and I condemn these acts in strongest possible sense.

                The same sentiments are carried by a vast majority across the globe.

                You would be surprised that Israeli citizens in majority (the silent one ie) support peace and are against the atrocities committed by the IDF on the Palestinians.

                They have people like Yuri Avnery who support peace and a two-state solution for the region and he has my full support.

                My point. Its useless to discuss who did what against whom, as it will only nurture further hatred, misunderstanding and misconceptions. Look to the future. Dont get stereotyped.

                We all are Children of Adam and Adam was created from dust. From dust was our creation and to dust we all shall return.

                I hope the message stands loud clear.

                Peace and Blessings of God be upon you and all of us. Ameen.

          • Rana

            fahad … why dont u sue FB on this dual standard … to any sensible person ur case is 100% logical and right …

      • Fawad Kiani

        Hi Kate

        For me it’s the way you phrase your comment that says it all, I quote, “I live in the US so this isn’t relevent to me”. It’s hard waking up to and accepting what’s really going on when we’ve been blind, deaf, dumb and brainwashed since birth.

      • What a splendour – making fun of killing Muslims is not illegal! Right you are – it’s immoral.

        I want to commend you for that by ripping open your belly, pouring gunpowder and igniting you, O’ fair lady, in the manner the Hindus did some Muslim women in Gujrat riots :)

        Terrible joke, but I enjoyed making fun. By God I didn’t mean it, so it’s not illegal? immoral?

        Oh and where and when did you find a caricature Moses/Jesus (pbut) campaign?

        You have grudges for Muslims, go ahead, call them hypocrites (you just did). Call them liars, loosers, terrorists, etc. – every possible abuse that you can think of, and give them the right to return the favor.

        But dont drag their most coveted and sacred personalities into affairs. If you dont mind even scandalizing your gods then thats your problem – not ours.

  • why not we make our own facebook for pakistan and for muslims


    • Abdul

      we the students of FAST lahore campus, we made our own social network, the name of the website is “life”


      Do visit and signe up as its purely made by we pakistanies. your suggestions are more than welcome. you can respond on the “LIFE” contact center as well

      • Saad Warraich

        Great initiative, I hope its active soon.

      • Dear Abdul bhai, I respect your cause and do have good wishes for your social network.
        But I personally beleive that its the time to connect all the MUSLIMS of the world on a global network.
        We know Pakistan is made under kalma “LA ILAHA ILLAL LA”. This should not meant that only pakistanis are the REAL-MUSLIMS of the world.
        So If anyone wants to connect all the muslim brethern for the spreading of Islam and for the unity of Muslims, then he should not speak of caste(maslak), country, language etc.

        Allama Iqbal also said this earlier:
        یوں تو سید بھی ہو ، مرزا بھی ، افغان بھی ہو
        تم سبھی کچھ ہو ، بتاؤ تو مسلمان بھی ہو

      • Adeel Ansari

        Indeed a bad idea. Why we need an evil of our own. See the cartoonish image of a girl in a sleeveless. And you think its pakistani portal, and for muslims. C’mon.

        Please stop entertaining yourself. Do something constructive. As the proverb goes, “Everything is good if ends good”. And I am damn sure its not gonna end anywhere near good.

        “I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

        Live in this world for the hereafter. You don’t need any virtual world, like Facebook, to exist.

    • I don’t think that’s the right attitude, but I do say that’s the right direction.

      We are not going to improve anything globally by making another something that’s just for Muslims, the way they have devices that are just for their satisfaction. That would only harbor enemity, prejudice and is certainly not the way of our elders.

      The crux of the divide between Muslims and the rest of the world on issues like these is that they are not on the same page in terms of understanding the essense of freedom and human values. If you don’t mind my saying, they are too materialistic and we are too spiritualistic.

      Put another way, they emphasize freedom, we want balance (Adal, loosly translated as justice). Balance has a notion of simultaneous limits and freedom.

      The sad reality is that no consensus is possible, intellectually or otherwise, save the sword that has always been the deciding factor, but let’s not talk about the crusades, at least not yet.

      It would be much much helpful if the whole world without discrimination is given a device like FB that would, initially be an experiment, but gradually evolve into an alternate ** standard of freedom ** equally enjoyable by all. Humans must never be deprived of their right to reason and criticize but they must be cultivated and given a “balanced” way of proceeding in peace.

      After all, if nothing else works out, we will have a decent alternative.

      In short, the world needs “Alternate Standards Of Freedom,” Muslims need those badly!

  • Finally they proved that they are non-Muslims and give Muslim an other reason to proud on religion Islam

    • Saad Saleem

      well said, this concludes all

  • Imran Khan

    They all do this to aggravate our emotions as they know our love towards Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). But also i am sorry to say i met many ppl around us who are dying to wait that when will facebook come up again and they can send scraps n other useless thing to their contacts.

    For those who love facebook more than the One who is loved by Allah i can only pray for them to get back to righteous path. For those who love the Prophet (PBUH) be calm and send more Darood Sharif to HIM and wait as Allah said in Quran ” Inna shaniaka howal abtar” bayshak tumhara dushman abtar aur bay nam-o-nishan rahay ga”. Allah will never do any oppsites to His promises to his Habib (PBUH). Mustafa Jan-e-Rehmat pay lakhoon karoroon Darood o Salam. ( May Allah forgive me to write this ayat in lanuguage other than Quran).

    • Inam Illahi

      You are right. There are many idiots who want to play games on facebook, saying that their Farms and fishes will be ruined!! What bunch of idiots!!

    • Kashif Minhas

      Inshallah “Inna Shaniaka Howal Abtar”. Inshallah

    • ss

      no one said it better than u Imran, although that was in their minds :)

  • you are facing this now, but i have faced it 2 years ago. i already know freedom of speech is against ISLAM because Zionists are using it that way. my page was blocked when i argued with an Christian father that Bible was re-written.

  • محمداسد

    دراصل فیس بک کے اسی دوغلے پن نے ہمیں اس کا بائیکااٹ کرنے اور پابندی کے عدالتی فیصلہ کی حمایت نے مجبور کیا۔ حقیقت سے پردہ اٹھانے پر سعد وڑائچ کا شکریہ۔

    • ss

      yup, i wished the boycott would be permanent, not just for 10 days

  • Syed

    Grt article! Before tat I ws hanging in whter to deactivate my accnt frm fb or not.. But nw nothing to wait for m gnna deactivate tis for forevr …

    I can live witout it….

  • Hell with the facebook and its maker, they are ugly ____!

    But Please spread the word about Atta abad Lake, Hunza Valley. Only 8 ft left and over 250km of areas will be drowned. The government isnt giving relief because they WANT this disaster to happen, so they collect relief funds in Billions from other countries to fill their pockets.

    The whole nation has been plotted to divert towards facebook issue so that NO RALLY IN FAVOR OF HUNZA PEOPLE CAN BE ORGANIZED. Wake Up you All, no one is circulating this most critical national issue We are being PLAYED! All have factless theories

    [Comment Edited]

    • AA

      whats the situation now? is someone taking any step?? agha khan???? let us know if there is anything we can do.

      From USA

    • Ibrar

      You are 100 % right, we people always find these kinds of shits and waste our time. I am 39 now. I guessed in 1990 that Pakistan is going to decline day by day because of our corrupt leaders and dishonest politicians. Everybody is coming turn by turn and looting Pakistan. And you can compare the circumstances which happened since 1990-2010. What we have earned ? No Security, No Employment, No Electricity, No Flour, No Sugar, Load shedding etc.
      Terrorism Yes, Crimes Yes, Rape Yes, Bloodshed Yes, Corruption Yes, Unlawfulness Yes Etc.

      On which we are going ? Isn’t a huge disaster is going to happen ?

      We have awake all at once because there is no time left.



      A sincere Pakistani

  • Hassan Nasir

    Same here, i was also thinking for deleting my FB account but i was waiting for any response from Facebook but now its confirmed they’re worthless. And i permanently deleted my account for ever.
    Here is a guide for people who want to permanently delete their FB accounts : http://www.groovypost.com/howto/security/permanently-delete-your-facebook-profile-account/

    • I want to delete my facebook account forever..How I can delete My Facebook A/c as its not open in pakistan…

      • Ibrar

        Give me your ID and password, I will delete from here, I am abroad,



    • Fastian

      Kudos for Hassan Nasir(the idiot FASTIAN) for making idiotic abrupt decisions. I don’t remember you ever made any sane argument. Such a shame to FASTIANS

  • farhan

    they r losers facbook
    should banned forever
    china banned facebook since i thnk 2009
    and make there own social network

  • There were Muslims in Northern Africa and parts of Europe — Albania and Yugoslavia primarily — who protected Jews from the Axis forces. The Turkish ambassador to France (appointed just a few weeks before World War II began) saved thousands of Jews of Turkish origin from the Germans.

    You might not like that, but these are facts. To say the holocaust never occurred is a lie.

    Oh, and about eleven million people died in the German death camps; the ones that weren’t Jews were Gypsies, communists, prisoners, “undesirables” and such.

    • Saad Warraich

      I don’t think anyone here is saying that holocaust never occured. The fact is it may or may not have occured, it many or many not have claimed the lives of 6 million jewish people. The fact is that there is no proof that it occured and for this same reason no court ever takes up the issue becasue it can’t be backed by evidence.

      • jane

        Saad- there is 100% proof the Holocaust happened and 0% proof the Prophet Mohammad happened. Last time I posted this it was deleted. Please stop practicing hypocrasy. If you allow people to question the Holocaust on this page you need to allow people to say that maybe the Prophet Mohammad didn’t happen also. No dishonestly, please

        • Khan

          there is proof of the holocaust, maybe not 100% that exactly 6 million people passed away but

          comparing that to the Prophet of Islam and saying he [m.p.b.u.h] wasn’t here makes you look really foolish and you know as the saying goes

          ‘the best way to convince a fool is to let her have her way’

          if the sun is shining and you deny the existence of the sun then you have big problems

          • Ibrar

            Right answer .

        • khan125


          If holocaust happened then why you don’t allow it to be discussed??????????????

          If such brutality happened then it should have been open to all people to have research on it and learn something from this event which resulted in the birth of Israel.

          As far as your comment about Prophet mohammad s.a.w is concerned i think its based on hatred rather than any logic.

          If our personal hate and liking overcomes the laws and principles then we can only create discrimination.

          If we do not talk on the bases of facts and accepted principles and realities then statements which are unjust and hurt peoples feeling are going to come out of our mouths.

          such statements will be more like childish/foolish statements.like some one says moon does not exist or the sun does not exist in his/her hatred against moon or the sun.I can only fell sorry for such statement.

          the go ahead start conferences on the following topics.Lets do some practical work instead of writing words.

          1-Did Holocaust ever happened ,myths and facts (venue Europe)

          2-Who was Mohammad s.a.w and what were his teachings,what modern science says about teachings of Mohammad s.a.w.(venue anywhere you want)

          participants will be

          1-those who say holocaust is reality and those who say its only a myth.

          2-those who say Mohammad s.a.w is not a prophet ,his teachings contain scientific errors and those who say Mohammad s.a.w is a prophet and his teachings are absolute truth which is well explained by science.

          you arrange (1) and i will arrange (2) lets see who is right and who is wrong ,we can see it in a more educated manner.

          • Ibrar


            Holocaust happened many times and our religion Islam was always against it so are the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

            Islam doesn’t allow bloodshed of civilians in any way, If you are able to read Islamic History, you’ll find true examples left by our Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. that how he treated with the civilians and POW’s.

            I personally feel sorry for what happened but it was past, we have to thing positive for our present and future. You have a belief in your religion so do we.



        • This comment is really funny. A little goggling will prove that facts are actually the opposite. As for the happening or not happening of Mohsmmad (pbuh), actually he is the only prophet about whom there are solid proofs, otherwise there is no proof about any other prophet, and we know their existence only thanks to the holy scriptures.

          Also, great scholars of the West, who were not Muslim, have admitted all the goodness of Mohammad (pbuh), for references see my page at facebook: True Image of Mohammad (pbuh)

  • Aamir

    Even my account was disabled. Got the same mail. I am using fb since 2008. All contacts, messages etc were gone. No obvious reason.
    User name: Aamir Ali
    Dow University of Health Sciences

  • SHAH

    hats off to you mate…

  • They have separate rules and regulations for Muslims .They are biased and why we should expect anything good from them?
    We have lots of talent in our country regarding Web Developers and they can make social sites and are capable of.But the main problem is finance if Govt or any other big industries supports them then we can have our own social sites.
    Iam myself a web developer and i know how much hard work is needed to make such sites including finance.
    Don’t join any site which uses nulled scripts because u can risk your personal data.

    • kate

      If they have seperate rules for Muslims why are fb groups supporting Milosevic or genocide against Muslims banned?? Have you never noticed that?

      • Khan

        They may not have separate rules but the above article highlights that hypocrisy is absolutely evident..

        “We do not tolerate hate speech. Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion…” FB

        which part in the above sentence do you not understand Kate ??? do you need an Urdu translation ?

        when you make pages on our Prophet [m.p.b.u.h] you are targeting us and our religion. If the above sentence is FB policy why do they allow such content ?

        • aniya warraich

          dear kate,

          i guess you have no idea what are fb’s policies..no group that is against islam has been so far banned..just as an eye wash, they hid the link for many groups a bunch of muslims reported against..and then after two days the gruops were there..one such example is the biggest “ban islam” group. where you can find unlimited filth spewed against us, our religion and our BELOVED PROPHET..FB can ban muslims for even defending their religion on such groups, but never will ban those who are responsible for creating this mistrust amongst different religions of the world..especially hate speeches!!

          and this is my personal experience…it has been a year, since i have been reporting such groups with my friends…FB is hopless..i wonder how can you claim that they have banned any group in support of the muslims!!!

  • As-Salāmu `Alaykum

    Thank you for bring this up. This is unfair and an outrage. I agree with you 100% that all religion is stupid and a detriment to humanity.

    I raise a toast to science and the end of religious persecution through the end of religion itself.

    • Khan

      thank you for your comment, its nice to see despite all odds you are standing up and living in your own delusion,

      A toast please to honor your deluded state which will take you straight to the glory of the burning fire which you so earnestly seek-i am sure, once in the fire you will reach new levels of science & technology that no one living has yet experienced ..and yes it will be the end of everything ..

      [May God guide you and save you ..Amen]

      • His delusion is worse than his wildest fancy.

        Per the scientific yardstick, “all religion is stupid and a detriment to humanity,” is the most un-scientific proposition. It’s a new religion!!!! I must say your choice of nick is very apt, even though coincidently.

        That’s the beauty of science, it endeavours to be dogmatic and ridicule every other dogma, especially religion. It’s saving grace is that it’s pargmatic too.

        Well Mr Prophet, if you can give me a ** scientific ** proof that all religion is stupid, I may give you my 2 cents.

        Otherwise, stop being a Prophet!

      • ss

        good work Khan, keep it up.

    • Fastian

      ThankYou Prophet. Like I always say, the religion (any religion) is the biggest evil in the world.

  • sharmin


  • ak khan

    thank you … i will spread this article ..

  • sharmin

    ‘Already has He sent you Word in the Book, that when ye hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if ye did, ye would be like them. For Allah will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith – all in Hell:-‘

    4:140 (Y. Ali)

    • casefile101

      KUDOS to you, for showing us this translation. It was needed. thanks :)

  • Shaheer

    There’s no “religion” in their ToS.

    Oh – and you may want to read on http://techcrunch.com/2009/05/10/jew-haters-welcome-at-facebook-as-long-as-they-arent-lactating/ as well.

    And you could take them up to task for deleting your account. They’ve done something which they are unable to back up with substantial proof. And as of May 23rd, their ToS does NOT speak anything of religion, but it does say:

    You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

    No mention of “ethnicity” in their ToS either.

    You’ve got yourself an established case to challenge Facebook. Clearly, Facebook’s fouled.

    • kate

      I got my fb pages taken down for talking about Muslims the same way the moderator talks about Jews.
      I started a page just like his but about Muslims. It was taken down immediately. If you don’t believe me start a page encouraging people to ridicule killing Muslims or enslaving black people. It will be gone in no time. No pro-Jew double standard exists.

      • Khan

        You obviously either have not read the article or you’re just reading comments and trying to nullify them

        The article is pointing out that FB has a double standard in what they say and what they do; the author gives an example of replies he received from FB and then compares them with how a anti muslim page went up and caused such disturbances around the world.

        Freedom my dear has its limits. We have a saying that your freedom stops where the boundaries of my nose start.. so do what you want but not in my boundaries.

        To you in the U.S maybe freedom means do anything & everything; you have no limits as such and your social set up show it. In the near future you will be a society of people who walk around naked because you feel like it..so go ahead but not in my backyard

        i do NOT wish to start a war of words here, i usually don’t post like this and may not be back here to check so i rest my case.

