Retailers Become Vital for Telecom Companies: ZONG's Retailer Scheme

It became more than a fact that Retailers are becoming a driving force behind the increase of Customer Base of the Cellular Companies in Pakistan.

ProPakistani have been reporting about different Campaigns of the cellular companies in different cities of Pakistan to attract the Retailers, In this regard Telenor was the First to Launch its MNP Retailer Scheme in which they involved the retailers and announced different prizes for the retailers who may took active part in the campaign.

Soon after Telenor, we reported the Mobilink’s Campaign, in which they also involved the retailers but in a slight easier manner, Mobilink announced the prizes on the basis of higher number of sales of SIMS.

In latest Development ZONG also took part in the competition of attracting the retailers more and more. To do this they have announced a Retailer Scheme. Telenor and Mobilink announced the highest prizes of Motor Bikes in their Scheme, but ZONG make it little Bigger by offering the highest prize a SUZUKI MEHRAN Car.

The Scheme had started from 30th march and it will continue till 31st MAY 2009.

The Scheme Titled as “EIK SIM ROZANA” can make win a lot of prizes. Three types of Categories are in this Scheme which is as follows:

MINI LOAD CATEGORY: – In this Category the retailers have to activate the sold SIM and they have to send the number of an Activated SIM on 212 from their Mini Load Number. On every Successful Activation of 5 SIMS retailers will get Rs.25 balance in their MiniLoad Number.

ONE SIM DAILY CATEGORY :- In  this Category along with Activation of 5 Successful SIMS , If retailer activates the new sold SIM with the Balance of Rs.50 . Beside 25 Rupees for 5 SIMS he has a chance to WIN Motor Bike, Electric Generator, Split AC, TV, and Mobile Phone in a draw at the end of the scheme. (Minimum number of SIMS in a month to enter the draw is 22 and in two months are 44)

BIG PRIZE CATEGORY: – In this Last but the biggest category retailers have to activate at least 75 SIMS during the promotion period with the balance of Rs.50. For more than 75 successful Activations the prize money is Rs 100,000, for more than 100 activations the prize money  is Rs 200,000 , for more than 200 activations the prize money is Rs.300,000 and the biggest prize which is a SUZUKI Car is for more than 300 Successful SIM activations.

The retailers are definitely a driving force behind the increase of Customer Base of Telco’s .But a true loyal customer is a real source for the Companies Long term Success. Telco’s are using PUSH strategy now days to increase their Customer Base. Which is not a good sign for any company, but due the fierce Competitive environment they are forced to do so.

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