• What is the source of “around 2 million twitter users from Pakistan”?

  • yeah same question – whats the source of twitter followers in pakistan?

    • admin

      This was stated by someone in recent social media summit

      • Saddam

        but it could also be wrong. as i can also say 3 million stead of 2 million..

    • Shahid Saleem

      I think number of users is not as interesting figure as number of ACTIVE users. I have run into local people who tweet three times in six months and that’s it, never again.

  • seems, youth got nothing to do except facebooking…

  • everyone says facebook a time wasting thing but very less really use facebook in positive way.

    • That’s why they are saying it, If you are using something in the positive way, then it’s not time waste

    • Shahid Saleem

      Everyone commenting on this blog is wasting his or her time, too. Yet that does not stop you, Nouman…?

      • irtza

        hahahah 100% agree wid Shahid Saleem !

  • can somebody explain the +ve use of facebook???

  • I say that facebook break trend of chatting into commenting but this is time waste that people share everything on facebook during walking,talking,eating or anything and his friends comment on it and in the above ratio of female 50% of fake thats a biggest point of wasting…

  • Mani

    R U counting unique users, or just accounts. If you are counting users on accounts base, then let me tell you one simple fact. I know many FB friends with multiple accounts, and our Pakistani fellows are mashallah very advanced in “do numberi” like this.
    So in this case 5 million accounts are actually just 1 million unique users.

  • Humayun

    i dont understand. this blog so called BANNED facebook after draw Mohammad day episode, they even removed the facebook sharing option from the website. Why bother mentioning facebook in their articles?? stupid blog, stupid author, stupid admin

    • Shahid Saleem

      It gets them traffic. You loaded the page, and viewed, didn’t you?

    • irtza

      And u r the most stupid one !

      • Humayun

        @ irtza
        Dude why dont u go blow something up, thats what u pakis are really good at. dont waste ur time here….

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  • rehan khan

    i came to check how many users are there for facebook from pakistan and feel shame that even after so many pakistani users are there using internet still our country is not shown in country list in most of site,s ,,,,,,