      • Kate, I do understand what you’re saying. Creating a page that suggests killing either an individual or an entire community/race is indeed unethical and something that Facebook doesn’t let you do.

        It is in the same way, that people on the “Draw Mohammad” page draw pictures depicting the Prophet Mohammad as a terrorist – a person who kills and terrorizes. Do you think it’s the right way to go? Do you think its fair to show a highly-respected personality to be shown as a Killer?

        Its just that any act depicting violence of any kind should be banned from facebook. There are billions of peace-loving Muslims around the world. The tiny few lunatics who have nothing to do with Islam but only claim to be Islamic saviors do stupid things – but they do NOT represent Islam. People should create groups against these fanatics that spread hatred, not the Prophet – who always talked of peace and not war as far as documented facts are concerned.

        Hence Facebook got it wrong by allowing this group to flourish and continue.

  • jkee


  • مجھے کوئی اعتراض نہیں کوئی اپنی غلیظ ذہنیت کا اظہار فیس بک پر کوئی صفحہ بنانے پر کرے لیکن اس وقت میں شدید تحفظات کا اظہار کروں گا جب فیس بک جیسی مشہور سائٹ کی انتظامیہ اس غلاظت بھرے صفحے کا دفاع کرے اور اپنے لاکھوں بلکہ کروڑوں صارفین کی خواہشات کا احترام نہ کرے۔ اس کے مقابلے میں وہ ہولوکاسٹ اور یہودی مخالف پیغامات اور صفحات کو حذف کرے اور یہودیوں کی خواہشات کا احترام کرے۔
    اس دوغلی پالیسی کے باعث ہر عقل رکھنے والے فرد کو فیس بک کی مخالفت کرنی چاہیے۔ اس وقت تک جب تک کہ وہ اپنی پالیسی میں تبدیلی نہ کرے۔

  • ((We do not tolerate hate speech. Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or disease is a serious violation of our standards and has resulted in the permanent loss of your account.)) BUT THEY ARE VOILATING THERE OWN T.O.S :)

    • kate

      So are you! Muslims allow tons of hate speech as long as it’s not about them

      • Khan

        look Kate there are people who will allow horrible things to happen [George Bush & Bush II nd] .. this does NOT mean you look at their faith and blame it on the whole people..

        when Mohammad Ali [U.S Boxer] went to visit the 9/11 site after the attacks a reporter asked him: ‘how do you feel about sharing the same faith as those accused of doing this crime?’ his reply ‘how do you feel about sharing the same as Hitler’s” !

        Islam does NOT allow hate speech, its actually sinful to engage in as it leads to more hate and maybe even violence. If there are Muslims who allow it, they are wrong.

      • Masuda

        Kate … give us a break!

      • Fahad

        actually most of us font….check your info before posting a comment….half of us dont even bother speaking ill of other religions or anyone… we dont have the time or the spite to do that

  • Mansoor

    Can someone upload this FACT onto youtube, for the world to know ?

  • DarthVader


    I checked their ToS on 19th May, just as the initial ban was about to be put on facebook in Pakistan and it read the same:
    “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.”

  • Bhai i m Gona Launch A Social Network Website
    Plz Help me and support me and Advise me

  • rida

    i guess no one’s yet noticed what this mr. had too say!
    wonder who’s he thanking?!

    Prophet says:
    May 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    As-Salāmu `Alaykum

    Thank you for bring this up. This is unfair and an outrage. I agree with you 100% that all religion is stupid and a detriment to humanity.

    I raise a toast to science and the end of religious persecution through the end of religion itself.

    • ahad mir

      gg bilkul rida g ap ne bikul theek kaha ha

  • rida

    n the irony is, facebook says its considering taking legal action against Pakistan govt. for the ban!!
    are all the blondes running facebook?

    • Masuda

      lolxx .. facebook and its sense of humor :D

    • Now that’s a racist comment against Blondes!

  • Salman

    I was against the ban but after reading this article I am 100% in favour of the ban.

    Facebook should be banned for life!!!

    If they dont understand the Muslim sentiment then they should be banned.

    I am proud that Pakistan was the ONLY country in the world which had the courage to stand up and say NO!

  • Salman

    I also salute this forum for bringing such an important issue to us.

  • People who are expecting a response, *positive attitude* or even an explanation from facebook for such wide open declared discrimination, they probably are living in fools paradise!

  • Keith


    There’s a big difference between “blasphemous” cartoons that might offend you, but leave you to go on with your lives in peace and “hate speech” that encourages violence and does NOT leave you to go in peace.

    You got banned for “supporting” a violent, criminal regime. I don’t believe you would get banned for posting blasphemous cartoons about Jesus.

    Let’s compare like with like rather than develop paranoid psychoses!

    • Aizaz

      Hey have you read their terms and conditions… so if that so WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT

      We do not tolerate hate speech. Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or disease is a serious violation of our standards and has resulted in the permanent loss of your account.

    • Adam Ali

      @ Keith:

      “Blasphemous cartoons might offend but leave you to go on with your lives in peace…”

      What is the source of above statement?… As per our belief we can’t ensure peace without respecting religious beliefs of other humans…

      For you, holocaust denial or giving hate speech for a certain ethinicity could be the worst of all but for us making fun of God and prophets is worst then anything.

      I can find peace if you make fun of me, my family, my ethinicity, my country but I can’t make peace with someone making fun of God or prophets.

      Everyone has priorities.. For you it might be “absolute” freedom of speech but for us its our God & prophet.

      Why do you people think that you have right to apply your own standards of peace to others? :-)

      • Khan

        well said Adam

      • Ahmad.

        Excellent reply Adam Ali. Very well put.

    • Ahmed

      @ Keith,

      Why are the T.O.S there?
      You are “supporting” a violent, criminal regime of US and Other allies, who are involved in the killing of millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Japan.
      and finally you are suggesting that we should come up with blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Jesus, how can this be possible as we Love Prophet Jesus like we love our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
      There are 1.5 billion Muslims that are hurt by this Blasphemy and F.B didn’t remove the page, but for only 5 million Jews, F.B. banned Saad’s account.
      shame on you and facebook for double standards..

      • Khan

        Ahmed, Jesus [son of Mary] [peace be upon them] was a blessed Prophet, we all love him. These people [like Keith NOT everyone]] don;t even know him

        These people don’t have a religion, if they have one then it doesn’t teach them respect..they don;t know respect.. they don’t even respect the womb that bore them, their mothers or their fathers. Just look at how they swear at each other, sheesh

        Its a society falling apart; no family no culture, just ‘freedom’to do what you want as you want, sex, drugs, rock’n roll [their TV portrays all of this] and their selfish notion that they are the best and everyone else is jealous of their way of life. lmao

    • jane

      You are right Keith. Try starting pages that praise Milosevic or the KKK. You are not allowed to post fan pages to Milosevic either because Muslims accused him of genocide

      • Khan

        some people when they can;t find an answer shy away and form a sub-topic ..

        who the hell is talking about milosevic or the kkk ? Is it anywhere in the article ? No ! we are talking about FB’s Terms of Service and how they go against their own terms whenever they so please.

    • Saad Warraich

      Keith I agree that these are two different things but the underlying issue is teh same – freedom of espression.

      Unfortunetaly when you say the two – blasphemous cartoons and supporting a criminal regine – can’t be compared you take on the role of a typical western mentality. I think they are very much comparable. You have to get out of your own point of view and see the larger picture. You aren’t really suggesting that Muslims shouldn’t mind this becasue you say so, or are you?
      If I support a violent regime then let’s examine why is it not acceptable. The regime doesn’t even exist today, so my support is not encouarging anyone. However what it is doing is its probably hurtign millions of people becuase they believe they suffered and I’m admiring the very thing that casued this suffering and this is the sole reason for criticism. Likewise, when these guys go on to ridcile Prophet, they hurt all the Muslims. I don’t really think that 1.2 billion Muslims will or should adopt your viewpoint that if you guys are ok with someone ridiculing your religion, we should allow that too. So stop imposing your ideas here.
      The fact that hundreds of millions of Muslims have made it very clear that they don not like such acts by the west is a reason enough for your guys to stop doing it!

      • Khan

        “I think they are very much comparable. You have to get out of your own point of view and see the larger picture. You aren’t really suggesting that Muslims shouldn’t mind this becasue you say so, or are you?
        If I support a violent regime then let’s examine why is it not acceptable. The regime doesn’t even exist today, so my support is not encouarging anyone. However what it is doing is its probably hurtign millions of people becuase they believe they suffered and I’m admiring the very thing that casued this suffering and this is the sole reason for criticism. Likewise, when these guys go on to ridcile Prophet, they hurt all the Muslims. I don’t really think that 1.2 billion Muslims will or should adopt your viewpoint that if you guys are ok with someone ridiculing your religion, we should allow that too.”

        -Brilliant Response

    • Fahad

      we can’t do that…we have faith in Jesus and the bible too along with jewish faith…. its part of our own faith…again u lot are ignoramuses…..u dont even know hwat oyu’re talking about…we wont make pics of Jesus like that…it goes against everything we beleive in

  • Muhammad Zahid Inam

    Using theirs platforms and then complaining with strikes. There was time when such virtual networking didn’t exist, that proves that we can live without this. Even if it is required, we should have ours own network.

    I remember such events also happened on orkut, and may happen on twitter or linked-in, the solution is to leave theirs platforms if you love Muhammad (PBUH) and develop yours own if that is necessary.

    Secondly, just strikes or shouting have no effect other than harming ourselves, just become an ABABEEL and be equipped with little stones and have steps to the field. If ours love with Muhammad (PBUH)is true to any degrees, Allah will make the stones as effective as bombs.

    Thirdly, we should not visit the page any way, not even to confirm its removal. Will you be able to live (or if yes, with what angle for life) after evidencing such a blasphemous pages.

    May Allah protect faith of all of us.

  • Hate Facebook & Facebookians.
    Ban fb forever

    • Abdul

      does ban is the solution.?…..why not you listen to your inner voice and remove it forever from your mind……just as evil exists every where but we have to protect ourselves from it…

  • muhammad ashfaq

    please write this page in urdu and launch it so that the people would be able to know about the dark face of bloody facebook

    every thing in my life starts with Allah and Muhammad (SAW) even my name is Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed
    I love u muhammad (SAW) and i hate, i hate i hate face book and shall never use it for the whole life.
    i wish that i would be able kill that women who is responsible for all.

  • aliaslam

    Any body Tell this to “Kamran khan” :X
    to close his mouth

  • Corporate Wars

    Closing down my FB account, as soon as i get an access..!!

  • zain baloch

    yes dear we all already know da truth abt facebook, i advice to every muslim do not use dis dirty website……….

  • Simply great article, the author has clearly unveiled the true face of facebook, the world knows who they are, what is their true agenda !! In fact I would love to see Pakistan banning facebook for good.

  • Ali

    I think above article should be published in leading news paper.

    Secondly, we should be given more chance to fight back on Facebook live just like Saad Mustafa did, instead of banning the entire site.

  • Mudassar Mehboob

    Indeed a great effort by Saad to unveil the ugly face of double faced facebook..

  • Talha

    Nice work – i would like to distribute this everywhere i can – I request your permission to send this artilce without any changes to local and international media companies (where ever i can)

  • Saad

    Good going Saad! I knew this reality exists and thanks for going thru the effort to prove it! Hats off! and btw, ur facebook login username email address may be hidden, but the same isnt done on the next screenshot which displays ur email address in whole :)

    • Asma

      Hi Saad,

      I just got late to get your email about Face Book.s real face..Anyway its late but not the end..

      I have published all of the facts on my FB acount,s wall..and offcource soon i will terminate my account as i get get to know that how to do it..it is my little step against FB action has been taken only against Muslims..lets see what they do..

      by the way..all discussions above were good enough..if anyone considers them(non Muslims)


      Asma Afreen, Islamabad

  • Well done My Brother . Can we join together to have our own Facebook for Muslims ?

    I can support fully technically . what other suggest ?



  • Adeel

    Very true. My own id had also been disabled by Facebook doing the same noble work.
    but my concern is the sleepiness of Muslim world. Every Muslim country does not seem to raise our voice against these so-called liberal countries.
    However one thing is commendable that Pakistan, once again led from the front and showed Muslim world that Pakistan is the Fort of Islam.
    I wonder why Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran have not banned Facebook in their countries. Neither they recorded their protest to U.S.A. government.
    Satans will continue torturing us by doing such ugly things again and again. The only solution is the unity of Muslim World, which is the immense requirement of time, to compete with these ill-minded people.

    • Khan

      Unfortunately Adeel the root cause of the problem is “us” – we have such an overwhelming sentimental attachment to our faith that it actually flares up and settles down on occasions

      In our daily lives we continue to miss prayers [especially Fajr], lie , cheat and do all sorts of other stuff that destroys our faith. We are busy with silly non essential issues like politics and provinces. We cannot even unite in a family let alone as an Ummah.

      We have to wake up fast before its too late; your leaders are simply a reflection of us as a society, changing them will not do any good till we change ourselves

    • Adam Ali

      Iran has already banned Facebook long time ago….

  • Talha

    uploaded on ireport http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-448079 remember to comment on it to increase its popularity

  • Asad

    A post that will change minds of all for those who still think that Facebook should not be banned as most of the Pakistani Artists and Musicians were against the move of PTA by banning this website (Source THE NEWS)

    I see majority of people are eager to get back on Facebook just because they think that they are missing out on what it was there daily usage and seem like being cut off from the world.

    By reading this post, Saad you have truly unveiled the true faces of Facebook and its Team. i really appreciate it.

    I will share this post among all my friends and let them know about this dual policy of Facebook against us Muslims.

    Shocking i must say. Facebook should be banned forever in Pakistan.
    We should have our own social network.

    Asad Rao
    Dawood College Of Engineering & Technology, Karachi

  • Niazi

    Troll alert!!!
    Can the post by “Prophet”:
    Prophet says:
    May 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm…
    be deleted?

    • admin

      Will be – let me check

      • Linda

        You refused to publish my posts because they gave information you did not want you audience to hear. You are as bad as facebook.

        • Khan

          no you are wrong Linda, very wrong.. Admin has a sense of what it means to show respect, something you people obviously don’t know

          content which is within the boundaries of respect should be published. Facebook does not follow these boundaries at all so it does not make him worse than FB but to the contrary much better than FB

          • jane

            No Khan the admin allowed the author to deny the Holocaust but will not allow posts which deny the Prophet. It shows that Muslims are incapable of showing the same sensitivity to others that you demand for yourself. It was insensitive to allow the author to deny the Holocaust, and it was hypocrtical and lacking in intergrity to censor people who question the Prophet Mohammad

            • Khan

              Jane if admin wanted to would they allow the very message you have posted above and the others you have posted ?? do you have eyes that can see ? can you see your message posted here?..this is the third message where i have noticed you point

              Jane the holocaust and a Prophet to the World’s fastest growing religion are two different matters..the holocaust is also about numbers not about a personality or a figure head to billions of people.

              Maybe people differ on the extent of the holocaust: I personally do not deny the holocaust, many Jewish people passed away- I know people who lost loved ones. History tells us that people of all faiths and backgrounds have suffered from time to time..

              At present the Zionists [not necessarily all Jews] r committing heinous crimes against Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis.. all who happen to be Muslims. Maybe not you but a number of Jewish people are very much against this course of action

              If someone denies an issue[out of ignorance maybe] and you do the same in return, what does that make you?

              As far as the Prophet [m.p.b.u.h]’s existence is concerned.. on a bright day if you cannot see the sun then its no fault of the sun, you need to check your eyes

              [I do not want a war of words especially with ignorant people so i may case on this message]

  • Niazi


  • So Sunny

    Amazingly explained. I say if we dn’t get our rights done properly y dn’t we work on our own way of facebook & show them muslim are very much wat they are. equalization, right and wat ever they think about us, here is a chance to get these millions to gather to protest.

    Sum ppl lke n karachi who prefer money b4 their religion i think they can also get the same advantage of it just we need a new platform to start over

    Even facebook was started from a local UNI in USA and spreaded around the world we can produce many idiotic stuff y dn’t we create sumthing which helps every one not just muslim but even non muslims easy wording easy understanding

  • I

    Hats off!

    You should submit this article to every news group in Pakistan especially DAWN NEWS & other English channels, we must get these type of information to common audience which can only happen by MEDIA .. I hope our Media realize how important this issue is instead of showing condom addverts :@

  • Molly Nauras

    To all those who are yet to deactivate their accounts on FB:

    Make sure you create a page, like Saad did, just to show FB admins and users that we are hurt. Also put a line at your page that we condemn those drawings so that readers would get into that context.

