Recharge Mobilink Jazz Numbers from UK and US with EzeTop

Mobilink has partnered with the globally renowned company, ‘ezetop’, to enable overseas Jazz users to enjoy the benefits of recharging their Jazz Numbers from United Kingdom (UK), United States (US) or or sending credit to their friends and family members back home in Pakistan. Service would be arriving soon for those who are in Gulf countries.

This service can be especially handy for Jazz users in UK, US and across the Gulf for recharging their Jazz connections while roaming internationally.

  • In order to use ezetop for Jazz Numbers, go to the nearest store and ask the cashier for Mobilink Jazz recharge in the domination of your choice
  • Once you pay the cashier, you will receive a printed receipt with instructions and the HRN number.
  • You then send the HRN / PIN home to be used as normal (SMS, email etc.)

With over 35,000 retail outlets, ezetop provides you the convenience to roam like you do at home.

For additional information on how the service works please visit:

United Kingdom:
United States:

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