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    On a side note, i was not impressed by Ufone’s this effort. I so wanted someone from Pakistan (with huge pockets) to come up with very aggressive social networking website.

    But this effort of Ufone is apparently not going to challenge Facebook at any level.

  • Hasan

    i have been using this service for some time now and its quite ok. its in urdu as well so thats an advantage but i am sure its not easy to compete with fb. its a decent service and a good effort.

  • fbuser

    will surely give it a try ….. why do we always compare our products with others????? its high time we start appreciating things done by us PAKISTANIS.

  • Not a Bad Site at All.A very simple site as we all know hoe to use FB and its almost a clone of it. If Ufone start promoting it on Social Media properly then it can get a huge benefit from this site

  • i visited this website and i really liked it and i was not expecting such quality social networking site…no matter yo can not compare it with Facebook but its not bad…

  • WebStar

    Oho,, i was not expecting it.. this is not an exclusive development but a premium social networking script “phpFox”. Don’t know if ufone is using “NULL” version or acquired license :D here the link. You can start your own club too :D

  • WebStar

    This script also supports customer themes and languages.

  • Good site:)

  • Its a good initiative by the ufone

  • 100% phpfox :D

  • I already join this

  • Good site :) but clubufone may add some gr8 features for the members in future. lot of space for work in the site.

  • Site tu Achii hai Pher I ka Koi Maza nahii hai :P

  • mohsin

    gudd site. but ismain find friends ka koi option hi nahai hai. kch improvement loa. plz

  • Amir, This is what we started with at stop.pk. Now there are at least a dozen sites like these which I already know. ufone could have do some modifications at least to make it more localized and add some loacl oriented features. a plain stock instance of phpfox with a slightly customized template. thats it.

  • mohsin

    mera comment kahan gya admin. tell me. kya galat likha tha mene?

  • shahrukh

    koi charges to nahi hai is main sign up krne k????????

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  • faraz

    mjhe samjh mein nahi ayya………..

  • M AMIN

    o yr koi mujy b btao ye kai hain …y ????

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  • salam friends

  • salam pakistan

  • hi all frnd