    And ofcourse, you;d not require to delete your account then as it automatically will get deleted :)

  • Wasim Faruki

    As far as my views are concern, I think, weakness is the main element to attract hostility. We need to be strong, otherwise we have to face such kind of humiliation.

  • Hi,

    Yes You are right. They should be banned for life.

    why not we should welcome our own Local Social netowork. buddyflick.com

    And let us build it and leave facebook forever.


  • facebook Yes, Ban it Forever

  • jane doe

    *****please read************
    I started a page called “Muslim Holocaust Hoax Day”, “celebrate Gujarat Massacres of Pakistani Muslims” and “draw genocide against Muslims day” all pages were immeditaely deleted although these where hundreds of people interested.
    I tried to start a group supporting Slobadon Milosevic who was falsely accused of genocide against Muslims- it was deleted.
    When Muslims started groups encouraging people to draw or ridicule genocide I would post cartoons ridiculing genoicde AGAINST Muslims. These were always deleted and I was banned from the group. Apparently they also reported me to fb and my whole account was deleted.
    If you think that fb is showing bias then start groups like these:
    Kill a Muslim Day
    Draw Murdering Muslims Day
    Milosevic was right
    Celebrate genocide against Muslims Day

    Why aren’t you allowing people to ridicule genocide against MUSLIMS????????????
    You fools are crazy. Anyone making fun of murdering MUSLIMS had their account deleted too.

    • Khan

      we’re not discussing that in the article are we ????
      obviously what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, Gujrat was terrible and we condemn it severely.. those guilty should be punished.

      get to the point and read FB terms of Service and tell me why after those ToS did they allow for anti Muslim pages to prop up?

      the article was meant to emphasize FBs hypocrisy in not following theis ToS to their own liking when it suited their desires.

      • Saad Warraich

        jane doe if you have a problem with that why don’t you take this up with GFacebook, we didn’t delete your pages.The idea here is that we are not goign to allow Facebook to decide what hurts or doesn’t hurt Muslims. And if I say deleting my profile for supporing Hitler was wrong then I say this becasue Facebook itself said “We do not remove Nazi content, we only block it in regions where it is illegal”. So I’m referring to the fact that on teh one hand they issue this statemant and on the other they delete both the page and my profile.

        • jane

          Actually Saad, facebook deletes ANYTHING that seems to support genocide, which is why they delete things that show support for Milosevic.
          Facebook doesn’t need to bend to your whims. You are self centered. There are things the Islamic media says that are hurtful to others. Why don’t you censor that? You are selfish people. It was hurtful to some people that the author said he though the Holocaust might not have happened. You allowed him to say that. So stop telling other people they need to care about your feelings

          • Cme

            @jane either you are stupid or you are acting like one…..or may be you have some other motive you just want to hurt Muslims You are the one who is selfish and ignorant or you might belong to administrative group of FB…that is why you are just arguing and arguing…repeating your stupid stuff again and again…
            What this article and people here are discussing is this:
            “Facebook did bend there rule for those people who made page like “Draw Muhammad Day”… but when Saad upload his page it was deleted” Question is that WHY FACEBOOK Support “Draw Muhammad Day”???? When it was against their TOS????

            And you are continuously saying : My Pages Were Deleted too!!!! …

            Duh!!!! thats not the topic your pages were against FB’s TOS it was deleted, Saad’s page was not against FB’s TOS (cuz it is not mentioned that “Do Not Praise Hitler” or “You cannot have Nazi’s contents on your page”in FB’s TOS) but they Completely DELETE it cuz it was against some regions ……THEN WHY THE HELL THEY ALLOW “DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY” when it is against OUR region??????????????? this is hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!

          • Cme

            @Jane Doe either you are stupid or you are acting like one or may be you have some other motive you just want to hurt Muslims; You are the one who is selfish and ignorant or you might belong to administrative group of FB…that is why you are just arguing and arguing…repeating your stupid stuff again and again…
            What this article and people here are discussing is this:
            “Facebook did bend there rule for those people who made page like “Draw Muhammad Day”… but when Saad upload his page it was deleted” Question is that WHY FACEBOOK Support “Draw Muhammad Day”???? When it was against their TOS????

            And you are continuously saying : My Pages Were Deleted too!!!! …

            Duh!!!! thats not the topic your pages were against FB’s TOS it was deleted, Saad’s page was not against FB’s TOS (cuz it is not mentioned that “Do Not Praise Hitler” or “You cannot have Nazi’s contents on your page”in FB’s TOS) but they Completely DELETE it cuz it was against some regions ……THEN WHY THE HELL THEY ALLOW “DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY” when it is against OUR region?????? Because every thing that goes against YOU Guys is NOT ALLOWED but if its against US then it is ALLOWED and its “Freedom of Speech”
            This is hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!

      • jane

        No Khan, Gujrat was NOT terrible. Let’s question that just like you question the Holocaust. And lets force facebook to allow us to make a page celebrating that. NO DOUBLE STANDARDS. You want the freedom of speech to question the Holocaust or ridicule it… then lets do the same for Gujrat

        • Khan

          Jane either you are childish or you are very ignorant: Where in all my posts do you see me denying the holocaust ?

          read below and answer to the point, don’t go here and there changing the topic and making false accusations


          forget double standards & other arguments and just answer the above question, that is ‘mainly’why the article was written and that is why we are posting here.. and its clearly a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question so once you answer it we can call it a day.. do NOT go off the topic just answer the simple question

  • rida

    but we must post it on facebook itself!
    why not make a page n avoid the H words (both hitler n holocaust) but talk only about the two faced monster!
    no hate speech or anything but simple facts!

    • Linda

      How about us make fun of killing Muslims Rida? No hate speech but just simple facts

    • jane doe

      And when we give “simple facts” about you you cry racism and Islamaphobia. You are the other group of people in the world who respond to a minor slight by making fun of genocide.
      Why don’t you make fun of slavery for a change?
      Or Bosnian ethnic cleansing.
      Now THAT was a hoax.

      • Saad Warraich

        Ok let’s put the fact down, all of us. What do you have to say to:
        Nagasaki and Hiroshima
        Economic Terrorism
        Cuba and Gitmo

        Just compare the suffereing and toll and the human in you two (if there is one) would make you shut up!!

      • Khan

        you just don’t get the point do you Lind a& Jane? the author is trying to put forward the point that FB is going against their own TOS whenever they so wish and they ignore it whenever they so wish,

        i’m not saying what Hitler did was good ..right is right & wrong is wrong and making fun of anyone is wrong, if i make a page drawing cartoons of you two and your parents and ancestors you may not mind it because you don;t know what respect or self respect is for that matter but we have our limits.

        we have a right to defend ourselves when people enter into our boundaries and the article was there to explain a point

        not only are you unaware of Islam but its obvious by the like of all your reactionary comments that you are ticked off because the author has publicized the truth about FB and many of us have refused to use it hereon.

  • rida

    @ keith

    “You got banned for “supporting” a violent, criminal regime. I don’t believe you would get banned for posting blasphemous cartoons about Jesus”

    the thing is, we know there is nothing that can shame people who have no respect for others!!

    • Khan

      the thing is, we know there is nothing that can shame people who have no respect for others!!

      very well said rida

  • When I heard about the group against our Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) on facebook, It did really heart me..

    And now after reading your post, I has been proved that facebook is not equal for everyone…

    I have deleted my accounts.

    Best Regards!


  • danish shamim

    This needs to be circulated , good article to disclose the double faced policies used by fb management

  • Its seems that Govt Is diverting Attention Of pakistani Youth From Ata Abad Lake,Hunza Valley To Facebook.
    The Whole nation has been plotted to divert toward Facebook issue Soo that no rally in favour of HUNZA people Can be organized.no one is circulating this most critical issue.We are being played.

  • Strager

    What is hell is wrong with us? Why do we need an online social networking site so desperately? Why don’t we start enjoying the ‘real community’?

    This online community crap is given by those people who are totally cut off from their roots and don’t even know who is living next door!!!

    Have we become the same people??? Are we becoming the same THING???

    We love our prophet (PBUH) so much, yet we don’t even know the people around us??? What the hello is wrong with us?????

  • Adnan Ahmed

    Dear Muslims,


    Good to receive this email. Excellent work by Saad and others. But quitting FB will not solve the problem! Does it?

    What we should do???

    I think it’s better we make all FB users (non-muslims) our friend to preach Islam to them. I am still working on what should be the right way or how to start, but this should be the answer, I think.

    Let’s use their weapon against them.

    May Allah help all muslims in serving Islam.

  • jane

    FB refuses to allow pages making fun of killing Muslims, Pakistanis, Arabs, and Africans. Why does the author not mention that? You are not allowed to have a group praising Milosevic either.

    • Fahad

      wow…Jane you act like you’re doing us a major favor by not making pages like that…. seriously…more than 90% of the Muslims don’t even consider harming other religions…we just don’t have the time or enough spite to do that….but since facebook doesnt let you make pages making fun of muslims….well they did us a huge solid:|….plz try to look at the situation…you’re deprivation is not anything alike our issue!

      • sanwin

        Unfortunately, by your own imaginary statistic, 10% of muslims would consider harming other religions.

        10% if 1.5 billion is 150 million.

        • Fahad

          lolzzzz….. u guys arent angels of christmas spirit either by the way….. half the people dying everyday in this world are muslims…by americans and jews…… so if those ( albiet misled) muslims decide they’de they’ve had enough and start killing you off for revenge thats terrorism and wrong…sorry to burst your bubble man but u are absolutely naive…these people are losing the members of their families… even if i dont agree with their methods… i do think they are justified in doing do…because people like you, the americans,and the jews lose no chance in exploiting muslims…. killing them off, framing them for crimes they didnt commit

          but i got to give you people credit for one thing…u did ruin the only thing i ever wanted…peace between religions….so go ahead get all pissy over who’s worse because get this people like you and the rest who keep on defending facebook over what it did are no better than those extremist you talk about

  • Ali Sa’id


    Facebook? What’s Facebook anyway? We, the people made that URL. Facebook? Facebook can take a hike for all I care. And I think that I speak for all of us, brothers and sisters when I say that.

  • farhan mianoor

    “Ye Yahod.o.Nasara kabhi tumhare dost nahi ho sakte.”
    musalmano jago aur apne nabi ke liye jese fb ko hate ker rahe ho aise hi apne nabi ki zindagi se hat ker jo tareqe he unse bhi hate karo.n try 2 be a complete muslim bcz muslim can get success in both world with deen.e.islam no other way

  • Inam Illahi

    Great article, Saad.

  • Rizwan Shaikh

    I would like to say something.

    bhai agr kisi ko swimming nahi ati tu iska matlab yeh thordi hai k swimming bey-kar hai.

    ab facebook par bhait kar Girls ki profile search karo gey, ya Farm villey, ya Mafia war khailo ge tu fazool hi lagey ga.

    Allama Iqbal k literature hai, Sahi Muslim, Sahi Bukhari, Sunan-Ibn-e-Maja ki ahadit Quran, Pakistan, Islam ki vdo, picture, articles,

    Zaid Hamid, Orya Maqbool Jan, Qaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal jesi personalities k pages hien woh join karo.

    or bohat se universities, science literature available hai, unko use karo.

    baki rahey gai boycott tu bhai, Pepsi, Cola, MacDoland, Pizz Hut

    tamam mobile sims nikal kar phaink do, kio k back end par tamam networks Voda Phone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin jews k hien.

    Internet hi close kar do kio k Main servers Jews companies k hien.

    All media, All Softwares, Hardware banned kar do.

    zindagi in sab k bina bhi ji sakti hai, koi problem ??

  • Faisal

    Dear Saad
    I appreciate your efforts, you did it in avery effective way, these people say that its freedom of expression when we talk about muslim commmunity and when about them they say we are violating the rules. I ashamed of ther dual standards.

  • Muhammad Abdul Samad

    Saad you did a wonderful job.
    May Allah give you strength to further expose the true face of Facebook and others. Ameen

  • Adeel

    you are requested to approve all comments coming from any person. Let us explain them with valid justifications. Thanks

    • admin

      We are doing that, unless there are indecent words involved in comments

      • Why my comments are not approved

  • Excellent work Saad! We are all proud of you! Indeed, one facebook, two faces! shame on Facebook!

  • Mukhtar Ahmed

    Stop wasting your precious time, we all can live without having an account on FaceBook, even we dont need social interaction websites to live our life.
    If someone need, he/she can has best option to use email accounts. More, we can interact through personally created Forums.
    One of the sad side of our nation is that we start wasting time in such concerns, now its a new discussion for our nation whether to use facebook or not. Stop wasting time, just quit facebook and all other social networking sites.
    We can create our own for a group of people we want to interact with, its easy if someone has a little bit of Web Development experience and i am sure in a single group of peoples, there must be one or more persons who knows about how to create Forums/Interaction sites.

  • Fahad

    OMG!!!! They Are Sooo Hypocritic…Thanx Man for uploading this…. these people have no compassion or acceptance for other religion….im very disappointed:(

    Btw is Life.net a safe site????

  • Adeel

    Jews just want to undermine us by declaring us “terrorists”… Reason? i guess there is no one. Their govt. say that Muslims were responsible of 9/11. but the reality is different. If you wanna know, just search 9/11 or “world trade center” on youtube, you will find every video that this drama was preplanned and plotted in USA and their govt itself. And than they declared Muslims terrorists.
    They are doing this for 2 major reasons. First is that they’re afraid of widespread of Islam throughout the world. Everyday, hunders/thousands of people in Western countries are embracing Islam and this is on-going.
    Second reason is that they want to rob our resources like oil, gas, gold etc.
    They know very well that Islam teaches peace and ask us to regard other communities and religions.

    Quraan says “If you saved one human life, you saved whole humankind”

  • Saad Warraich

    Thank you all for your support and appreciation, means a lot to me.

    Thank you ProPakistani for spreading it out literally everywhere

    A couple of points I want to make:

    1. There are people who are in favour of the Facebook ban and those agianst it. Both have come up with valid arguments. I however think that when Pakistan banned it, it sent a very strong message and thats when west got involved. Thats when the whole thing actually came to teh limelight globally. So that was a right step. I really appreciate the High Court, the Government and PTA ovetr this stance. The idea is not to shun ourselves to the world or not being able to cope with this low act. The idea is to record our protest, the idea is to tell the world that this is something we will not tolerate. The idea is to criticize evil.

    2. Freeodm of speech, by the West, has been turned into a tool to launch attack on others. There is no such thing as freedom of speech or expression alone. The right thing is “Freedom of speech, expression and media with ACCOUNTABILITY”. You’re free to express youself only to the extent where this right of yours doesn’t conflict with others’ right to freedom or where it doesn’t hurt others. That is exactly why in law we have torts like Slander and Libel so that people do not needlessly make use of such “freedoms”. Perhaps the westrners need to educate themselves on this.

  • Umar Tarar

    one of the excellent articles I’ve come across so far (except for a statement in the last para, which I’ve found a bit unclear and controversial).

    Well done Saad Mustafa!

    • Umar Tarar

      sorry, forgot to mention that exceptional statement and that was: “It is clearer than crystal that as long as we are labelled as extremists, we are not going to enjoy the equal rights in this world. And those that are trying to play God love to label us that.”

      apart from that the whole article is one genuine smash on facebook’s face and to their hidden double standard.

  • Sarg

    Very well done mr waraich….not only Facebook but major western media empose self cencership..but when v talk about some pay respect to majority of the people, than they trying to teach us tolerance or “freedom of expression”…even talk about holocaust is punishable in most europe countries..and the punishment wuld be life in prison…

    Their policies and their behaviour are different..

  • Imran

    I agree with original post. I must add, I reported the Draw Prophet page to Facebook team a few days before the event so that they could block it. However, nothing happened.

  • Lee Zim

    I am not Muslim but i join my hands heart and spirit with you all to Deplore the satanic acts and the double sidedness, unjust and warmongering acts of FACEBOOK and its evil worshipers. lets not adore sentiments which create divide and accelerate hate between us for the joy of the evil people who enjoy killing and suffering of people for their pleasure. I HATE FACEBOOK and its disciples they built it we can destroy it

    • Mukhtar Ahmed

      Thank you so much Zim for being with us.
      I am really pleased to see your comments.

  • Faheem Uddin Malik

    yes dear we all already know da truth abt facebook, i advice to every muslim do not use dis dirty website……….

  • Faheem Uddin Malik

    Dear Saad
    I appreciate your efforts, you did it in avery effective way, these people say that its freedom of expression when we talk about muslim commmunity and when about them they say we are violating the rules. I ashamed of ther dual standards.

