Wateen Prepaid Users can now Change Tariff Plans

Wateen Telecom previously didn’t allow its customers to change their tariff plans, meaning that if you bought 1 MB plan then you will have to remain with this plan until you doesn’t quit this service.

But now, Wateen offers this option where customers can change their tariff plans by either upgrading or downgrading their bandwidth.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen has been converting all post-paid users to prepaid plans; also they are not offering any further post-paid subscriptions.

It was interesting to know that post-paid users who were converted to prepaid packages were put under highest priced telephone package; even though they were not even using the telephony service. So here is the chance for them to convert their tariff plan.

To change your Internet/Telephony package, you will have to visit Wateen’s franchise and ask them doing so.

This conversion of package is free, as told by Wateen’s CSR.

Via: PakGeeks

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