Want to Clear Your Cable TV’s last Channel like First one?

If you are frequent TV viewer, you would know a very common problem of the TV cable network as the most of TV channels display noisy screen, especially the ones at last in the list. Scenario gets worst when we have multiple joints in our cable.

But here is perfect solution of this problem which will help you to get 100% frequency till last channel of your T.V. cable network.

Let us check couple of methods blow:

RJ -7 or RJ-11 cable: Try to get RJ-7 or RJ-11 Cable from your cable service provider. They will definitely provide you very low rates as compared to market rates. As shopkeeper may lose all of the rim for small length of this expensive cable. Depending on the length of the cable, it will cost you Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 per feet from your cable service provider’s main office to your home.

Please note that RJ-7 or RJ-11 is not that much necessary to get screen clearer. It is only required if you really want to run Cable broadcast on LCD T.V’s or T.V box or T.V Tuners. Otherwise normal cable also works fine.

Cat-5 Cable Amplifier: This is inexpensive but efficient solution for most of us. Cat-5 or CAT-V cable amplifier, easily available everywhere in Pakistan ranging rates from Rs. 150—Rs. 500 which are dependable on the port, available for outputs – you need one with least output ports, as you will be using it for 1 or 2 TVs at most.

Simply connect this cable amplifier with your existing cable; and place it near your TV. Plug in the cable coming from operator into input of amplifier and output cable will go into TV.

You will have to keep the amplifier switched on – in order to keep the amplification process running

Check the GAIN adjustment is on maximum (Red Screw on amplifier) by default it is on maximum

Start Enjoying! Crystal Clear cable T.V broadcast.

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