  • Irum

    Thanks Saad for highlighting this issue. you should bring it up to the media as well so that we can show their double policy to the world and give them strong justification for the ban in Pakistan

  • I agree with every point made in this article. I recently asked the same question in my blog (http://www.sheherzadkaleem.com/2010/05/facebook-drama-and-more/
    )that are we to believe that freedom of speech and secularism are selective? The actions of some individuals and countries make me certainly feel that that is the case.

    What the author of this article has done is used evidence to point out the hypocrisy of some of these organizations/services and institutions. Rather than banning facebook and isolating ourselves more (as Muslims), it would be wiser to use spread this information far and wide and ensure that Facebook tries and answers this particular response.

  • Yes build our own website

  • Bushra Shahzadi

    The same thing happened with me but before they disable my account,i gave them a nasty shot.There was a group “fan club of cartoons of Muhammad saw”,i usually ignore such groups but after leaving my comments.I wrote on wall in a very peaceful way which they are unable to understand.There was a guy whose id was unbearable,it was “Muhammad likes to ……..” that person was attacking every muslim and saying dirty things and he provoke me to do this.I created a id “Hitler wants to make it real”(without gap and small letters to cheat the security) and announce myself on wall that im Hitler,i liked your fake story of Holocaust and im back to make it real.There was no one to reply me and after an hour the admin log in and delete my post.Then i target that person and reply to him.Hey you,i know you are a little jew and hiding behind Muslims Prophet.Come here i will close you in my gas chamber”.But he was no more breathing.He did not reply any of my post and they ban me on their group.I asked BBC why insult a Prophet and why not Holocaust?I found the same situatin over there.Because of their double policy,i have decided to quit my account on fb.If they have no respect for our emotions,why do we use their network?

    • linda

      Bushra- if facebook allowed people to make fun of genocide I think you would find 1 million pro-genocide pages from people who would like to put you in ovens. Your post shows why people have contempt for Islam

    • Kashif Minhas

      Dear, be careful of capital, small & title case where it need but when you write Prophet MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H. just write in capital letter.


      • Fahad

        umm kashif….no offense but telling them that is a bit ludicurous…they dont hold they same respect for the Prophet P.B.U.H like we do…
        im sorry but that comes off as a bit useless on your part.

  • Kashif M Qasim

    Guys, please do your best to spread this around. Everyone needs to know this.

  • Sameer

    There is something interesting I read in that email response from facebook there.

    Email states:

    “We donot tolerate hate speech targeting people based on their … religion …”.

    Now here is how we can fight back and win the war.
    Muslims should bring facebook to court and claim that facebook is adopting a policy based on national, religious, cultural and social double play and should abide by the contract it claims its Millions upon Millions of users have signed against.

    On one hand, it is supporting blasphemy and blasphemers by supporting that cursed forum and on the other, blocking a forum and its creator where people around the world having a particular opinion about a political personality, have gathered and praise his opinion about a matter, such as Hitler.

    Why can’t these supporters not have freedom of speech like the blasphemers claim to enjoy and why do blasphemers have all the share of facebook’s preferences.

    Is it that facebook is biased, racist, who support religious radicalism especially targeting Arabs and Islam?

    Our demand should be that:

    Either facebook removes that blasphemous forum and ban all the users accounts who have responded on that forum in a blasphemous way, as offense against religion and feelings of Millions of Muslims who are users of facebook according to their own policy of “We donot tolerate hate speech targeting people based on their … religion …”. And facebook should publically appologize for infuriorating Muslim ummah all roung the world.

    or if facebook fails to go through with this, then the criminal court under which it is sentenced should sentence them to close all activity of facebook, as an enterprise, freeze all their bank accounts, revoke all patents if registered with the claim of facebook and confiscate all assets and auction them giving off all returns as charity.

  • Kashif Minhas

    Every Muslim country does not seem to raise our voice against these so-called liberal countries.
    However one thing is commendable that Pakistan, once again led from the front and showed Muslim world that Pakistan is the Fort of Islam.
    Everyone should asked from all Muslim countries like K.S.A, U.A.E, Iran and etc. why they have not banned Facebook in their countries yet. Neither they recorded their protest to U.S.A. government.
    Non-Muslim countries continue torturing us by doing such ugly things again and again. This is only the lack of Muslim Unity, now the time is that all Muslim countries should unity among themselves, to compete with these ill-minded nonsense people.

  • Bravo! You are so right Saad. This IS open discrimination.

  • Afridi

    Well everybody talk about the killing of jews but nobody talk about when more than 10 million Hiroshima and Nagasaki population was wiped out completely in a matter of minutes?
    Now if anyone make a page supporting this action of america will it be removed? exactly not
    The basic thing is that there are double standards of freedom of speech and expression

  • Ali Abbas Petiwala

    Its the sign of discrimination, as Saad had created the HITLER page on facebook he was banned, but the person who is humiliating Islam has full right to humiliate religion and no obligation applied, it simply means person don’t like HITLER name either, cause the CEO is Jews itself.

    • linda

      Actually Ali when someone creater a MILOSEVIC page on facebook he was banned. Why? Milosevic did nothing wrong while Hitler did

      • Khan

        What Hitler and Milosevic both did was wrong. What Bush [sanctions, bombing innocents] and Saddam [gassing his own people] did was also wrong, What Obama & Netanyahu are doing is also wrong [killing innocent people]

        These are things which are so open that its stupid to be questioning them.

        Why don’t we just answer the question that did FB follow their TOS when they allowed the drawing page to go up ? No counter questions just a simple question and a simple yes or no answer would do

        You;re talking about when someone did this and someone did that they were banned and blah blah blah, BUT YOU ARE NOT SAYING A WORD ON WHETHER WHAT FB DID WITH ALLOWING THE DRAWING PAGE WAS RIGHT OR WRONG ? ARE YOU ?

        I am personally telling you that YES any discriminatory pages should not be on FB whether they hurt the sentiments of Jews, Christians or Muslims or other human beings. So just answer my question above

  • ahsan


    Lolz yaar blur to sahi kartay image ko Saad :D lolz

    • Saad Warraich

      Ahsan I didn’t do it. You an see its visible in teh next image. The admin kindly thought I’d might wanna hide it. But hey, I’m not hiding my identity anyway :)

  • Strager

    They have left no option for us, other than ‘Jihad’……….

    • Fahad

      Diplomacy Man!!!

  • sidz

    saad u did and exccellent job………….
    i really appreciate u..:) 4 ur this act..

  • Sabir

    I salute your work!
    We all must act upon and ask the stupid white ____ about the HOLOCAST.

    [Comment Edited]

  • zubair

    we should promote the pakistani website… its kewlllllllll


    do give a look atleast… thank u

  • The writer of this post, as expected of our typical literates, acted quite childishly, i must say.

    First, kindly understand the WESTern mindset before asking them to customize their thinking for you, just because it offends you.

    There is a difference between A PERSON (prophet in this case) and an EVENT (holocaust).

    They are using their right “TO DRAW” not considering what its outcome will be since their constitution allows them to. The event of HOLOCAUST is universally known to be for its ugly aspect. You cannot make fun of THE KILLING OF PEOPLE and it cannot be allowed, according to their constitution.

    So comparison of DRAWING PROPHET and THEIR HOLOCAUST is a wrong one, to begin with. They treat this issue like, you can draw me too, but you cannot make fun of one’s killing.

    The problem with “us” not “them”. Just because we are muslims who have a different mindset about our religion we want the whole world to see our religion from our POINT OF VIEW. And if they have a law or culture or mindset which does not suite our ideology, we want them to CUSTOMIZE it to suit our sensitivities. This attitude is one of self deception and nothing else.

    And like the very first commentator in this post said, if you do not agree to FB attitude, no one is focring you to login to FB. But who has given a group of people or PTA or GOV to stop others from login to it. If i am offended by FB attitude i will myself not use it or at least not go to that page.

    Our attitude is like, we should be heard and also followed else we will resort to “badmashi”.

    And this is childishness of highest order.

    The writer of the post has exposed himself stupidly by telling his reader everything, i.e. he wanted to create a FB group to offend the other party. So FB is quite right to remove his account. Why FB did not remove the objectionable group of DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY , is a completely different question.

    a simple example is this:

    If i ask the gov to give me a pistol to defend myself, they will give me but if i tell them i need it to kill someone, i will not be given the pistol. Now if i say that this is injustice because some XYZ person also had pistol but he killed someone, my argument is nothing but stupidity.

    The fact that mr XYZ killed someone is different, it is misuse of power. And will be dealt differently then someone like me who is asking a pistol and telling them that i need it to kill someone.

    another example:
    It is my right to do whatever i want to do INSIDE my home. Any person who is coming from outside can not say i should change my home-culture or mindset because some behaviours of the people living in home offend him/her. If the person who is coming from outside is not happy with what is going inside home, then he better stay outside, no one is forcing him to come in and have a look at things and then get offended.

    Now if the person comes inside the home but starts making fun of an even that happened inside home some years back in which one person of the family killed few others, THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to that person.

    Same is the case with our issue. The west considers drawing as an important part of their culture. In muslim and islamic ideology there are already dozen of differences on TO DRAW or NOT TO DRAM issue. FB is forcing no one to come to its home and live in it. So let those who want to come, come and those who dont like the culture of that home stay outside.

    • Saad Warraich

      My dear MB

      Firstly, I’d like to inform you that my page was not about holocaust. It did not use the word holocaust, it did not say that it happened or not and it did not justify the killings of millions. It was a Hitler fan page and I personally praise Hitler because I believe he was a good administrator.

      Under the circumstances there isn’t much difference between the person and the event. They do not want us or anyone to talk about Hitler or holocaust because millions of their people died and when someone praises Hitler or Nazis, it hurts them. So when they do things like drawing our Prophet it hurts us too. It hurts hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide but somehow that goes unnoticed.

      Its not only about drawing or drawing back. Now you may not have a problem with me drawing you but if I drew a camel’s genitals up your backside, you perhaps wouldn’t like it, or would you? That is not something that comes from their culture or something they are fond of, that comes from sheer hate and urge to mock Muslims and hurt them.

      As for the point of view and who wants the other to adopt whose, I’ll tell you what. Westerners cannot stand someone praising Hitler and yet they target Muslims over these cartoons, which they know hurts the Muslims. Yet they say that its ok to draw and that Muslims should not mind it. They try to convince that a person is different from an event and should not be seen as the same thing. This, my friend, is one huge example that it is THEM who want us to adopt THEIR viewpoint. They are trying to tell us that we should give up the idea of being offended of seeing our Prophet in low and disgusting drawings and quit our moral and religious beliefs.

      “You can draw me too but cannot make fun of one’s killing”, that is exactly what I’m talking about. Their idea that they are trying to impose!! Now in response to that I have a better solution and that is not based on my or other Muslims’ view point. Do not draw one particular person if it hurts billions and do not make fun of killings if it hurts another lot. Now this viewpoint is based on basic mannerism and should be adopted by every sane person without having to worry about adopting someone else’s point of view.

      No sir, you are sadly mistaken, we do not impose our points of view here, we only expect others to be respectful.

      Now let’s come to joining Facebook. Facebook is a social networking website and through it I can be connected to hundreds of people I know and Facebook has existence in my country and I have every right to join it. It does not mean that if I accept their rules and regulations I should stick by them even when my religion is being targeted. Would Facebook alter its rules for me if I threatened not to join it? No it wouldn’t. So that means I had no bargaining power when I made my account and as per the law of contract this very fact makes the contract null and void. I ask you a question in reference to your example of “my house and freedom to do anything in it”. Why is Facebook criticizing Pakistan for blocking it? Why do they say they would sue the Government of Pakistan? Isn’t it “Our house”? Whatever happened to the freedom to do anything in our own house! Why do the westerners blame us then for not fighting their war on terror? After all as per your logic we are free to do anything we want here. Why do they impose their point of view? Why do they interfere then? So much for “badmashi”!!

      And in case you failed to find out, the idea by creation of Hitler page was not primarily to hurt them, but to get a reaction, to show that the playing field isn’t level, to tell them that if THAT is freedom of expression, so is this!

      I disagree with you my friend. The problem is not with US. We as a nation do not bomb their countries, we do not invade them, we do not occupy their oil reserves by force, we do not have Cubas and Gitmos where all humanity is thrown out of the window in every sense of the word, we do not turn living cities into heaps of ruins by our atom bombs, we do not oust governments that don’t comply and we do not kill peoples’ leaders.

      Respect us and we will respect you.

      • Khan

        Respect us and we will respect you- Very nice & i would like to add, to us our Prophet [m.p.b.u.h] means more than our own selves.

    • Ahmed

      Dont ask Muslism to change their way of thinking (Islam in this case) rather change your mindset (which has hatred for Muslism) and this post will become meaningful to you.

      And by the way, your advocacy is not going to make any difference, after all we knew how much hypocrite West is, on this FB issue.

    • Rana

      Dear Mr. MB

      I would suggest you to read the article again before u criticize someone’s noble effort and calling him stupid and the act as stupidity. Being a Muslim, how could you defend a stupid act of some non-sense ppl. the debate is not abt constitution either, its abt FBs terms and dual faceted policy. Why in the world FB didnt block that draw Muhammad page despite millions reported the page. I donot see any logic in your comments and examples. I would call your comment as a ridiculous effort to disgrace the author and feelings of Muslims.

  • Jassi

    A very well documented piece of work. I’m glad you spent the time and effort to experiment with that page and also that you wrote your experince here…Thank you for enlightening us about Facebook hypocricies…No matter what religion, hate speech or being rediculed is completely unacceptable.

    Muslims also need to work harder on improving their image not just by telling people about how glorious their past was, but also by doing great things now.

    Anyway Well Done Saad.

  • Bob Jones

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IDIOTS, all of you. Laugh at Jesus, Bhudda, etc. Kill those who oppose you, then cry when someone draws a picture. That means a child can offend your religion and bring your beliefs to ridicule. Do you think that that is a sign of a strong religion which is realistic? REALLY?

    • Saad Warraich

      No man we do not laugh at the followers of other religions. This is not somehting our religion permits. But this point is difficult to understand and digest for people who make mockery of their own religion in their films. Just wanna let you guys know that if you can’t do that to your religion, we won’t give you to teh right to do that to ours as well!

    • Ahmed

      Athiest!! I dont understand, what is bothering you? as your belief says their is no life after death, then why the Muslim issue has itched you to post this ridiculous comment?

      We understand, the human-relationships does not mean you guys, so its waste of energy to make you understand that, for a human, his/her mother or father is respectful, if someone slap him/her he would not tolerate it, and Muhammed S.A.W. is above our parents, even our own-self.

      Tit for tat! Did you get it? No! I know you are athiest! :P

  • Saira


  • Adeel
  • Adeel

    i’m extremely surprised by your views which are against protest of Pakistani nation and ban ordered by our High Court.
    What do u want to prove? You wanna say that let jews do whatever they want? and we should do our work?
    Strange… I’ll certainly doubt you. Its absolutely amazing.
    let me tell you one thing, there is nothing justifiable in front of honour of our holly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)… And that concludes

  • Adeel

    @Bob Jones
    you people are really mentally sick…

  • Sabir

    @Bob John:
    I most humbly request that you must first find the name of your real father if applicable. Since families do not grew up there children like wild animals.

  • Ali Khan

    Go to hell facebook.
    We love our religion & prophet(saw) more than anything.

  • Sabir

    I want to know, how much money u make by licking the JEW lords feet every month.
    Any body who show even a little Disrespect to our holy prophet is eligible to be killed.

  • Usama

    Just for the record, latest Muslim population has just topped 1.57 billion number, no more 1.2 billion!

    • Saad Warraich

      You may be right Usmana. I checked a few websites and I saw 1.2b more than 1.57 but again yous might be a better source. 1.57b makes is whole thing even worse, no?

  • sanwin

    You don’t really get this freedom of speech concept, do you ?

    Of course, living in an Islamic dictatorship (is there any other kind), it is entirely understandable.

    The Facebook page really had nothing to do with mohammed. It had everthing to do with muslims trying to tell us what we can and cannot do.

    Remember, the prohibition on drawing mohammed applies to muslims, not to us.

    We in the West have seen how muslims are slowly chipping away at our cherished freedoms and traditions.

    South Park has made episodes poking fun at all major religious leaders. When they received death threats from muslims for depicting mohammed dressed as a bear, that was the last straw.

    What this facebook page tells you is that, you muslims MIGHT be able to threaten and intimidate an individual (Lars Vick, Kurt Westergard, etc) but you cannot intimidate us all. Therefore if we ALL decide to draw mohammed in whatsoever manner we choose, you can do diddly squat.

    So this is our way of telling you to go take a hike.

