Secret of Jazz SMS Bundle – Enjoy 2 Days in Rs. 2.79

Jazz Daily SMS Bundle has been taken back – More details available here

Today I would share a little secret of Jazz Daily SMS Bundle

The Advertised Package of Daily SMS bundle by Jazz is valid for one day which means 24 hrs; the Cost as we know is 3.38 Rs (Including Taxes). Now let me share a secret.

If you subscribe the bundle i.e. on 11th March it will be valid till 12th March, if u think you are not a heavy user and can’t avail all 500 SMS in a day , don’t worry you can extend these 500 SMS for 48 hours,

Here is a tip i.e.

Subscribe the Jazz Daily bundle by sending *101*1*3#  at 12.01 A.M  i.e. on 11th March  the bundle will expire on 11.59 P.M 12th March , So it will give you the freedom to enjoy the bundle for almost 48 hrs.

Now let me calculate the cost of Daily bundle for a month:-

If we subscribe the daily bundle like stated above, one have to subscribe it 15 times a month which would cost

15 x 3.38 Rs. = 50.7 Rs (for 7500 SMS a month, including Taxes)

Fifty Rupees is not a big deal for a month with 7500 SMS.


  • You must not use over 500 SMS with-in two days
  • You must subscribe at 12:15 AM (Midnight) to make sure that you are on safe side
  • You can also confirm by calling helpline that Bundle will expire next day at night 12:00 AM

Mobilink Rocks ; – )