Maritime (Sea) Roaming by Pakistani Telcos

Dependability on mobile is so high these days; at same time connecting to family and friends is equally easy. We have earlier seen the inflight roaming facility from our telecom carriers. But there is more to the offering from our Telecom firms. Diving deep under the information sea, we have un-earthed that Pakistan Carriers are also offering Maritime Roaming. Maritime Roaming is provision of telecom services on the ferries and ships while they are cruising in seas.

While we are uncovering the bad things about our telecom carriers, we should also keep in mind that we need to pat on their back when they do something good!!!

Here you will come across the details of the tariff of various operators.

Warid (I was not able to come across tariff. May be they post it soon)
China Mobile (They are new. They are yet to patch up with others)

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