    • Saad Warraich

      weeney boy
      oh well if it goes back to the kind of place you come from (Islamic dictatorship, thats new for me), then i can start putting things in place. lets see why you guys cant respect others and i should’ve understood. you come from a society where parents are sent to elderly homes, women treated as objects of pleasure, many children are bastards, incest is widespread, AIDS is a huge concern, crime rate is touching the sky and respect for sovereignty of other nations is nonexistent. That tells me a lot about u, no?

      listen pussy cat, the prohibition of praising Hitler applied to you, not to us. you may think that u can intimidate us by deleting a few profiles and prevent us from bringing your dark face up, but the majority is going to give it in your face.

      • Khan

        zabardast reply

        • sanwin

          Weenie boy ?

          That’s the best you can do ?

          First of all, there is NO prohibition on praising Hitler in most of the West. In Germany, yes, but that’s for them to decide based on their history. But not where I live. In fact, there is NO restriction on praising who the heck I would like to praise.

          I noticed that you somehow skipped over the whole premise of my post, but that’s to be expected from an uneducated fool from a failed state called Pakistan.

          • Saad Warraich

            why don’t you explain your post in a better way then. since you are addressing uneducated fools, why not make your premise clear yourself? The truth is you just said hoolow words.

            You guys are all confused. Some comments from west in this post are whining about praising Hitler, Facebook says it allows Nazi content, the same Facebook then blocks teh page, now you’re a new phenomenon who thinks praising Hitler is allowed in the west. I’d suggest you guys sort it out amongst yourself first and then comment here.

            oh and yes, i wouldn’t really worry much until we become a morally failed state like all those in the west.

            • Fahad

              sanwin…the long and short of it is you clearly dont respect other people and other religions for their differences….as for calling someone uneducated… believe me he has more knowledge about what we’re discussing here and why we’re discussing it that you at the very least…. so try to think before you write something…. dont think too much though u might puncture your brain nerves though:P

        • Farhan Q

          aap ko really un se harsh level pe baat karnay ki zarurat nai hai kunke ap kisi ko siraf convince kar saktay ho na k force.. wo jo bhi kahain humain apna calm rakhna chaiay aur un ko counter karna chaiay. aur agar wo sahi baat karain tou humain maan bhi lena chaiay. ye yahan k har paki k liay hai. hazur (S.A.W.) ne humain sabar aur bardasht sikhaya hai aur har kisi se pyar se baat karna, na k ghusse main a k kisi ko jaan bujh k insult ya hurt karne ki koshish karna. mera maqsad lecture dena nai par ek aesa rawia ikhtiar karna hai k jis ko humaray nabi ne pasand kia, aur jis k zariay hum sab ek frequency pe baat kar sakte hain.. im sory if i hurt anyone by dis…

          wrote in urdu cuz dat was for u saad cuz i really appreciate the work u r doing and just wanted to bring this in ur attention

    • Afrah Qureshi


      “What this facebook page tells you is that, you muslims MIGHT be able to threaten and intimidate an individual … but you cannot intimidate us all. Therefore if we ALL decide to draw mohammed in whatsoever manner we choose, you can do diddly squat.”

      Fine. You win. You are not in our country and you have the freedom to do whatever you want. The point is, WHY on earth are you so adamant to flaunt your freedom of speech, especially in a way that hurts 1.5 billion people? Is the concept of “Respect” really that alien to you? Think of it logically. Only because we CAN, under the umbrella of free speech we should have a “tell a woman shes useless day”, “call a black person the N word day”, “draw holocaust victims day” or even “draw Sanwin’s mom and cuss her out day”? Of course, we CAN do that, but that’s just stooping down to the level of animals. There need to be limits to free speech, and even if they aren’t define in any sort of constitution, we as human beings have a sense of morality, ethics and respect for others. At least I do.

    • Afrah Qureshi

      And to address your ardor for exhibiting your blasphemous freedom of speech in a huge number, I’d like to quote Greg Epstein, an ordained Humanist rabbi, who serves as the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University:

      “There is a difference between making fun of religious or other ideas on a TV show that you can turn off, and doing it out in a public square where those likely to take offense simply can’t avoid it. These chalk drawings are not a seminar on free speech; they are the atheist equivalent of the campus sidewalk preachers who used to irk me back in college. This is not even “Piss Christ,” Andres Serrano’s controversial 1987 photograph of a crucifix in urine. It is more like filling Dixie cups with yellow water and mini crucifixes and putting them on the ground all over town. Could you do it legally? Of course. Should you?”

      • Rana

        very well said Afrah … an excellent attempt to make those understand who r on wrong track … JazakAllah

    • Farhan Q.

      I respect the freedom of speech every individual rightfully holds. I also respect people’s protest to making fun of those they hold in high esteem. I, as a muslim, hold the prophet (may peace b upon him) dear. I would, therefore, try my hardest to follow that what he has told me to. I would not like people make fun of my prophet, as i do not like a lot of other things that go on around me. I can not force any person to talk of the prophet with the same reverence as i do. I can however do certain things: I can, on a personal level, boycott any person, thing, group etc that makes fun of my prophet. That is as much a right to me as to freely speak of whatever thing i want. Second, I can really try to make them see, those who spoke ill of my prophet, how they are wrong through my actions and speech: i.e. how their allegations against us are unjustified.

      My response to your comment is more related to the former of the two solutions.

      Ours is not a dictatorship. We have a democratically elected govt. that does as the public wants it to do (i am not counting the virtues, or otherwise, of the govt. I am merely addressing the issue at hand). The facebook group that invited people to draw the prophet caused unease and disturbance throughout the public. Our population has a muslim majority. So naturally the outcry was for the group to be banned/deleted as the group insulted the muslims’ feelings about pictures of the prophet not being drawn. As facebook found it unacceptable to close the group, our govt., on demand of the public, banned facebook altogether. That is the quality of a democratic country is it not Sanwin? The govt. did as the greater public wanted it to do, it banned a website that caused unrest. We used our right to speak freely to convince the authorities on the banning of facebook, as a pROtEsT! Would you call that unjustified?

  • Zawar Hakeem

    One thing as being a muslim, i believe in my faith and according to my knowledge What ever west is upto, let them be cux at the end all muslims know who will win! so chillaxxxx!!!

    All ppl dying in Palestine, Africa, Jammu Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, i dont feel sorry for them, cux this is the way world was planned by God to test every person! West is being tested for their faith, they failed! Muslims are being tested for what they have learned frm heir brothers who are being bombed, Most of them Failed! Muslims dont unit! and ban West trade! so West has an advantage.

    So what are we complaining for brothers?

    I will tell you! We are complaining for all gifts we have from Allah, but we never thanked him for these gifts and we never better utilized them either sold them to better our families BUT NOT RELIGION!

    Muslims dont fight for religion my friends and Facts shouldnt be denied! What pakistan did is hyperness! now they realized to ban all those websites that contain stupid stuff, where was their brain before watching porn?

    I am Muslim, a liberal one! not an extremist cux ISlam denies being extremist! i will think logically before making a move how will it effect my religion which comes first my country which comes second and my cast which comes at the end!

    If you think you can make a change then start by yourself first!

    If such hatred lies within you of facebook and such love of Muhammed PBUH then get off facbeook close down your accounts! definitely it will reduce annual income of facebook and the West will feel the pinch!

    To me facebook is nothing but a place to share things among your frnds! it helps in alot of ways frm life to life stuff.

    Anything made on behalf of Western culture has changed the way we perceive things in todays world, but anything made on behalf of eastern Muslim culture havent changed anything we perceive in todays world!

    understand the difference ppl! WAKE uP

    OIC the biggest islamic organization can even ban products of western countries! WE say dont ban their products else create your own ones and compete with them, i guess islamic countries expecially those in middleast are not short of money so offer subsidies to local companies and allow them to reduce their prices and compete with imported products thats how you answer back to those that you hate!

    Not to cry on little things like stupid illiterate ppl! make an economical impression rather than an impression made by speech cux this aint stopping here next year another person wil open a same page! n all muslims will gathered n do the same thing they did this year!

    But economical action will make a change! cux you have changed! and you dont want their products and there you go!! reduced profits of West, no money no gain!

    Fight the way how JEws are controlling your mind! understand your competitor, their culture, their language which both of these things are already done by you Muslims and now the finals thing attack!

  • Kinza

    i wish you could sue facebook for such action! actually u still can if you are in us or uk.

  • Qasim

    we hate facebook “i have a msg for those ppl who can’t live without facebook ppl plz don’t click on facebook ads so then facebook can;t earn anything from Oakistan….”

  • Qasim

    sorry Pakistan*

  • zohra

    JazakAllahu khairan for speaking out….keep up the good work brother Saad…i beleive hundreds of people read your article and it was really eye openeing …now we really know what this fB also known as Fitnahbook is all about!!!

  • Bikram Betal

    Offending of any religion is acceptable. If a religion is strong it will be unfazed. You should be able draw Jesus ____________. It is offensive but not enough to kill someone about it.

    However praising mass murderer be it Hitler or Osama is not acceptable.

    I dont see anything wrong with Facebook Policy.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Fehmeed (Australia)

    I belong the Pakistani community living abroad for a number of years. I understand the frustration and anger which we all share against people who disrespect our prophet and our religion. I have also joined the boycott of Facebook voluntarily in support of Muslims, in peaceful protest.

    However having worked in a professional capacity over the years, I feel there is a need to educate our people as well.

    All over he world people only see our angry mobs protesting and people in riots in Pakistan and some other places. They don’t really understand why we do it or what we want.

    If we want our point of view communicated, we need to find an appropriate channel and tell the world about it. Let them know we are sensitive about this matter and that we are not crazy people.

    We should report any article or image in any website (facebook and others) as being offensive. When a number of such reports are received by facebook, they will have to block the image / article and also issue a warning to the owner. Repeated violation of rules will result in blocking of accounts.

    We need to understand. The world does not revolve around us. There are over a a billion Muslims in the world. Most of them are in the poorest parts of the world where they don’t have proper food, medical, hygiene, security, legal systems etc. This includes our home country Pakistan. Most Muslims don’t even have access to a computer (so they cannot go on facebook). So if we choose to block facebook or internet or stop using computers in Pakistan, the world will not be impacted much.

    So instead of cutting off our hands and feet to get attention, I feel that our media, and our leadership should do something about it.

    Like a statement form our PM or President urging world leaders to ensure that care is given to issues of such sensitivities. This can then be propagated through laws and agreements.

    The world agrees that Hitler did some bad things to people and using his symbols and images is offensive to people.
    If we get a similar system setup, we can influence the way things go.

    We just need to learn how to do it in a way the world will listen to.

    I hope my message makes sense to people.

    I am still one of you and I still feel angered about what some stupid person is doing on facebook.

    My salaam and regards to all readers.

    Your brother,

  • Efkay

    Good one Saad! Your article was quite an eye opener.Its high time we rose against discrimination and inequality.Its quite aggraveting to note that facebook bigwigs believe in selective banning.

  • mustajab

    this is the only way we can fight back.the two faces of face book and west is not hidden from us but we still feel proud to look like them we have demolish our integrity by our own hands,best defense is best attack.

  • ban it forever

  • Gohar

    Brilliant Saad! that kind of act is required.
    May Allah bless you!

  • In spite of all the hate speed spred by facebook, I feel the blockage of facebook has caused alot of ‘sakoon’ for me and the circle of my friends.

    People would now at least make some real friends and go out and meet them. Even if they don’t, our cyber life has REALLY become easy.

    We were kind of addicted to it. Which was bad. I also support YouTube’s ban. Watching videos all the time is an excellent way of wasting one’s time.

    In our office, people have really started to make their time meaningful instead of clicking on every single page of facebook and browsing videos all the time.

    I think you should forward a link to this page to PTA and tell them to look at the poll. Facebook should really be banned permanently.

    Thank you.

    • Ahmed

      Agreed Akhi!

  • Salman

    Guys, see another article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/14/facebook

    You’d all be super shocked! Facebook shares all our data with 3rd parties :-/

  • Nashmia

    @ keith: u say we shd create a Fb page againt Jesus (A.S). well its forbidden for us
    jesus like Prophet Mohammed is a Prophet to us. we love all of them equally. we do not even regard u ppl drawing n sculpturing Jesus because its forbidden for us.
    @ kate: u say Prophet Mohammed does not exist? Open the Quran and you;l get your anser. Quran for your information is the ONLY revealed bks frm the 4 revealed bks which has not changed…bible, taurah all have been updated and changed by saints and all…which means God’s words are changed. take any scripture of the Quran and you won’t find any change in a single syllable
    i dont really understand why u ppl ridicule Islam… we never do such things to you..atleast at this utterly disgraceful level.
    Islam considers all these things Haram (forbidden). it is the only true religion…if u dont understand thn do research rather than insulting our religion. there have been 1000s of reverts from the west..ask them wat made them change their religion..chk out videos on outube. examples include yusuf islam (cat stevens) yusuf estes

  • Nawaz

    Hi Facebook is still having is Hate page :-( ..

    Please report this page as Abuse..


    • Khan

      trust me Nawaz, complaining to them will only make things work, as one poster [Rida] said..

      “the thing is, we know there is nothing that can shame people who have no respect for others!!”

      the best thing to do is delete your profile and have as many people as you know do the same..if all Muslims deleted their profiles FB would face huge problems.. these people worship money, hit them where it hurts the most.. its a pity people like King Faisal [of Saudi Arabia] aren’t around who stopped their oil back in the 70’s and they all started to cry like babies

      its even more a pity that real men like Salahuddin Ayubi aren’t around :( to teach them a lesson and take them to the total freedom they so deserve

  • Muhammad Arif Shabab

    Salam, i want to say, one can tell this offense to Cyber Crime. If some site violate its terms and conditions, then we can sue it, and can stop that website, but in pakistan who is going to take this action, and complaint about this offense??

    God Bless you All… Ameen
    take care Allah Hafiz.

  • Thanks Saad for telling us this story.
    I shall forward it to all of my friends.


    Hi guys,

    Tremendus efforts from all of you .. Great Work to promote the truth. I would like to mention one thing.. somewhere above i have read that facebook is trying to file a case against our GOVT on the ban of FB in pakistan.
    Lets tell them that this is our Country and we are allowed here to ban any thing that is agianst our relegion or our cultur, as france banned the Hijab.
    I would also like to tell @Keith that in pakistan freedom of expressions and freedom to follow any relegion is more practiced than any where else in the world. People are allowed to follow their relegion with freedom.
    Come and live here for a month and visit different places you will find Chritians and hindus and sikhs living and practicing their relegion with full freedom. Can any of our non muslim brother from Pakistan come up to this forum and tell them about this fact.

    but in west we cant find such things. they dont allow you to live a free life.. If you are a muslim you will be called with bad names.. what is this @Keith.. A muslim is not allowed to wear a dress of his/her own will… Why you people stare at a person wearing a scarf or hijab.. Why a muslim women is not allowed to cover her body according to her relegion guidence WHY ????? Why you dont allow the practice of islam in your countries.. @Keith i would like to tell you that Islam tells you the the complete way of life and teaches us to love others and spread peace even with non muslims…

    So please try to understand what is right and what is wrong..

    God guide you to the right path
    Best regards,

  • Ahmed

    As’Salam O Alaikum,

    Ma Sha Allah brother, may ALLAH S.W.T. bless you in both worlds, Ameen.

    Infact, not all Jews, nor all Christian or Non-Muslims hate Muslims, its few people out there, whose sole purpose is to annoy others on the name of Freedom to annoy (a.k.a Freedom of Speech), their lips are stitched on issues like Holocaust and Child Pornographic, but not when it comes to hate Muslims.

    AlhamdOlilah, past & present is proof that, their hatred is increasing problems for their ownself, they are making enemies. The bright side is that, now Muslims are getting closer to their Identity that is Islam, AlhamdOlilah!

    Wa’alaikum As’Salam,


  • more then enough for me to leave facebook forever !!!

  • Halal

    Thank you for this post. I just wish Christians would stop insulting muslims by drawing the prophet and that muslims would stop insulting Christians by claiming that Jesus is not Gods son. Then we could all live togeheter in peace. Seems to be a lot of reasonable people here so why don’t we make a start of it right here, where all non-muslims pledge to stop drawing images of the prophet and all muslims pledge to never again claim that Jesus is not Gods son.

  • Embarrassed

    As a Muslim, I believe we badly lack achievements in these times. Scientific, Economic, Political – name one in the past 2 decades that changed the course of the world or brought a revolution.

    The so called big bad westerners on the other hand are busy making revolutions left, right and center. Medical research, the Internet, Telecom etc. how come none of this has a muslim footprint. Why is everything a legacy of the western non muslim nations?

    In my opinion, its because we are lazy and believe that we are priviliged to enter then heavens of the God without having to lift a finger. We don’t want to work hard and we think God will just help us in this life and if not here then for sure in the after life. I am pretty sure God doesn’t work that way and reciting the Kalma won’t be enough to get you by neither in this life nor the after life.

