• I-left-PTCL

    Poor customer support ever seen with poorest policies… How can you expand if you are not able to retain your customers… Please firstly employ effective customer care services..!!


      What do you expect at Rs 499 a month. You customers first plead for cheap prices but when the costly features are removed you complain and moan.
      Make up your mind.

  • Bilal Iqbal


  • Name

    Nearly all of Pakistan’s information connections are through submarine cables which all branch off from Africa/Middle East to India portions and all land at a single point (Karachi). This is a dangerous situation to have so much of critical infrastructure concentrated at one place, considering so much of the economy depends on it. Overland routes need to be given more priority as well.

  • PeeTCLazy

    WTF, what about existing crap infrastructure???