Mobilink Employees Should Expect Bonuses, in fact Handshakes

Post by Jazzy

We are told by reliable sources at Mobilink, that company is planning bonuses for its workforce. On other hands there is a bad news that non-performers may see the exit door along with handshake. Employees with 1 year service will be compensated with 1 gross salary, two years service holders will get 2 gross salaries and so on.

Mobilink spokesperson simply denied any such plans; however, our sources confirmed that situation with-in company is not sound as it should be.

On the same note, Syed Jibran has resigned from Mobilink Infinity and reportedly joined Wateen as GM Sales. Rashid Khan, sensing the crucial situation has called a high level meeting this week to tackle the situation. Syed Jibran’s resignation came with-in one week of Mr. Aamir Ibrahim’s resignation.

  • usman

    What bonus and what performers? All people working in mobile perators in Pakistan are pathetic losers, working to milk the money from countrymen and give it to foreign network owners(investors), handset manufactuerers and network equipment vendors. What is the thing they have developed in the country? Any single innovation please let me know, other than follwing the universally recognized worst possible business strategy of competition on price which just hurt everyone. Are these thousands of people so dumb they cannot make one exportable innovation? Shame on all the mobile industry in Pakistan

  • Riaz

    Foreign investors dont invest money for charity here, they need profit and they are getting it from pakistani market. It is good for pakistan that even in such bad security situations they are investing. Fyi, pakistani govt charges them a big amount in form spectrum license fees and taxes. All this amount goes to pakistan govt. Pakistani citizens are getting jobs from these companies.

    Think in a realistic manner brother, why a mobile operator will make an invention and give it to you to export and have money. These are services industries which pay you for their operations in country.

    • usman

      You need to understand what our stupid politicians and rulers dont understand, that mobile communication is not our game. It is someone else game, you losers are just pawns. Outside companies are creating jobs and paying tax, but samething if done by locals will be providing these secodnary benefits to our economy. If they invested initially that helped to raise our foreign exchange reserves, how much of our exchange is spent buying all the handsets? About being realistic, there is no reality, you just make one. Its just a game in which all you working in mobile industry are losers. Winner is Scandanavia,Korea,US,France,ME,CH…………

      • Riaz

        Stupid politicians will never understand and we will also not allow foreign investers and live in an age of ‘pigeons for communication’. You just keep thinking about games and dont do anything ..that’s loser.

        • Usman

          You need to have a small enough brain to understand the big game under than sitting on your chair from 9 to 5 or whatever is your juggernaut routine. Mobile industry is not your game, more resources yuo put into this, more resources you put to waste. There was an operator opportunity, somebody else took it, and you are working for them, and doing the stupid part of the work.

          • Riaz

            Pakistani ppl are working and running this industry. It’s our govt. who didnt take this opportunity and allowed foreign investors. Pakistanis have proved that they can run a successful industry and they ve got talent to do it. Now its on our govt to utilize this talent. Mobile communication system that is working in Pakistan meets international standards of operations and is being done by pakistanis.
            To say things is easy, To do and prove involves brain.

            • Usman

              Mobile industry is using technology which are developed as standards by different countries.Cellular idea with handover, BTS’s was invented by a person in Bell Labs in 1971.Modern technology(3G…) is developed by co-operation of universities in Europe and packaged as standard by 3GPP which is european based (Head Quarter in France).Not a piece of technology is developed by pakistanis, nor did I see any relevant patent. As far as your achievement of running the system, it is being run by people everywhere in the world including african countries. Its just like running your Honda and feeling proud,when rather the credit rests with Japaneses, you are just doing the most dumbest part of pushing the accelrater,brakes,gears,steers etc. and thinking you are hero. If you are running a mobile communication successfuly, you are just like a driver interacting with systems in very limited interfaces, that required least amount of brain. Government cannot create innovations and not fat bald lazy general managers or bull headed retired army officials or jahil politicians. So a population of 150 milion, we didnt produce anything substantial for information age. So I see nothing to be proud about mobile industry in Pakistan. You fail to understand it is your not our game because you fail to see big picture.

              • Riaz

                You said it all. ‘Michael Schumacher’ is not a hero and a dumb coz he was only a driver and not the inventor of Ferrari.

                Clearly see your “big picture”. You are confused between industries of “Production” and “Services”.

                We are surely lacking in “R&D” and “Production” industries and Govt. has to develop rigid policies to start these. Mobile industry in Pakistan is a “Services” industry and we are doing very well in it.
                In Developed nations, everyone is not an inventor, you need good people to drive and run technologies and systems.

                We have proved that pakistanis can do very well if provided with resources and support. No doubt, like services industry, if govt. invest in R&D and Production industry we Pakistanis can make point and prove. Like you, being a Pakistani, i also want to see my country in inventors and producers list. But one should not discourage other industries.

                • Usman

                  Maybe Taxi driver is better example than Michael Schumacher. There is one Michael Schumacher(key words: unique, premium,special skill, adding value), but many Taxi drivers (key words:service providers, nothing unique, commodity). Anyway we need Taxi drivers and we need mobile operators in Pakistan,so keep it up!

                  • Riaz

                    Dont discourage any particular. A taxi driver should also be appreciated if he is doing well in his area. In a society, we need to respect every good worker apart from his field of work. U r just sticking to ur ‘white crow’ terminology. u r an inventor (seems to be)… u also keep it up!

                    • Usman

                      Every worker is needed and is good, I agree but there is a sclae of their importance, need of time, complexity of work, advantage to country etc. Mobile industry is a net foreign exchange consumer not a producer, and we are playing in hands of who you call producers.I call them knowledge workers,creative,bold,
                      smart international players. Moreover I am not self promoting but talking about benefit to country and pissed off when our people work for others.

  • Rehmat

    As long as munshies (General managers, Finance) people are leaders of our organizations, we wont be producing anything and will just keep on building castles in the air.

  • A Cellular User

    My friends: Please understand even if nothing as above they employee millions of Pakistani’s who run their family’s on it. Lets not underestimate this industry. Plus many of these companies play a vitol role in repaying back to society like the IDP relief efforts by Mobilink & telenor.

  • Hang Man

    Pro Pakistani will soon be in top 10 list if the same routine continues, I think Mr. Aamir Atta has involved one major operator with him , which is Telenor ,And now on you people will find more stories abt Telenor…. Hahaha Biased Pro Pakistani