    We love to believe any wrong doing to our “great” muslim nation is a juicy Jew conspiracy! For a minute, I will concede to this ridiculous notion and think.. ok lets pick up a few books or go on the internet and do just a little bit research on this. What I will conclude, if I have even a very few grey cells is that there is a history of extreme hard work, long term planning and foresightedness there.

    Basically it seems that they follow the spirit of OUR religion a lot more then we do. We think if we recited the Kalma, now our job is done. The most we can do is grow beards, make our women wear Hijabs, ban the one easy source of knowledge i.e. the Internet – cos we didn’t just ban the facebook plus 850 other sites right.. and sit and crib.

    Why are we labelled intolerant, violent, terroristic, despite the fact that there are such elements in every nation, cast, creed, religion?
    In my opinion, it is because, all the others shine for their achievements and hence other such elements of their nations are overshadowed and over looked.

    And please don’t say we don’t have the resources to be powerful. All the freaking Oil nations are muslim countries with crap loads of money that they spend on diamond studded mercs and beds made of gold. Why don’t we have great universities and educational institutes and medical research centers. Why do we not have MITs, Harvards, Oxfords and Cambridges of the world.

    In my opinion defamation of any religious figure is absolutely wrong but I also believe that the way to address is not by bitching about it and calling it a western conspiracy.

    If only we start educating ourselves (litracy is NOT equal to education by the way) and hope that 50 years down the road, our upcoiming nations will be famous for great inventions and the good of humanity, we might be doing the biggest “jehad”!

    Killing or blowing ourselves up is not the way people and neither is isolating ourselves from the mainstream world or cutting ourselves from the internet is the solution to anything.

    Figure out a way to achieve something to make this world a better place and economic prosperity, power and “world domination” will follow.

  • After reading this post! I have deleted my Facebook account! I would like to interpret Facebook as BiasBook!
    What you guys say?

  • these people are all against muslims, they say that they promote freedom of speech but they are all lies, go to reddit and see what people say about israel and palestinians, they support israel like anything and they even have a page named after it, they are all muslim hating people,

    • M.F.Q.

      How about we start looking for solutions to the problems we are complaining about now?
      If they hate us what should we do? Reply to this keeping personal emotions aside and thinking like a Muslim. Think in a way that the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) would be proud of.

  • Not only from religious point of view but from human values facebook’s policy is worst. We should not be the part of such a media.


  • lina

    can i publish this on my site?

    • admin

      with linkback, its okay with us… you can go ahead

  • Bilal Tahir

    Hey this is really disturbing to see. And still i see a lot of people asking each other about unblocking Facebook. I feel really disgusted about this. Since we’ve to answer our Allah one day still people dying to use FACEBOOK.

  • 48

    facebook was stared up by a bunch of american students. it took off and now the world is on it. why i bring up this little known fact is because no american or israeli will tolerate anything that even remotely glorifies or validates the Nazi regime. why? because in american reality, they fought the “good war” which was against the Nazis. anything that is brought into a positive light on this matter is a big no-no.
    the author of this article is absolutely correct… they will always “disassociate themselves from” any form of extremism, yet when some other nation or people find extreme behaviour or acts carried out by americans, it’s all in the name of freedom of expression.

    i say F*CK YOU america! you’re all hypocrites!

  • Noor

    With The Name Of ALLAH….


    I anticipate you are in good health and faith. I would like to announce the launch of “MUSLIMS-UNITE” as a response to Facebook’s blasphemy of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. MUSLIMS-UNITE is a new social network for Muslims that has the same features as Facebook .

    The overall purpose is to create a central hub that portrays a Muslim Character in its truthful form, creates awareness on issues impacting our Ummah, allows users to share their opinions on topics and to learn more from each other about Islam. I kindly request you to join the “Muslims-Unite” Network so that we all can learn from each other. This is a global effort to unite Muslims using the power of technology

    Just visit this site

  • Muhammad Mustafa

    someone among Muslims should create our own social networking websites on larger scale.Millions of Muslims will join them.

    • Its difficult to agree on what a *Muslim* social network would have to be, but otherwise


      is a good alternative (in the real sense), and if Im not mistaken its even older than FB. Has millions of Muslims.

      Thru personal contacts I also know that the owners are also Muslims.

      • Ops sorry, not millions but only 101,254 registered.

  • Facebook is a piece of shit

    • M.F.Q.

      why say that after you have probably been using it for months on end, maybe years? i get hurt by the group that started the scandal. means i’ll probably boycott the website. i might delete my acct. i might not feel comfortable signing into a place again where they disrespect the prophet (may peace be upon him) i follow. thats still not reason enough to call it a piece of shit is it? cuz if u really care about what the actual scandal going on is, u may wish to appreciate the fact that such a language would totally be unacceptable to the prophet we are defending. wont u agree?

  • SyedY

    someone should sue them

  • Abu Bakr Rizvi

    so what does that mean?

    it means they are biased…ofcourse.

    what are the pious muslims supposed to do…simply delete their accounts and avoid FaceBook and let the not so pious ones access it.

    everyone has double standards. if FaceBook was owned by Pakistanis then they would have allowed holocaust denial, anti-israel pages on it but deleted Blasphemic content at the first instant.

    everyone has their own taboos. why do Muslims DEMAND others to respect their taboos? we are not entitled to anything.

    we muslims are much less tolerant to free speech by the way. blasphemy is punishable by death in muslims countries whereas hate speech of any kind or holocaust denial will (only in some european countries) will get you a few months in the big house at the most.

  • Ali

    Attack Black? People And They Call It Racism.
    Attack Jewish People And They Call it Anti-semetism.
    Attack Women and They Call It Sexism.
    Attack The Homosexuals and They Call It Intolerance.
    Attack Your Country and They Call It Treason.
    Attack Any Religious Sect and They Call It HATE speech.
    But When the Most Perfect Man, The Prophet (pbuh) Is Attacked They Call It FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!

    • M.F.Q.

      Ali what we need to understand here is that the Prophet (may peace be upon him) is the MOST PERFECT MAN in your eyes and mine. He is that in the eyes of Muslims. You and I hold him in great reverence. But those that don’t believe in him wouldn’t agree with us. They’ll argue against him, against his message, against his teachings. And THAT is a right to them, as is our right to not respect anybody we do not see fitting(i wish not to speak of specific personalities here).

      “Attack Any Religious Sect and They Call It HATE speech.”

      Yes, they do, as do they about attacking Muslims’ faith (with of course the exception of those that DO the attacking). WE condemn them, THEY, the makers of such speech, don’t.

      We have our right to boycott as we are doing. They have a right to criticize it as tHEY are doing.

      We can counter their criticism is what we can do. They accuse us of crimes, that we do not commit. If we can convince them that it’s not our religion that teaches us to commit those crimes, instead of which it is the mindset of a small minority of people that constitute, or claim to do so (which by the way is a separate debate), our group, then that would be productive output. To erase hatred for us from their hearts should be the goal, not to provide fuel to it (which I am not saying you, Ali, are doing, it’s a general comment for anyone who might be reading this)

  • Khurram

    Just for information on ‘How to delete facebook account permanently’

    It will take only a minute… and 14 days.

    1. Click this link:

    2. Click on Submit only if you are sure you want to delete the account, FOREVER.

    3. Last chance! Once you click on Submit, you’ll be taken to a page where upon clicking Okay your account will be deleted. Forever.

    Permanently. Gone. In 14 days.

    4. Within this 14 days, if you really wish to have your account deleted, do not try and log in to check or make sure it is deleted.

    If you do it can stop the process completely. Set a date on your calendar for 15 days in the future and try not to think about it.

    Now go outside. Don’t be afraid of the burning ball of fire in the sky, you’ll grow to appreciate it. Your real friends are out there! Find them!

  • doc

    salam.wonderful,excellent.please spread this double face.upload on all newspaper and channel web sites.get it published in all newspapers.

  • Bilal Hussain

    My situation is also same as yours. My account was also blocked the night before Facebook was banned in Pakistan. After i saw those blasphemous pictures, i posted something on the wall of “Draw Muhammad Day”.

    I thought Allah have given us a chance to explain our religion to thousands of people at a time. I wrote the following:

    “Hi! my dear brothers and sisters. I am a Muslim and i am proud for being a Muslim. The religion Islam is wrong interpreted by the Media. Islam is a religion of Peace (infarct The word Islam is derived from “Salam” which means “Peace”). Its against the harmful of innocent human beings.

    — Please refer to the link below for the information on Media & Islam. It will clear all your misconceptions.


    In Islam, Prophet Muhammad is the perfect being that is followed by all Muslims. I invite you all to search about the religion Islam.

    — Here is the link, where you will find the information about Islam and you can also find data on Comparative Religions


    Please refer to these links in order to have complete picture about Muslims and the religion of Islam.

    Then after some hours, i wrote

    “Islam has been misunderstood by most of you guys….. Hence i have shared a link. Read it and clear your misconceptions :)

    Then i again posted my first comments.

    My account was blocked after that……

  • Mala

    its better if we should delete our accounts from this site forever,rather then keeping ban for few days only.as they said its going to be for few days is not a soloution.the site should be removed forever.
    but can I ask you one thing?Do you guys think it is a soloution? NO! They have millions of websites to do whAt ever they want?
    its better to ignore such things rather then propmoting it and telling others.
    as our prophet (sallal la hu alehey wasalam )said .it is better not to spread the bad news.the bad act might not be that bad but if we spread it ,it can go worse.

  • sufyan

    nice post man, just one thing you did wrong was to visit that page of drawing, we should avoid visiting and advertising that kinda pages so that their ranking wont increase!

  • Mala

    your account was blocked ir the site was banned in Pak?

  • Social Hugs

    After what facebook did, Paki Students worked hard to launch Our Own Social website having all the features of fb


    By grace of Almighty Allah, SOCIAL HUGS has crossed 1,000 members in less than 4 days!

    http://www.SocialHugs.com now supports
    – Picture & Video Sharing with Tagging
    – Gaming Arcade with Games
    – Likes
    – Brand new “I don’t like it’ feature
    – Full fledge wall features
    – Groups
    – Chat
    – Chat room
    – Music upload
    – privacy settings
    Lets Hug!
    Plz register there, show your solidarity with this noble cause and forward the link!
    Boycotting facebook for 1 day isnt a solution

    Lets boycott facebook forever!

  • Rehan Bin Iftikhar

    Dear Saad Warrach

    I went through your report on dual face of fb. Its really an eye opener for all of us.

    I do apologies for my act without your permission but it was really good one to show the world what facebook is all about. I have just started a blog with name http://www.chitchatwithrehan.blogspot.com and have pasted it there. My email add is [email protected]. Please let me know if you have no objection(though sound stupid, asking your permission after posting it). I will delete the post if u have objection. Please let me know, i will wait for your reply. Would also like some advise from you as how to proceed further. Your tips and if possible issues will be highly apperciated.

    • Saad Warraich


      Kindly mention ProPakistani as the source in your blog and its all good :)

  • rida

    Linda says:
    May 24, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    How about us make fun of killing Muslims Rida? No hate speech but just simple facts.

    jane doe says:
    May 25, 2010 at 12:00 am

    And when we give “simple facts” about you you cry racism and Islamaphobia.

    oh dear! poor Jane! poor poor Linda!!
    u do realize that i was talking about simple facts that would unveil facebook’s hypocrisy???
    didn’t i say we will talk only about the two faced monster? yes yes that one!
    i was actually referring to facebook n not hitler or holocaust!!

    so go ahead make fun of anything u want…really!! cuz i now i know ur mental age!! hehehehe

    no but seriously, i think linda n jane be commended for their efforts to (i seriously don’t know what they r trying to prove by repeating the same argument again n again) to…..to….
    i’ll get back to u on that!

  • rida


    Bikram Betal says:
    May 26, 2010 at 2:06 am

    u let this be published after moderation!?!?

    don’t know what to say!!

    • admin

      Taken care of, sorry for that!

      • linda

        Great Admin-
        thanks for making sure that no one can say an unkind word about Muslims. You are more hypocritical than fb. Double standards prevail on this page

        • admin

          linda – we have been approving your comments, all the times. Still if you are not comfortable with that – there is least we can help you here

  • Yasha

    I feel sad for those people who insulted my prophet and my religion because there faith has given up hope from them long time back. so let them linger in this world which is paradise for them. I can’t stand these lunitics. but i will say this

    “what goes around comes around”.

    i will wait till the end who was right or wrong
    and then i will laugh at there doings in this world.

    Btw our Prophet’s name is listed as NO # 1 in the
    book called The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History

    so im filled with facts JANE, KEITH, Etc.. losers
    first learn about our religion and its people then stand up and put ur fact in fornt and im pretty sure we will confornt you like my brothers in this FB are doin where it shows MUSLIMS out rank all religions in the world and even in your FB like you are 3 or 4 againt so many write now.


    please visit


    watch the videos to shut your mouths and open your eye’s first. its the quickest way for u people to realize coz u people like watchin first.

  • Yasha

    BTW the name of the aurthur is
    Michael H. Hart (born April 28, 1932 in New York City) is a Jewish American astrophysicist.

  • fahdy

    hey guyz jst fuck and piss off diz site……….

  • sana

    Truth comes out clearly at the end and “baatil” has to end. Good work towards opening people’s minds and hearts. We must correct “ourselves” and keep on walking on the right path.

  • Yasha

    This is what We muslims and wikipedia has to say about our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and our Holy book Quran aka Qur’ān, Koran, Al-Coran or Al-Qur’ān,
    Muslims regard the Qur’an as the main miracle of Muhammad (P.B.U.H), as proof of his prophethood,and as the culmination of a series of divine messages. These started, according to Islamic belief, with the messages revealed to Prophet Adem aka adam (P.B.U.H), regarded in Islam as the first Prophet, and continued with the Suhuf of Prophet Ibrahim aka Abraham-(P.B.U.H) (Scrolls of Abraham), the Tawrat given to Prophet Moosa aka Moses-(P.B.U.H)(Taurat/Torah or Pentateuch),the Zabur given to Prophet Dawud aka David-(P.B.U.H)(Tehillim or Book of Psalms), and the Injil (Evangel)given to Isa/Jesus or Messiah-(P.B.U.H). The Qur’an assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in Jewish and Christian scriptures, summarizing some, dwelling at length on others, and, in some cases, presenting alternative accounts and interpretations of events. The Qur’an describes itself as a book of guidance, sometimes offering detailed accounts of specific historical events, and often emphasizing the moral significance of an event over its narrative sequence.

    In all Holy Books in the world its forbidden to discrimnate or disrespect each others religion.

    If you are a Atheist please watch movies like The Messenger or other religious movies google them 10 times, its about time you guies kick out of 18th centry when you guies first started of LOL.

  • Yasha

    Btw you guies you know what the funny thing is
    I never had a face book,twiter,Hi5,my space etc.. Or any sort of it’s like account. As being a Muslim and especially proud to be a Pakistani outside my motherland. I just needed an excuse to large in coz of my brothers and sisters all over the world to be involved in such a scenario but I promise you mistaken ones I WILL POUND YOU GUIES TO THE GROUND if you lift a finger or a bad eye on any Muslim or a Non-Muslim or any human with bad intensions. ONCE A MISTAKE IS ALWAYS A MISTAKE TO SUPPORT THAT MISTAKE. FACE BOOK SUPPORTED THE MISTAKE AND SHOULD BE BANNED AS AN EXAMPLE IN SAUDIA ARABIA, IRAN, CHINA etc..HOPEFULLY PAKISTAN TOO.

    Solution for FB if ppl insists apologize to all Muslims in the world through FB or whatever media
    And ban the person who started this Blaspheme as an eg.

    Which indeed will never happen but if there’s no Justice in this life let it wait till the Day of Judgment.


  • Rehan Bin Iftikhar

    To all the participant of this debate i would request that Ata abad lake disaster also need your attention. I have wrote a few lines on my blog, http://www.chitchatwithrehan.blogspot.com. I would highly apperciate if all of you can visit and leave ur comments there. Being new in this your participation will really booste my moral and your comments suggestions will be highly weighted. I am hopeful that my request to all of you is considered.
    rehan bin iftikhar

  • Hi All,

    It is necessary to Deactivate facebook id. We are Muslim. We don’t like the behaviour of Non Muslims Against us.

  • Sieme

    hats off for Saad Mustafa Warraich for this wonderful article.

    Please Join millatFacebook develop by pakistani students and approve by lahore high court.

  • Rana

    Great Work Saad and i must say gr8 work Khan Adam and others in responding very sensibly to Kate jane n others … Lets just not tell them that they are wrong but also what’s right … Why is Islam great and what are teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) … Islam, Quran and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are not only the guidelines for Muslims but these are global rather universal … one just need to learn from right sources and he/she certainly would not find anything against humanity …

  • Kashif

    ALL MUSLIMS! Please do baycott of facebook and spread this message to all yours FREINDS & FAMILY…… Especially in PAKISTAN we should not use facebook……….guys please please plase wake up (JAGOO) ……..

