Cellular Companies, Please Please…show some Mercy; Don't Loot Innocent Pakistanis

Mobilink, last month, kicked off the war with Jazz one, Telenor responded with A One; however both were defeated by Ufone’s Uwon. And now Zong feeling the heat and joining the club with 8 Anay per Call offer.

Two things are seen common amongst all cellular companies; they are attacking each other…and at the same time deceiving their customers through un-clear advertising campaigns and claiming their packages as best one.

Let’s look at the print ad and try to solve the equation, regarding what actually the pricing would be for this package….

  • Regular Rate: 75 Paisa per 30 Second
  • FnF Number: 50 Paisa per 30 Second
  • How to Activate Package: Call 907, an automated voice will guide you through the process (here you will be asked to enter one FnF number)

Check points:

  • AD says 40 Paisas for first minute will be charged; for God Sake your pulse rate is 30 second, how can you communicate additional charges per minute? Yes they are charged for first 30 seconds, if you hang the call in 20 seconds that will cost you 50+40=90 paisa + taxes
  • You can select only one FnF number from any cellular network, while the advertisement clearly stats “Koi bhi Number, Koi bhi Network, Sirf 50 Paisay per 30 Seconds”. I am not sure how many but at least million customers will be negatively affected by this.
  • FnF number modification: No Information on Print AD, but their website says, Addition/ Modification of FnF will charge you PKR 15 + Tax. How many of Zong customers visit their websites? A 8 x 2 advertisement could be filled with complete information.
  • Only numbers of Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, and Instaphone can be added for this offer, means you can’t add Zong Numbers….

I am feeling pity on our country and our nation who are misguided every other day, and none of us can take these looters to court.

I just called this “Network for Consumer Protection”, and asked them if there is any good way to bug these cellular companies for ambiguous un-ethical advertisements, but the lady there told that there is no advertising law in Pakistan. She confirmed that there are some code of conduct saved by PEMRA or PTV but that’s scattered. I was shocked to learn that we have no code of conduct for advertising for print media; that’s due to the interest of APNS, that they are more of concerned with the money they are getting from advertisers.

I was told that there is a Consumer Protection Court in Rawalpindi, but at the same time, that court is just for the sake of formalities. It does nothing…!

See below what is being followed in US

Unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce, are hereby declared unlawful – Section 12 of the act makes it unlawful to disseminate any false advertisement for “foods, drugs, devices, services, or cosmetics.” – Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a).

I remember an American parents sued a Washing Machine Manufacturer for not exclusively mentioning that their washing machines are dangerous for children under 7. Their 3 years old kid was killed when he jumped into machine tub. And interestingly, the couple had won the law suite.

But tell me where should i go to ask for justice in Pakistan?

I am sorry if I am hurting any one, but Pakistan is a jungle not a country, where any one can come and loot you! Bullshit

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • yeah! true its Jungle full of dogs! where everyone is about to kill each other! God Knows Future of PAKISTAN

  • Yes I am 100% agree with u that Pakistan is really a jungle full of wild bloody bullshits in different shape, shades and faces for poor peoples of Pakistan.

  • “But tell me where should i go to ask for justice in Pakistan?

    I am sorry if I am hurting any one, but Pakistan is a jungle not a country, where any one can come and loot you! Bullshit”


  • Dear paksitanies brothers plz dn`t disgrace pakistan ,pakistan is not a Gungle yes may be paksitanies are junglies but pakistan is mother and no one can disgraces or Abuses his own mother.Hope u dn`t mind Thanks

  • hey hi all there yar me doing thesis on compartive analysis of advertisment of cellular companies in pakitan so i need gud artical releted to that

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