• Ammar Haider

    is UBL omni application working on this phone?
    plz ager koi is ko use kar raha ha tu mujhy bata day is main install kar kay ubl omni ki android applicaiton .

  • Ammar

    This phone is utter garbage.

    • Rafay

      2nd that.
      Turned the phone on experienced lag in scrolling the menus returned the phone.
      Couldnt stand 5 mins using this crap.
      I ll go with moto g instead of this alot better than the cheap qmobiles and voices.

    • Faisal Kamal

      which one is better?

  • Fakhre Alam

    why so much posting about nokia x ????????? paid content?

    • kami

      absolutely. I guess so. First pro Pakistani devalue this series, and then i am seeing this second post. Whats special in this???. its just waste of time. Go and explore something new other than cell phones. There is huge IT world. You can find some better blogs. Pro pakistani is just limited to telecom (3g, cell phone and mobile operator packages)

  • abobobilly

    Since Nokia is now with Microsoft, here is how they perceive Android phones.
    1. Release a Nokia Windows-Phone-inspired Android Phone, with shittiest on earth specs, awkward design and mediocre build quality … so that i’d lag.
    2. And then ask the customers that if they want “lag free experience – Buy Windows Phone”.

    Win Win for Microsoft.

    The only problem is … They are fighting with lost battle with Nokia Android phones.

  • Nokia XL kab aye ga ?

  • Faisal Kamal

    i had intended to buy this cell but i had to know some info about this. thanks, you have provided a lot what i needed. this is the second part, waiting for third episode :p