Huawei Outsources its Workforce

Huawei has outsourced its lower level staff from a company, called Saudi Network Services, told us sources familiar with the situation.

We are told that the drive is in continuation of Huawei’s policy of shedding its workforce, but with a different strategy, that is to switch its staff to a third party company in first phase (then a single email of “Services not required” to SNS may do the rest).

Office boys, receptionists and other similar level staff is now handed over to SNS, however, they will remain working for Huwaei but their employer will be SNS now onwards.

Move can be termed wise in sense of cutting cost and getting work done efficiently, but outsourcing staff is against Huawei’s tradition; as Huawei is well-known for keeping its information according to the top security priorities.  However, in case of outsourced workforce, they have given a soft target to competitors to dig out their secrets very easily.

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  • These lower level staff in every organization are eyes and ears of that place.. like a driver of your home!!!

    • when companies start doing such stupid acts like what Huawei has started ,one thinng is for sure the downfall of Huawei is very near.Huawei has started diging a hole in which it is gonna fall soon,and inshallah it will very soon.
      They will experience the after shocks very soon for what they have started and will not be able to sustain them.

  • all these are romours against huawei.huawei is going to number one vendor in the world in 2013.this is big secret which i am sharing.

  • Surely they gona be number 1 very soon by having these qualities…..

    No respect for Employees

    No Job security

    No acknowledgement of work

    No Increments

    No Facilities

  • Yes HUAWEI going to be N0 1 vendor of the world…not due to employees but for getting large NO of projects all over the world with very quick services response

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