  • linda

    The Islamic media allows you to say “the Holocaust didn’t happen, it is a devious lie made up by people wanting power”
    It bans you from saying “the Prophet Mohammad didn’t happen, it is a devious lie made up by people wanting power”
    Who is the real hypocrit? MUSLIMS

    • rida

      linda-r, do u live in lala land??
      no one stops us from accepting or denying Holocaust, n the argument here is not whether it happened or not, its about respecting other ppl’s beliefs.
      n i personally have no problem if u do or do not believe in the existence of our Prophet S.A.W (cuz like i said u live in lala land)
      its because YOU do not matter, however we would expect u to show a little respect for what we beleive, cuz we don’t go tell christians to stop saying that Jesus is son of God! we let them believe what they do, cuz its their belief n we respect that, even though they live in a Islamic country.
      so even though facebook is american, n there r more non muslims than muslims, but we ARE there as well! so naturally, we expect a little respect for our beliefs. there!! was that rocket science?
      why can’t it get into ur thick head??
      oh sorry, i just got it!!
      since u have a thick head, no intellectual thought can penetrate!!! get it? hehehehe

  • Farooq Baloch

    Well done Saad and everyone else so involved in this important matter.

    But I agree with Adnan Ahmed n Rizwan Sheikh. We have got to face all this which indeed is uniting all of us (Muslims).

    I am a Pakistani student in USA and have many American friends on my FB list.

    Many of them showed respect and condemn that page…

    See what our mullhahs would never be able to do by burning American flags was done by FB user ‘bringing an important fact to light’

    Its a platform,perhaps with highest number of users, u can use it to spread ur word. Their admin can show discrimination but u can record ur responses/reactions to millions of its users.

    i have not mastered Islam but know that our religion teaches us to co-exist with other religions and we are talking about building a social network for Muslims only….not the way out…..

    If we have to make one indeed, it should be global n respectful to all other religions.

    If made our own world, Islam would not be the fastest growing religion of the world.

    God bless you all.


    • Rana

      you are on the dot farooq …. i second you here … as it is our duty to tell them the right path (i.e. Islam) … if we gonna stay in isolation, how are we gonna spread the right message … n facebook to me is an excellent forum …
      I also see a bright side of this stupid act … many sensible non-muslims have tried to find out who actually Muhammad (pbuh) is and what are his teachings … it must’ve moulded many hearts too … the more they try to disgrace Islam, the more it spreads … remember how quickly Islam spread after 9/11 … may Allah bless us all

    • Saad Warraich


      True that having Facebook can be good and we can use it to our advantage, but I really am with people who are in favour of the ban. Most of the people are of teh opinion that if Facebook and all such forums agree to respect Mulsims and their sentiments, theres no harm using it. But if we do not raise our voices now, its going to get worse. You get the idea that teh west has probably started enjoying this. I think enough is enough and it MUST stop now. We only got their attention after we banned it, remember.

      • Rana


        I agree that it is more than enough and should be stopped but do you think they’ll quit doing it if we leave facebook? … the point is to change mindsets, these are just a few of them who support this stupid act … many sensible non-muslims find it very ridiculous … why shud we leave for a few nutheads and giveup our efforts to propagate the real message (i.e. Islam)… lets use their media to convince their ppl n i think its the high time when we have positive energy and we are united for a great cause … lets unite our energies and focus our efforts on the cause to literate ppl abt Islam and Muhammad PBUH ….
        i hope i am pretty clear

  • Thumbs Up for Saad Mustafa Warraich!!, Really hit where they hurt!!!

    I am also going to disable my Facebook account and I am using http://www.welinked.com which is specifically for the people of Pakistan and Muslims.

  • Farhan

    I have gone through the SAME procedure…
    My account is Also disabled on Facebook and ther erply i got was Exactly the same…

    Facebook has shown its real face, that how its has,,not just TWO but Multiple faces….

  • Gohar

    They (most of the non-muslims) are all the same i.e. having two faces and the second one is realy UGLY……..

  • Rana

    Aoa Saad / Admin

    can i put this article on our website http://www.pakistanyouthmovement.com with linkback and sources

    • admin

      yea go ahead…!

  • Assalam-0-Alaikum,
    Facebook to be block in Pakistan. Now come to Join http://www.micimo.com and Prove that we all Pakistani together.
    Micimo.com is also Social Networking.

    Forward this message to all your Friends as you did before. Don’t stop it. And plz plz plz to it today.

  • Jawad

    Dear Saad
    Unbelievable acts of fascism. I am deeply touched. I don’t really bother about “who says what” but I am joining the group of people who have decided to give up on facebook. I can live without it and more so I can live happy and satisfied that I gave up on it.

    May Allah have his blessings on all of you. And may Allah put some sense of proportion and judgment in the heads of people who fail to understand our very simple stand point.

    This is a simple issue that we don’t approve off a site and we don’t want to use it and as a nation we are expressing our resentment by blocking the site. On the other hand these people want us to continue using the site so that they can earn money out of it. Pathetic absolutely pathetic.

    I fail to understand one thing that if I don’t use FB, I might miss so to say all the fun but what would any one else miss and why should any one bother about it.

    My suggestions to all those commenting in the favour of FB is to lay off and let us live in peace the way we want to live.

  • Ashi

    Hello Saad,

    This is insane, you need to take serious action against Facebook and its CEO immediately. You need to file a lawsuit, and sue the company! Don’t sit back calmly, we muslims need to stand up for our rights!

  • Farooq Baloch

    Well said Ali! Saad, I hold u in high reverence not only for what u did at first but also for the way you are replying to people disagreeing and giving counter arguments.

    But I agree with some of the points raised by the other side (Embarrassed for example)and believe that the best answer to the west is technological, educational, economical and political reforms/revolution.

    Muslims desperately need to educate them selves to the highest possible standards to be dominant.

    This very thing is benefiting us a great deal as we have starting to think about what to do……. and the very discussion forum is an example how concern we are…..

    But the reality is we have one of the lowest literacy rates, let alone higher education. Our economy is at its worst and our educated also serving in western countries…….. How are we going to have a revolution with this kind of state of affairs.

  • nazish

    i will not appreciate saad for starting page against holocausts becoz Islam does not teaches us to attach on someone’s religion ,faith , ethnicity etc. but yes your efforts turned out the true face of face book to the world.

    i will just say that, life does not end at facebook …we love our Almighty God and Beloved Prophet S.A.W.W. and if we have taken a stand for Allah n His Rasool (S.A.W.W.)SO WE SHOULD STICK TO THAT.

    • Saad Warraich


      I did not start a page about holocaust. I DO NOT go with the idea of killing millions mercilessly. That was a Hitler page and I do praise Hitler for all teh good qualities he had. Now praising Hitler alone was enough to set these guys on fire, I didn’t even have to talk about the killing of jews.

      • rida

        i am all for whatever Saad did to prove that ppl at facebook r hypocrites n Mor… i mean more intolerant than us (yes i admit that we r intolerant as well)
        n though i was ok with the idea of fb getting a life ban here, but now i think we should make a page on fb with this topic n let more ppl know about this, so that they can know why there was a strong reaction in Pakistan.

  • Farhan Qadir

    the answer does not lie in making new social network pages.. nor does it lie in hate speeches and death threats… in doing so v sort of reinforce their allegations against us Muslims.. they say we are intolerant.. how can we justify our proving them right when we believe ours is the most tolerating faith?

    the ink of a scholar is mighty.. u have to give them logic in how they are wrong…and counter-argue with them, as the writer of this article has done, not pave way of our hatred through our words. By swearing at them we get nothing but a temporary satisfaction to our rage that only grows in time, and does not diminish.

    i salute the author of this article and i hope we can propagate it through the internet so those that hate us for the wrong reasons may see.. because anybody with a mind of reason can see how our freedom-of-speech differs from theirs.

  • Hello everyone..

    Well that’s exactly they are.. If they talk against Islam, it’s freedom of expression but If we talk about anything that disturbs them then we violate rules..

    Please join this site http://pakfolks.com ..

    It’s a plateform for pakistanis. We must leave facebook and join at pakfolks.


  • Khanum

    Jane and Kate, the West is already abusing, stereotyping, and ridiculing Muslims. I don’t see anywhere that Muslim countries banned Western channels or websites for calling them names. It’s been happening for years, esp. since 9/11. So please don’t put on your blinders and try to be all self-righteous. Muslims have taken a lot of harshness from the world for the acts of a few extremists. But forget all that for a second, because this isn’t a debate about demonic clashes of culture.

    The real issue is that Facebook is a consumer product with 400 million + users. It has to cater to the needs, requirements, and satisfaction of those users “equally”. It cannot discriminate and apply different standards of equality. This is not the Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others.

    If the mockery of someone’s sentiments and beliefs is regarded as freedom of expression then it goes both ways. Anyone, including Mr. Warraich, should be allowed to create ANY page that he wants, for or against ANY personality. Why is it then that his page was taken down but the page that has hurt thousands of users is being protected by a so-called, hypocritical, biased policy? THIS IS THE ONLY ISSUE HERE. So don’t try to wiggle in stupid comments like there is 0% proof that Prophet Mohammad “happened”. He did happen. If you didn’t read about it you must have either grown up in a trailer park or you are demented.

    Mr. Warraich, I commend you for bringing the truth about the Two-Faced Book to the world. I hope that everyone who has read your article forwarded it to dozens of people, like I’m doing. Please SUE facebook as another commenter suggested. You have every right to do so. You should get someone from the Govt. of Pakistan to help you!!!

    • sanna

      I agree, you should definitely sue Facebook, if a user from any non-Muslim country had made a page like the one you did I am absolutely positively sure that they would have simply closed that page and not deleted their personal account…

  • Jim

    Thanks alot Mr. Saad for giveing a push to unite us through this page im with you brother.
    Hats off for you.
    second i would like to thank you YASHA for your input and opening my eyes! i love the videos that these guies have shown in http://www.wakeupproject.com (THE ARRIVALS) and speacialy you have shut these guies up with your facts and about that book which show our PROPHET (P.B.U.H) as No. 1

    Salam Oliye Kum

    God BLess you all i see how we are ONE.

  • Muhammad

    Execellent said Mr. Warraich….. As a Muslim we should hate These types of Scams of Westerners”

  • goussem

    Asslamu Alaikaum

    Come on muslims wake up from your dep sleep!! it has never been any other face. we all know about one face. Open the Book of ALlah and get to know your ennemy.

    It is suprising how muslims in the heart of the fitna and in the middle of the battle field seem not to see what is going on.

    Don’t waste your time on facebook and get real!!!!
    for the brother facebook did u a favor when they deleted your account !! believe me
    for another brother who said that we are intolerant. Please brother review your eeman as you should love the prophet salla ALlahu 3alhi wa salam more than anyone including yourself!!
    how would have you reacted if a special page was open to insult you mother. the most nasty insults,

    We have our religion and that is it. A religion that ALlah has chosen for us and that is valid for the humanity on earth. waht other people apply and keep changing we do not care about All.

    Borthers, sisters, get real, understanfd your religion better than that and get ready for what it is seems going to be more serious that a facebook conflict/ BE smart

    wa salamu alaikum

  • Zahid

    Friend try this site http://crome.us

  • Ahamd

    Ban FB forever!

  • A lurker

    Would have been nice if this page did not have Google Ads on it all over the place. Ads are hurting the importance of this thread IMO. Just a thought …

  • Bakhtiar

    AOA.PAKISTAN.Creating our own facebook like thing is a good idea.Im with you who are trying to create ‘LIFE’ named site.I dont like face book.Facebook authorities are the biggest BASTARD,S iv ever seen with two faces.Pathetic bustin bone head losser,s

  • Of your extremist*

  • sanna

    well obviously facebook has double standards, the creator is jewish himself…

  • double standard against muslims started a long time ago. long before the last prophet. it started from day one. evil will entertain all types of falsehood but not truth. in mecca, during the prophet’s time, free speech, freedom of expression was allowed except for muslims to talk about islam. there was no shariah at the time. Just preaching the shahadah. yet the enemies of islam would not permit this and tortured anyone who believed in there is no god but allah. today, if we talk about defending islam and mislim countries, if talk about implementing islamic values and systems in society, if we talk about focusing on deen rather than dunia, than we are labelled as extremists. who is labelling us? the anti-muslims and then their rent-a-scholars. forget facebook, obama, etc. let’s study the seerah of the prophet and his companinions and event the lives of the prophets. Why? bcos the terror against muslims that is happening today already happened during the time of the prophet yusuf, shuaib, noah, moses, jesus, muhammah and many other prophets. It’s just a different instrument (bombs instead of saws) and sometimes it’s the same instrument (Economic sanctions, character assasinations, divide and conquer by labelling, media and govt propoganda). Anyway, this oppression was overcome. it’s not about numbers or economic/political/military strength (remember badr, khandak, salahuddin?). it’s about accepting that there is really no god but allah and if wetry to copy or impress any creation bcos of the color of their skin, their country, military power, technology, education, etc than we are committing minor shirk. understand that allah is not limited by OUR logic and reason and 1400+ years ago, the muslims had no change but within 23 yrs, the muslims defeated the 2 major superpowers and then went on to control and contribute to teh world. The minute we start behaving like the enemies of islam, we loose. Remove the Wahn – the love of this dunia and fear of meeting your creator (death). things will start changing. people including the non-muslims will respect you.

  • Muhammad Nawaz

    Well done saad .Hit them where they feel pain. I bycotted the facebook and wilstick to bycott. No body can let down our Prophet Muhammad PBUH as Allah has Said in Quran WA RA FAAN LAKA ZIKRAK.May Allah show us the right path

  • Yasha

    Well said anti-anti muslim. if u can vist these
    http://www.wakeupproject.com (The Arrivals)

  • Yasha

    Hummm FB creater jewish thats very INTRESTING!!

  • muslman

    Dear Muslims!
    Please learn that Our Prophet pbuh was so tolerant . He was physically tortured . But he never curse anyone. He is a REHMAT UL ALALMIN mercy for all mankind. If someone say prophet pbuh did not happen . Its better not to argue with them. There knowledge of history is poor . As prophet pbuh is just 1400 years ago. secondly We have quran Allah’s original words.
    do not worry don’t argue . Be practical and yeah join a muslim network . Do what prophet Muhammad pbuh did , ignore them and become strong and love Allah and his prophet pbuh practically
    join http://www.life.net.pk
    bring all the muslim users to this network
    Soon its outlook going to be change and as pakistan was created in name of islam. life is created in love of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. we welcome even non muslims on it. We wont hurt them

    • Yasha

      Sorry brother i tried to make an a/c
      on life but its creating problem in alfanumeric username. So anywaz i am very convinced as long as its our muslim brother handling this site. btw good news for our muslim brothers is that where 9/11 happened ground ZERO they have decleared to build a huge mosque there. dont know the actual conspiracy but it sounds gud.

  • peace

    A very peaceful & intellectual attempt by Saad and you all can forward this link to all your contacts and lawyers to charge Facebook for voilating Human Rights,Racists Attempt and hatered Promotion.

  • muslman

    in response to http://www.life.net.pk is hosted by usa
    please check the Ip adress and web hosting of this blog we are writing . There is no such website in pakistan with local hosting. if there was we would have bought that for our social networking. atleast people who have created the life network are pakistani, muslim and this is under control unlike facebook

  • adnan

    Please leave facebook and join muslim facebook. this will create many benefits like income goes back to muslims, our own brand, our one way to protest.


  • song by soldiers of allah – 1924. don’t get angry. study the biography of the true heroes of this world. the prophet, his companiions and the prophets before him . Our humiliation is not due to the enemie’s economic or military strength. it is us leaving the quran and sunnah and trying to modernize islam to appease the kuffar, yet the quran says that the kuffar will only be happy if we leave our deen. are we smarter than our creator?

  • Afrah Qureshi

    Saad, thanks a lot for sharing this. This is an eye opener to facebook’s reality. Will circulate this as much as I possibly can.

  • triumphant would be an understatement to express myself here!!i am impressed at how aptly somebody from amongst us came up with such a counter.This is a stark reflection of their hypocrisy, as they couldnt swallow the same dictum of, “freedom of speech”.
    i appreciate the efforts of all those who are trying to come up with a similar networking site!!its about time we stop relying on others!!

  • Here is another social community created by IM|Sciences Pasawer students.

  • We have created our own social networking website which is far better than Facebook. Join us all at



  • Mohemmed Faisal

    down with facebook

  • Amna

    Well done saad, I co admined a few Islamic groups on facebook myself, and I am a witness to how several other Islamic pages were deleted and how their admins’ accounts were disabled.

