Lawsuit Against Warid Telecom Proceeds

Civil Court Lahore has accepted an application for Warid to attach property before judgment. This observation was made by the honorable Senior Civil Judge, Hina Muzaffar, During the hearing of a lawsuit appeal against Warid Telecom filed by Chief Executive Officer of UN&I Training Development Consultants (UN&ITDC) Muhammad Umair Akhtar.

Lawsuit that values Rs. 10.7 million is against Warid Telecom for violating a contract, which was mutually signed and agreed by Warid Officials and Umair Akhtar, CEO, UN&ITDC.

ProPakistani has covered complete details of lawsuit here.

Mian Imran Masood, during the latest hearing, maintained that it came into the knowledge of the plaintiff that Warid may sell its business. Plaintiff supported its application by referring an example, when Warid had failed to clear the outstanding dues of many other advertising agencies and other organizations, and due to this reason the business activities of the Warid have been suspended by the Pakistan Broadcasters Association, Karachi, vide their letter dated 21-10-2008.

Application was accepted by the court and asked respondents to respond to this application along with the suit on next hearing on May 12th, 2009.

Earlier, respondents requested for more time to respond to lawsuit itself, which was granted by the court.

Warid’s spokesperson confirmed that lawsuit is in place in the court.

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  • omerfarooq

    And, I thought Warid is backed up by world’s most strong financers. I wonder If Sheikhs and Singaporean owners of Warid’s new image.

  • Asghar Hussain, Karachi

    I guess, this is beginning of the end of Warid Telecom. And the actual owners ( arab sheikhs ) may not even be aware of whats happening to their company and their reputation in Pakistan.
    Apart from this advertising vendor, we other vendors are also in same deep problem. Our payments are stuck for many months, and we see no sign of our recoveries.
    I hope the learned Court takes a SUO-MOTO decision, and orders Warid Telecom to clear all dues of we all vendors.

  • Farhan Butt

    Hey i know that a lot of vendors have suffered at the hands of Warid, some big companies, but many small companies that cannot afford what Warid has done to them. SOmeone must take a stand against all this. Read the website This guy is saying that Warid Marketing team were involved in a big scam last year. I say anyone or any vendor that has suffered at the hands of Warid, please post your telephone numbers, or email addresses on Lets unite and do something about it. Maybe the honourable courts will take the matter seriously this way.Lets start by posting details straight away.

  • Farhan Sheikh

    What a shame for Warid Telecom, I heard the owners of Bank Al Falah and Warid – Wateen are the same people, Its a family thing going on here. They have pathetic customer service. Another Arab/Pakistani slave who brings investment from UAE and cant handle it.