Breaking: PTCL to Announce New Tariff for Fixed Line, Soon

ptcl_logo1Through very reliable sources, we have come to know that PTCL is ready to launch new tariff for its land-line users. We expect PTCL to introduce three packages for consumers to opt from. As per our source, these packages are with following details

  1. Unlimited local and nationwide calls: Fixed line rent of Rs. 699 per month
  2. 3000 minutes for local and nationwide calls: Fixed line rent Rs. 499 per month (additional calls will be charged as normal tariff)
  3. We were unable to get details of third package

Apparently, these are great offerings – women of Pakistan will love these packages. I see most of consumers opting for package 2; however corporate and high end users will not be hesitant to select package 1.

Through these packages, PTCL has tried to overcome limitations of Pakistan Package, as with Pakistan Package, PTCL customers could make free nationwide calls, but local calls were charged at Rs. 2 per pulse.

Furthermore, I see PTCL more focusing on number of customers, as these packages will bring PTCL tons of new customers but I am afraid they may suffer with ARPU.

Note: These packages are not official yet, and may not happen at all – there are also chances that these packages may come with little alterations. However, we will update you as soon as anything will go official.

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  • PTCL is now really going to make “World Call’s” sloth like investors some BIG Competition.

    P.S: I said World Call’s investors sloth like because they have still not made their way to ISB/RWP, Peshawar and many other cities of Pakistan despite being their presence in Pakistan for so long. They are really Chickens.

  • I don’t think that PTCL can come back up in this tight competiton with mobile companies. They are really offering cheaper rates than PTCL.

  • dear,
    i have ptcl fixed line with minimum charges per month about 500. i don’t know why i have this bill without calling any call. any way i am going to switch vfone with this below package. in which i will have a good speedy internet connection with only RS 6/hour and i can connect my laptop at any place like in park or outside my home but within city. remember this vfone connect to the internet without using any modam in computer. vfone set has its own modam. so just plag and play. its cool.

    Vfone Unlimited
    Line Rent Rs. 20 / Day (Including taxes)
    Vfone to Vfone (Local/NWD) FREE
    Vfone to PTCL (Local/NWD) FREE
    Vfone to other landline (Local) Rs.1:00/min
    Vfone to other landline (NWD) Rs.2:00/min
    Vfone to Mobile(Local/NWD) Rs.2:00/min
    Internet Rs.1/10 mins

  • Unlimited local and nationwide calls: Fixed line rent of Rs. 699 per month…this one seems good. Means that by paying another RS.500 rupees in addition to fixed RS.200 that we are currently paying for NWD calls, we shall get free local calls as well. Calls to mobiles shall still have to be taken care of though.

  • a) Customers on Basic Plus will be billed only Rs. 999 as fixed monthly charge, if they have subscribed to International Plus
    b) If the customer exhausts his limit of 1200 free minutes for US, UK, Canada, China and Australia, his additional calls to these countries will be charged at normal rates and printed on the Bill.
    c) Landline & mobile in China, USA, Canada and landline only in UK & Australia.

    For further details visit

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  • i amvery exiting feel besause this service is very enjoyfull International Plus Package is something different than these new upcoming

  • Day by Day PTCL land line graph down.PTCL management may think about reason of loosing customers.Mostly they want waived off line rent,but about my opinion the line rent may be reviewed and it may be decreased,this is the best way to avoid lossing existing customers as well as getting new customers,no doubt new packages are encouraged.

  • I dont think that is good option, for those people whos not makes freequently and long calls. Many people monthly bills under Rs.900/- per month. Its also too much for him.

    Please think positive poor people.


  • Will anybody believe that a highly developed area of Karachi is unable to get new PTCL Connections ?

    This is GULSHAN-E-IQBAL Block 7.

    I as a resident of Alhamra Gardens (Gulshan Block 7) unable to get a land-line connection.

    Applications are not only pending since last 3 years, but even today, no new-connection-application is entertained by PTCL.

    • Our Fax number 04235919446 is not in order, complaint of the number has already been registered but no action has been taken yet ,need to take correction action in this regard.


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