Ultimus Pakistan Closing its Operations in Pakistan

Ultimus Pakistan, leader in adaptive Business Process Management, is winding up its business in Pakistan. They gave a notice last Wednesday to their employees about closing its operations in the country. Reliable sources have confirmed us that Next Monday (13th of April) is the last day in office.

There is a rumor that the company might give away advance 3 months salaries but this is not yet confirmed. Upon querying, it has come to our knowledge that One due to global recession, the company failed to meet the sales targets and second that the company CEO who is a foreigner is not happy with law and order situation in the country.

Ultimus was operating in Pakistan since 1994.

Stay tuned as we update you on this developing story…

  • Yeah this news is true. But the exact date of closure is not known also the reason that they cannot meet their sales target is also a false statement.Actually they want to sale out the company and at the moment they are trying to show it a highly profitable company on papers.
    Now about the closure they are having a deal with CambridgeDocks for the devlopment offshore. Lets see what happens but it is a very stupid action by the Ult Management. OOops Not Management its actually a One man show at the moment.

  • what if I tell you that Pakistan was the MAIN OFFICE of ULTIMUS. Ultimus product used to be developed solely at Pakistan office. moreover my info is that this is Pakistan Office from where Ultimus started its career path. Other than being main knowledge base holder of Ultimus, Ultimus Pakistan is also the only office with best or the resources in Support and Professional Services groups with excellent knowledge. My news are that this office is not closing because of Law and Order situation, because Ultimus is also closing its office in France. My sources confirm that the new management of Ultimus which took over two years ago has not more than 9 months to sell Ultimus Inc. and take their share back which they invested as Venture Capital some years ago.
    Also the strong analysis are that, Ultimus Inc. has started walking on death path and may not appear in year 2010 quadrant

  • another company is going from Pakistan we should be ready for loss of some other contract just due to pathatic gov and the situation in Pakistan .Nobody is going to invest in Pakistan ins this situation

  • Instead of just blaming law n order, look at the analysis given above. It seems the problem is due to recession prevailing worldwide resulting in low sales and failure to meet the objectives.

    Whatever the reason is, its certainly a bad news for Pakistan IT industry.

  • Dont know the reason for sale. But i know one thing there is a deal in process with expert systems. Dont know the exact details either ES is only interested in their building and setup or also interested in providing support to existing clients. Till now ES is infrastructure providing company not having much in development.

  • Ultimus was a good company from employment point of view. whatever the reason is, it should have lasted longer.

  • Aua wr wb everyone,
    Whatever was the reason of closure, the situation is too uncertain. Although we are applying here and there, we are not sure as to wait for the severance package or join somewhere else. We have not been told as yet whether or not this is our last month. So people here are quite depressed and losing their Morals. I hope something comes up early from Ultimus management and we get out of this state of double mindedness.


  • where they are now shifting there development office?

    and is it not there any policy announced to adjust the old or experienced employees in offices present in other countries? i think preference should be given to such employees as they have valuable experience.

    • US. May be a part of it in UK. In vague terms, CEO has said this, but everybody is so pissed off that they don’t want to work with him anymore.

      No policy announced as yet :(

      • Dear Ultimian,

        i need to know if someone with experience in Ultimus version 7 & upcoming 8 would like to work in a job in Dubai for Process design and re-engineering totally through Ultimus, beside need to know if experience in integration, VB,ASP, Database etc.. please let me know at [email protected]

        • The job is posted on Ultimus private group. Anyone interested would contact you sooner or later. Thanks.

    • Latest status:

      40% of the staff already fired and rest will be terminated on 30 Sep. I dont know how Ultimus is going to work after firing up all the development and QA.

      Customers will definitely cry.

  • I think the main reason behind closing operation is ecnomical crises that impacted businesses all over the world.As law & Order situation is also not good in this country so they prefer to close its operations here.Ultimus has runing offices in many countries;But when they think to close offices in sequence PK is at NO 1.This is our bad luck……..

    • Ultimus is not facing any recession crises rather Ultimus is more demanding product in this situation and on driving seat. look at this like its not Ultimus its Microsoft and its a story of a year ago. capital ventures want to sale Microsoft and buyers are told that company has its main office in Iraq or Afghanistan. will anybody be interested in deal? or the deal will give the maximum to seller?
      of course not
      Pakistan no doubt, as portrayed by American and western media, is the most dangerous place on earth.

  • Do you know if there is any other development center for ULTIMUS other than Pakistan? If it is developed solely in Pakistan, how they will continue after firing all development & QA staff ? any clue ?


    • Yes, they have shifted it to US (main office) and the UK. Pakistan office will be shut down on Sep 30, 2009. No more development in Pakistan.

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