    It’s such a sad fact that our very Muslims fail to understand and perceive this despicable act by facebook owners.

    Of course it’s just a damn website. but it’s one hell of a conspiracy behind it.

    We all need to be vigilant now. what we reveal on the internet, is being used against us.

    this IS cyber war.

  • Farhan

    As we all know that the situation has become So Sever, then why we r all just Discussing and doing Nothing?

    Isnt this the time to practically join our hands and Fight against these evils?

    We r ALL living ur Luxury lives and these ppl r Killing our Own innocent civilians in Masses..

    Is anybody aware that we all will be questioned after our Death that why didnt we do anything to stop these Evil ppl?

  • frank

    If you want to believe in a god then fine, just don’t go about saying that everyone has to convert which is what most muslims do. I hope you all get cancer. Too bad when you die you’re just dead because I’d like to see your faces when you realise that dead is dead, there is nothing after death. There is no god.

    • Rana

      another ____ who is beating behind the bush … another piece of non-directional statements which have nothing to do with the topic under discussion…

      [Comment Edited]

  • Katja

    When I read this story I am ashamed of being Danish. I have done nothing wrong in this matter and still I feel like a fool. I am so sorry that some people – like those fools managing facebook -are so narrorminded that even the use of simple logic gets you nowhere. I don’t know what to say. I am utterly in chock.

    • Rana

      DEar Katja … its not one’s nationality that is to be blamed of …. its one’s individuality and the moral principles one carry …
      hats off to u … i must say u own a human mind and heart … unlike many others u know respect …. n that of a personality whose teachings are all based on peace, love humanity and righteousness … do read abt Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that you may know more and u can even change minds … i wish u all success in ur life with this positive state of mind :)

  • Syed M.

    Ok Jane
    Prophet Muhammad did not exist for you if you do not want to believe.. no one can force you to open your eyes..

    regarding the “holocaust” ok, for argument’s sake lets agree there was something like “holocaust” and a large number of Jews (studies say between 4-6 million) were killed, why is the suffering and death of those Jews any special then suffering and death of Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of 800,000(in less then 100 days in 1994) plus Rwandans in hands of Felician Kabuga, of Millions of Palestinians in hands of Israeli Jews, of Iraqi and Afghani in hands of Christian American and NATO troops?

  • imran

    Brother im delighted that u took out time to uncover the ugly face of facebook and bloody american lobbists to whom everything that is in their interest is right and everything tht according to them is not right is wrong.

  • jana

    iran is best friend of israel

  • Yasha

    Just ignore these people and carry on with your task Saad.
    you have My support and all my friends, brothers and sisters.
    I think brother you should open up a website similar to FB and prove these cyber crimenals and those who are against our beliefs. show them how muslims can live peacefully together with rest of the socity. set an example which u already did through this site.

    May Allah Bless you with sucsess.

  • Yasha

    Here is for you mislead people i know it hurts you people when truth hits you guies with such heavy facts like this brother (Saad) hit you FB lovers with. FACT is you people have lost your sight, faith, and ONENESS in GOD.
    trust me there will be no guide for you people unless you people are judged from your acts you might have time to realize might not.


    watch movies, play games and stay all night long
    coz thats your bond with the wrong.

  • Yasha

    HA HA

  • athar


  • Rahul Joglekar

    I think it’s funny how you muslims keep ruining it for yourself.

    Facebook doesn’t label EDMD as hate speech and racism, but they do classify “Hitler” as such. That’s up to them, they can allow whatever they want on their page. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom to express yourself whereever you want in a privately driven service, it’s theirs, so they’re in charge.

  • head in the sand ummah

    The only reason why we keep ruining ourselves is because we don’t unite under one flag and as one nation. We are secularists, nationalists and our allegiance is to man made borders. That’s the disease that keeps us down. When we really unite like one body, ie. no disease of nationalism, we will rise once again inshallah. until then we get humiliated by the likes of rahul and we deserve it.

  • M.Adnan

    Although short of time, I read through the entire lot of 144 comments. The author did a commendable job to initiate a discussion and many participants made some very legitimate, logical and rational points.

    However I guess the entire discussion is much too limited, it is not a question to defending yourself against any specific act of condemnation, or to debate incessantly over freedom of speech. The question is to propose a legitimate solution to the problem. I will not argue over the fact that this entire event by FB was unquestionably wrong but would rather point to how we can ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

    1.2 billion is a huge number but only in summation as individuals 1.2 billion is a crowd that can start a stampede to tremble its own at the slightest provocations.

    The Kuffar survive to rule for they have chose a preferred path, whether it be right or wrong is the subject of a completely different discussion.

    I guess what I mean to say is that Muslims ruled for ages under the banner of a singular Ummah and the khilafat up until 1924. It hasn’t been that long. Lost glory can still be regained, if you want the truth to prevail, grown strong enough to table you perspective with equitable power not as a squabbling third world country.

    Know your aqeedah and know your strength, learn and read about the khilafah and your faith. All answers to you dilemmas lie within.

    May Allah (SWT) bless all those who presented the perspectives of a “momin” and forgive those who stay bent on provoking disputes.

  • hitler

    FU facebook
    Hilter was an a$$hole. So is facebook now

  • stick to the quran, study the history of islam, the biography of the prophet and his companions who were the best of the best and experienced all the atrocities that we are currently going through and more. these heroes gave up everything for islam and there has been no once since they passed that could match their character.

    until we revert to the quran and sunnah for the solution, then we will continue to be humiliated. the day we turn to islam instead of man made ideologies, the kuffar will be non issues.

    Historically muslims got power and respect when they we ill equipped and small armies but full strength in allah and allah repaid their loyalty by sending the non-human mujahideens to their aid.

    study the battle of badr, uhud (after the defeat), khandak. study how salhudding revived the khilafa and freedom alquds from the crusaders. his army was 10% that of the crusaders and they were victorious.

    there is no god but allah and muhammad is the messenger of allah. believe it. study it. be proud of it. please the creator and not the creation.

  • Muhammad Jamal Maqsood

    To Nusrat.

    Well Nusrat, at least you started talking sense. Thanks goodness for that. Its good that you want to provide humor but my friend, it was in a bad taste.

    You are right about shortage of mature people in Pakistan, but then there is shortage of mature people everywhere. Hence the reason this world is such a messy place.

    You spoke about Pakistan getting F-16s at the expense of hungry population. My friend, I do agree with you in principal you point of view. But then such acts of foolishness is not limited to Pakistan alone.

    Some times back, I met with an official of US Department of State. He told me an amazing fact that the same USA who give out billions of dollars of aid the world, has about 25,000 homeless people living in its own capital city (Washington DC).

    The same illness afflict our neighbor India. Millions living below poverty line and yet their establishment is crazy about being a military super power.

    My point Nusrat, incompetence knows no boundary, no religion and no country. Instead of hating your country for its ills or hating a particular group of people (like in your case you hate Punjabis)for any reason, Dont you think my friend, its time to gather our individual strengths and work together in a positive and constructive manner for our country in particular and world in general?

    This country of ours have known enough divisions and hatred, enough bloodshed and incompetence.

    Sir Winston Churchill once in his speech quoted a famous saying of Sir Edmond Burke that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    I think it is high time my dear friend to cast aside our differences and sit together. Think about something and then actually do that which will lead our country and our nation in the right direction.

    By the way Nusrat, I did not intend to hurt you when I said you had a pathetic soul. It was just to make you realize that others also do get hurt by what you say. I did not mean it.

    I would not have been giving answers to almost each and every correspondence of your on this forum Nusrat, if I didnt sense any good in you. Its ok to feel bitter about bad experiences. Its just human nature.

    My message is to get rid of your hatred. It is easy to take revenge and it is an act of greatness to forgive.

    Our Master Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam) forgave his mortal enemy and did not carry any grudge and told that all humanity are one and the best among you are those who are pious. Janab-e-Syeda (Alaiha Salam) gave her personal belonging to Jew as a debt assurance so that a poor Muslim may get something to eat. Maula Ali (Alaihis Salam) forgave his mortal enemy once he spat on him by saying that I wont fight for my personal gain. Imam Hassan (Alaihis Salam) never took revenge against those people who used foul language against him and his family despite having the power to take revenge. Imam Hussain (Alaihis Salam) sacrificed himself and his family for this Ummah. Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (Alaihis Salam) carried his sorrows with him and did not take revenge and so on.

    These Nusrat are our role models. I have decided to follow their footsteps. I invite you on the same path.

    May Allah bless you and open your heart. Ameen.

  • Jim

    I’m with you brother Nusrat Rizvi but you got
    everything wrong abt my cast Sikhism. so i have to say this to shut you up coz you are creating a hate rage for my kind between my brother muslims. is what my GURU has to say.
    “The Gurus and their Muslim contemporaries”
    Guru Nanak’s preachings were directed with equal force to all humans regardless of their religion. As such he freely borrowed and redefined religious terminology from the lexicons of other faiths.

    Guru Nanak defines the transformation of man to a permanent union with God as part of his preaching against communalism summarized by the famous phrase, “There is no Hindu and no Muslim,” Guru Nanak defined a Muslim as follows:
    It is difficult to be called a Muslim; if one is truly a Muslim, then he may be called one.
    First, let him savor the religion of the Prophet as sweet; then, let his pride of his possessions be scraped away.
    Becoming a true Muslim, a disciple of the faith of Mohammed, let him put aside the delusion of death and life.
    As he submits to God’s Will, and surrenders to the Creator, he is rid of selfishness and conceit.
    And when, O Nanak, he is merciful to all beings, only then shall he be called a Muslim.
    Allah is hidden in every heart; reflect upon this in your mind. The One Lord is within both Hindu and Muslim; Kabir proclaims this out loud.
    Be kind and compassionate to me, O Creator Lord. Bless me with devotion and meditation, O Lord Creator. Says Nanak, the Guru has rid me of doubt.
    The Muslim God Allah and the Hindu God Paarbrahman are one and the same.

    To be Muslim is to be kind-hearted, and wash away pollution from within the heart. He does not even approach worldly pleasures; he is pure, like flowers, silk, ghee and the deer-skin.
    One who is blessed with the mercy and compassion of the Merciful Lord, is the manliest man among men. He alone is a Shaykh, a preacher, a Haji, and he alone is God’s slave, who is blessed with God’s Grace.
    The Creator Lord has Creative Power; the Merciful Lord has Mercy. The Praises and the Love of the Merciful Lord are unfathomable.
    Realize the True Hukam, the Command of the Lord, O Nanak; you shall be released from bondage, and carried across.

    I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim. My body and breath of life belong to Allah — to Raam — the God of both.
    Says Kabir, this is what I say: meeting with the Guru, my Spiritual Teacher, I realize God, my Lord and Master.

    —Sri Guru Granth Sahib
    According to Sikh tradition, while in Baghdad as part of his journey to Mecca and Medina, Guru Nanak had extensive dialogue with Muslim scholars there. In one discourse with a pir.

    At Mecca, Guru Nanak was found sleeping with his feet towards the Kaaba[8] Kazi Rukan-ud-din, who observed this, angrily objected. Nanak replied with a request to turn his feet in a direction in which God or the House of God is not.” The Qadi took hold of the Guru’s feet. Then he lifted his eyes seeing the Kaaba standing in the direction of the Guru’s feet, wherever he turned them Muslims remain unconvinced about this story as no records from Arabic sources have ever existed to back these claims.

    Guru Nanak was pointing out that if he moves his feet elsewhere God is still in that direction as God is Omnipresent i.e. not confined by space (or time).

    The Muslim rulers of the Lodhi dynasty and the first Mughals were too concerned with consolidating their respective rules, and Akbar’s liberalism led him to establish cordial relations with India’s religions. The influence of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and the Sufi Naqshbandi order on Jahangir led to the subsequent execution of Guru Arjan Dev in 1606.

    so stop it who ever you are you dont even one bit sound like one of us. if you wont stop i would like to Kill you if ur bored from this life.

  • Sabreen

    This is my opinion. :)

    There are many pages on facebook that let people know the truth about our Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). When the page “May 20th: Everybody Introduce Prophet Mohammed Day!” was made, instead of boycotting facebook for a few days, many people joined this page and this helped make a change in people’s mindsets about Islam. In my opinion, boycotting facebook on 18th, 19, 20th… benefitted no one except these atheists (not jews) who are reponsible for these blasphemous acts. They were happy that muslims got hurt. Yusuf Estes.. Yusuf Chambers, and other islamic scholars, have their facebook page and didnt boycott or anything but instead posted even more videos of Islam. This is more beneficial and provides knowledge to the ignorant.. muslims and non-muslims.
    May Allah guide us all even more. Ameen

  • What the Hell is going on here……Nusrat…!!!…what do u want….???…..what is your main purpose behind this….???……i am Punjabi from Gujrat……and i dont feel any proud to be Punjabian…….i feel proud to be a Pakistani…..!!!…..Punjab is nothing without Pakistan…..same as Sindh,NWFP,Balochistan are nothing without Pakistan…..we are not pathan,punjabi,sindhi,kashmiri,balochi, …..we are only pakistani and…..before pakistani we are muslim…..so no need to have more discussion about this…it is already decided on 1947….

  • Personally I do not believe in spreading hate messages. I make it sure that I do not become part of the chain that increases the incidence of marginalization of any race, community and nation. Those who agree with it must try to establish a court of justice where media crimes can be handled, especially spreading hate and discrimination. Let East take lead in it. Let us cleanse ourself of all hate against each other, and then let West model it.

  • sheraz

    “I wonder what gives them the right to remove a major chunk of my life from the web”

    I think the author of this article should sue facebook. With the argument he has presented here he can easily win a lawsuit for wrongful damages.

  • thiS iS sOooO unfOrtUnAte…..thOuGh v oUrsElveS r dA onEs rEspOnsiblE 4 deSe ciRcUmstANceS….:S :S :S!

  • Ghulasm Husnain

    we should have analyze first that what we are doing in these & our life is replica of the any non muslim life & we not bothering & denying all order of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

  • I already swtiched to funibook.com which is much powerful then facebook :)

  • Haseeb Javed

    Well, maybe the reason for that is because you conducted this test AFTER the whole Draw Muhammad event occurred. In case you don’t know this, Facebook has changed it’s terms of service to include protection of religion now, thanks to the Everybody Draw Muhammad Day event. So, you can’t really blame Facebook now because they’re actually doing what the majority of Pakistan and the Muslim world wanted, so don’t criticize them for trying to keep you happy.


  • Asma

    Khan sb,

    I dont know you but how you clarified all points in your above discussions..that is the way to elaborate the facts and our point of view based on those fatcs..

    thanks on behalf of all Muslims..thanks for saving our dignity..


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  • we all love our ALLAH and MUHAMMAD…..

  • Some days in the past I mentioned that subject with one other guy just with a unique result. It s a subject difficult for discussions once more and again. Nice points you took into account for argumentation

  • ali faiz ul qadri


  • Nero

    Okay here is my opinion.

    Quoting what you said: “how is it that Hitler is termed as the most evil person in the history of mankind”

    The answer being he massacred innocent people in there millions for what? Just because they were different? Yes because they were different ranging from disabled people to Jewish people and as for that, Hitler should never be forgiven for causing such an atrocity known as “Genocide”.

    But as for what you did would be considered to be just plain stupid acting in anger.

    As for people ridiculing Islam, it’s not surprising considering the fact for example wife beatings ring any bells? As for Woman should have just as much freedom and rights as men do, known as a little term called “Egalitarianism.”

    Also I will state this much, I know that not all Islamic people are bad, just the minority that make the rest of you look all bad and people jump the gun and classify everyone from Islam to be bad just because of the actions of the minority to which I do find sad.

    Also thought I’d point out something that you seem to have missed out on your Windows Live picture, I can clearly see your email address and thought I’d inform you of this since you covered it up on your Facebook picture (probably slipped your mind.)

  • this is quite nice many of facebook users are fake
    its nice blog and this is such a great article i ever seen..

  • Salman Qureshi

    JazakAllah for your sincere struggles.

  • mariam

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  • mariam

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  • wasim khurshid

    wonderful article

  • In my view, face book is the greatest curse for the young generation as students are wasting their precious time on such useless things. In my opinion, face book must be blocked immediately.

  • fakhir

    we should not think that we could make a loss to facebook or not we should have a level of faith that if something bad happens there then we should leave it immediately…although millatfacebook may be not like facebook but we have to support our own peoples…we have to think that the revenue generated from our every click is going to use against muslims…so i suggest that dont use facebook leave it forever and if you are unable to do so or have not so much strength then decrease the use…for example its not necessary that you update your status add pics etc…only use for business or education purpose when it is very necessary and you dont have any other option….and also i m using http://www.millatfacebook.com and i have seen that almost all the funtions that i want are available on millatfacebook…